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“The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” is Now Available

I am delighted to announce that “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” is now available.

Book Description:

This little book consists of serious and humorous verses. The poems range from those dealing with nature and mortality, through to limericks and other
humorous verses.


Book Links:

To purchase the paperback edition please follow this link (for the UK).
Or to read a sample and/or buy the Kindle edition, please click here (for the UK).

To buy on please follow these links (for the Kindle edition)
And (for the paperback).

If you purchase my Further Selected Poems, do please consider leaving a review.

The Further Selected Poems of K Morris Cover

I just uploaded the files for the Paperback and eBook editions of my ‘The Further Selected Poems of K Morris’. Once the book is available I will, of course, post links to it here. In the meantime, you can see the book cover here.

Caption: The image shows the book cover, which has a picture of a Winter sunset, with several bare trees in a park.

March Author Newsletter

Kevin’s March Author Newsletter:

I am pleased to announce that my March Author Newsletter is available one day early! To read my latest newsletter please click here.

There Once Was a Rather Famous Old PM

There once was a rather famous old PM
Who, on hearing the chimes of Big Ben,
Turned to his Special Adviser,
And said to her, “Liza,
Let us swing from that great pendulum again …”.


When a young lady who calls herself Heather
Spoke to me of the pleasure of leather.
I said, “on the moor
The stags they do roar.
And young men, they take pleasure in heather”.

There Once Was a Poet Named Hogg

There once was a poet named Hogg
Who owned a rather large old dog.
Oft, as the day grew dark
There would come a sharp bark.
In free verse, from that clever dog.


A young lady by the name of Hocking
Engages in behaviour which is really quite shocking.
I still have the shoe
Of that wicked Miss Lou,
And I’ve oft worn those stockings of Hocking …