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We think, “poor him, or her”,
Whilst we hide inside,
Our own lair, of despair.

When A Young Lady Named White

When a young lady named White
Said, “the vampires are out tonight”,
I said, “I have to confess
That I like your blood red dress,
And tell me, do vampires really bite?”.

The Undiscovered is Exciting

The undiscovered
Is exciting,
And oh so inviting.
But, once uncovered,
Oh so slow
You scarcely know
That that which was once, inviting
Is becoming, ever less
For her dress
That which has, long ago, been discovered.

Free Broadband

A Labour supporter named Bland
Said, “I welcome free broadband,
But as for freedom of choice
And the British taxpayer’s voice,
These concepts I just don’t understand!”.


A girl’s hairclip
Found in the home
Of the lone
Bachelor, may indicate a slip
From grace.
But who can trace
How many hairclips
And slips
There have been?
Maybe even he
Can not glean,
For mementos are rare
And what man counts the hair
On a girl’s head
When they come to his bed?

Three Autumn Poems read by Poet Kevin Morris

Here are three poems ‘Autumn’, ‘Autumn Fly’ and ‘Bush in the Rain’ read by me. The poems are illustrated by photographs of the autumn woods, taken by my friend Shanelle.