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At Dead of Night

“Dalliance” was the first collection of poetry published by me. Or, to be absolutely accurate, the first collection of poetry (and prose) to be published by mme.

One of the poems appearing in “Dalliance” is entitled “Midnight”

You can find “Dalliance” here,, and here


I wrote the below poem late one evening, which is unusual for me as most of my writing takes place during the day. Perhaps the late hour of it’s composition goes some way to explaining the somewhat (to my mind at least) sinister nature of the poem.

A Profession as Old as Humankind

Whilst looking through my blog’s archives, I came across 2 posts on the theme of sex work. The first is a link to me reading my poem “The Professional Escort, whilst the second is a review of “Lucky Girl”, a book by former professional escort Violet Ivy.

You can find my poem “The High Class Escort” here,

My review of Violet Ivy’s “Lucky Girl” is accessible here,

For anyone interested in the ethics of sex work/prostitution, you can find my review of “Being and Being Bought” here, The book is written by a left-wing feminist and describes prostitution as exploitation of women by men. In it the author calls for the world to adopt the Swedish law under which those who pay for sex are criminalised.

There is, of course an alternative perspective to that expounded in “Being and Being Bought”, which consists of the argument that sex work/prostitution should be decriminalised. See, for example the website of The English Collective of Prostitutes,


A Recording Of Me Reading A Poem From My “Selected Poems”

This poem is included in my “Selected Poems”. “The Selected Poems of K Morris” can be found here

(for the UK), and here

(for customers).

Instapoetry – is the bubble about to burst

I was interested to read this post on Emma Lee’s blog, entitled, “Instapoetry – is the bubble about to burst?”,

I do have a presence on Instagram (, however, whilst I value those who follow me on Instagram and see the platform as a useful means of promoting my work, I view it as one method (amongst several others) of promoting my poems.

In addition to Instagram, there is, of course this website (, Youtube, Sound Cloud, Twitter and Goodreads, (for links to all of my social media etc please see my “About” page which can be accessed here,

Ultimately its important not to put all one’s eggs in the same basket, and this is why I will continue to maintain several platforms, including Instagram.


When Poetry and Music Merge Seamlessly

I derive great pleasure from listening to music. One of my favourite artists is Ed Sheeran. On listening to some of Ed’s songs I am struck by how closely music and poetry can blend together. Take, for example Sheeran’s song “Happier”

As with much poetry, “Happier” consists of a mixture of rhyme and half-rhyme. However most of “Happier” does rhyme, with “too”, “do” and “new” forming a simple (but highly effective) rhyming scheme as with

“You look happier, you do.
My friend told me one day I’ll feel it too”.

If you listen to the song, you will, I think hear the poetry therein.