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K Morris reading his poem ‘This snow’.

Me reading my poem ‘This snow’.


Poems for Winter

The official start of winter is 1 December. However, given the extremely cold bouts we have been experiencing here in the UK, coupled with winter’s impending onset, I wanted to share with you a number of my poems with a wintry theme:

The Clocks Have Gone Back
Thoughts On A Winter’s Evening
Will Spring Come Again?
Bee And Rose


I want to come in.
The din
I make.
The trees I shake.
I awake
the old fear
Of nature wild and near.
People quale indoors.
There is no applause
when the gale doth come.
Animals run
for shelter
helter skelter
seeking release
from the hurricane’s teeth.
The morning brings peace
And trees
Lying amongst fallen leaves.