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A Poem From My “Selected Poems”

The traffic noise momentarily fades.
No words,
Just the singing of birds,
And a yearning for woodland glades.

(“Indefinable” can be found in my Selected Poems”, which is available here:
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Fine Rain

I get wet
By this fine
I do not regret
For the divine
Is in the rain.

I shall get wet
For when
Death does steal
Me away.
I regret
That I shall no longer feel,
The joy of a rainy day.

My Guest Post on Lucy’s Works – How Spa Wood Influences My Poetry

My sincere thanks to Lucy for hosting me on her excellent website. For my guest post, in which I discuss how Spa Wood (and nature more generally) influences my writing, please visit here, https://wp.me/pawefW-1T5.

Birds in a Tree

In spring
I heard
Birds sing
With such ecstacy
In a tree,
As I did pass
Along the woodland path.

They sang not For me.
Yet it filled my heart,
And I almost forgot
My art
In their, unconscious poetry.

Mother Nature

In thee
I see
And hear
Beauty and cruelty.

The sweetness of birdsong
Brings tears to my eye,
For I
Know that our birdsong
Will not last long.

Some see cruelty
In the cat’s play with the bird,
But have they not heard
That we, in nature see
Our own inhumanity.

A cat
Remains just that,
A cat,
Whilst we …

Humans anthropomorphize
And say, in nature lies
Beauty and cruelty.
But, what we see
Is you and me.

The Changeless Wind, in the Bushes

The changeless wind, in the bushes.
Civilisation rushes
Ever faster.
Then, the disaster
Of corona, makes everything, slow.
Yet I
See bees go,
Busily by.

I Walked The Woodland Path

Walked the woodland path
And passed
Tall, slender flowers.

Now I
Traverse, in verse
That self-same path,
And grow flowers
In my mind.

The flowers
May be gone tomorrow.
For I find
That we borrow

True, many a rose
Has been emmortalised in rhyme
But the poet knows,
That he has limited time.


The daisies remain,
Although not the same
As those I saw
Carpetting Nature’s floor,
When, as a child
I ran wild
And free.

I can almost see
The Daisy Chain,I made from nature’s great store.
Better to have left them on her green floor.
As it is much easier to disrupt than construct.

And the chain I composed
On the school playing field
Did yield
To time.
Am I arrogant to suppose
That this little rhyme
May outlast the brief hour
Of a daisy flower?


A tree branch, bowed
Half blocked the track.
I did not turn back
But ducked under.

There it stands,
Guarding the path.
Bowed by the recent wind.

Nature will have the last laugh,
Whether this tree
Outlasts me,
Or no.