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A Poet Entranced

A poet entranced

By branches that dance

In summertime.


Lost in rhyme

he walks the same

Woodland path

After sweet rain.



Nature laughs

As branches pour

Forth their store

Of sweet summer rain

A Cry in the Dark

I open my window

And let in his cry

With the chill  night air.

He is out there

Somewhere in the dark park,

Or the churchyard nearby.



I closed my

Window against the chill air.

He remained there,

(For how long I

Can not say).

Then his cry

Seemed to fade away.


I yawn

In the early morn.

A bark

Pierces the dark.

The carpet is warm

Against my bare

Feet. While out there

The fox’s word

Is heard

Ere I sleep.

Birds on a Spring Evening

On leaving

The half-empty pub

On a spring

Evening, I heard birdsong.

I love

These chill

Nights , when the trill

Of birds is heard

On the still

Street. Their unconscious art

Calls to my sad

Glad heart.

It was always so.

And I know

Their song will remain

Until I gain

The churchyard path

Where all must pass.



Churchyard Birds

These trees

Speak to me

Of mortality.

Touching old bark

And cold gravestone,

I hark

To the birds

Still heard

By me.

Nesting Boxes

I recall the nesting box

On my grandfather’s shed.

Blue Tits laid their eggs.

Some grew, and flew



January seems dead.

Yet, in the churchyard birds




And, come the spring

Birds will lay in boxes

To the delight

Of young children.

And foxes bark

In the depths of night.

Poetry in Rain

Listening to rain

While reading poetry.

But why read poetry

When there is rain?

For there is poetry

In the rain.



Reading Clare

While listening to rain.

But why read Clare

For there

Is poetry in rain?


(The above is 2 versions of the same, maybe similar poem. The poem flows from me listening to the rain through my open bedroom window yesterday evening, while reading the poetry of John Clare).