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When I Die

When I die
I wish to do so
Hearing the virile
Wind blow,
And not in some sterile
Hospital wing
Where the living dead
Go to die
And hear not
The wind sing.


A Tree Grows

A tree grows
It’s branches entwining
With another tree,
Forming a canopy
Under which pass
A lad and his lass.

Seasons pass
And sapplings grow to maturity,
While the lad and lass
We did see
Forever lie
Under sky and tree.

I Have No Wish To Leave These Dark Trees

I have no wish to leave
These dark trees.
I drink
The fresh summer air.
For a moment forget my care
And think
On Frost’s poetry,
That o’re shadows me

Standing Under This Rain Drenched Tree

Standing under this rain drenched tree
I hear the breeze
That rustles the leaves
Whisper to me.
Then, a sneeze,
Brings me back to reality.