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A Young Lady Who Is Mysterious

A young lady who is mysterious
Said, “you are far too serious!”.
So I tweeked her nose,
And stamped on her toes,
Which drove that girl delirious!

Stilettos Purchased with Gold

Stilettos purchased with gold,
Delight at night.
But heels grow old.

Girls for Any Occasion

Girls of a certain kind
Prey on his mind.
Black, white or asian.
Girls for any occasion
Can be delivered to his house,
At the click of a mouse.
Or, he can make a girl fall
For the price
Of a phone call.

Is there, objectively
Such a thing as vice?
Company isn’t free
And one must pay the price,
He thinks.

In a darkened corner, the devil winks.
He calculates,
And being alone,
Picks up the phone,
And dates.

A Review of “The Selected Poems of K Morris”

I recently shared a link to my “selected Poems” with a colleague, and was delighted to receive the below review from her by email:

“Wow I’ve managed to read a through and I love your poetry.
Very eloquent and soft”.

For “The Selected Poems of K Morris” please follow this link,

When I Invited A Girl Named Bland

When I invited a girl named Bland
To my home for a one-night stand,
It was really quite boring,
And I ended up snoring,
As all she’d do was to stand!