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Thrown Away

In a vase you stay.
Soon you will be thrown away
In a bin.
How can I atone for the sin
Of removing you from nature’s embrace
To this urban place?

I sentimentalise its true
For you never knew
Nature’s embrace,
But doctored grew
In a place
Of glass
Where people pass
And say
“Customers will pay
Good money for that rose
But, I suppose
This other lot should be thrown away”.

‘Tis man who should count the cost
Of nature’s lost
As we on keyboards clack
For we lack
The will
To stand still
And listen to the bird,
For the word
heard is “progress”, symbolised by
Doctored flowers, that in a vase, die.


As I Lay In My Bath Soaking

As I lay in my bath soaking.
I felt a most painful poking,
Which caused me to glare
At a comedian named Claire,
Who maintains she was only joking!

There Was A Young Man Named Paul

There was a young man named Paul
Who said, “all empires, one day, fall”.
My friend Jill
Lives on a hill,
But that’s nothing to do with Paul!

If You Dare

If you dare
To say
(in the politest possible way)
That “the people in their judgement err”,
I swear
That the person of narrow mind
Will find
Some ugly word to throw at you.

“Fascist” or “elitist” they will cry.
I know that it is untrue,
But ’tis easier to lie
(Though inwardly you die),
Than to speak the truth
And have the roof
Come down on you,
For speaking what is true.

The Flavour Of The Month Is Change

A flurry
Of skin against skin.
No need to curry
Favour, for the flavour
Of the month, soon will change.
“Call me”, she will say,
Then hurry
Away, to another flurry
Of skin against skin.
For there is no need to curry
Favour, for the flavour
Of the month is change.