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When Middle-Aged Men

Middle-aged men
Indulge in sinning
With much
Younger women,
Should we condemn
Such men?

Is it merely sinning
When such men
Undress those whose clothes
Are in fashion?
Perchance, when the dance of passion
Is long gone, something lives on.

a young lady named miss whiting A Young Lady Named Miss Whiting

A young lady named Miss Whiting
Is extremely fond of creative writing.
I’ve seen her etching,
Which is rather fetching.
One day I’ll see her writing.

The Magic Flute

There once was a man most dissolute
Who, being possessed of a magic flute
Said, to beautiful Miss Sally,
“Let us explore love’s valley”.
But she disliked him, and his flute

1 Plus 1 Equals 3?

When a young lady named Lou
Said, “1 plus 1 equals 2”,
And her boyfriend, Mr Lee
Said, “shall we try 3?”.
Lou whacked him with her shoe!

A Cold, Sharp Bark

A cold, sharp bark
Pearces the dark,
Interrupting a thought
I really ought
Not to indulge in,
Of women
And sin.

In the city
Those who are witty
Say, in fun,
“Civilisation is done”.
Whilst, in the dark
A fox’s bark
Sounds near, and clear.

The Plutocrat

When an extremely rude young man named Matt
Said, “you are a terrible, bloated old plutocrat!”,
I sipped my fine wine
And said, “shall we dine?”.
And I threw a crust to that Matt!

An Expert In Quick Dressing

An expert in quick dressing,
A pretty lass
Does her hair,
With no sign of stressing,
In his mute glass.

A man’s confession
Of sin, may outlive him.
And her profession
Will continue on,
Though she is gone.

When A Young Lady Wearing Heels

When a young lady wearing heels
Spoke to me of dodgy deals,
I said, “I am moral.
But let us not quarrel.”
And then she lost her heels!

I Met A Girl In Heels

I met a girl in heels
Swimming with some very cute seals.
I said, “you’ll ruin those shoes!”.
But, after lots of booze,
I joined her in my heels!

Ban It

When a young lady named Janet
Said, “government should certainly ban it!”.
And I said, “I agree.
Do please have some tea”.
She said, “tea! I’d ban it!”.