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One black,
The other white.
How does one unpack
The fantasy
Of 3?

A man’s delight
Comprised in breasts.
Wondering on the point
Of her firm chest,
And her friend’s,
Flatter, chest.

What are the ends
Of play?
It was not
Unusually hot.
But the temperature was okay
For them to stay
The bedclothes.

Who decides
Whether a fantasy
For the number
3 ,
Should move from slumber
To the reality
Of a half hour
With flowers,
Not his?


Kevin Morris reading a further selection of his poetry

Poet Kevin Morris reading a further selection of his work.


Instapoetry – is the bubble about to burst

I was interested to read this post on Emma Lee’s blog, entitled, “Instapoetry – is the bubble about to burst?”,

I do have a presence on Instagram (, however, whilst I value those who follow me on Instagram and see the platform as a useful means of promoting my work, I view it as one method (amongst several others) of promoting my poems.

In addition to Instagram, there is, of course this website (, Youtube, Sound Cloud, Twitter and Goodreads, (for links to all of my social media etc please see my “About” page which can be accessed here,

Ultimately its important not to put all one’s eggs in the same basket, and this is why I will continue to maintain several platforms, including Instagram.


Kevin Morris reading a new selection of his poems on Soundcloud

Poet Kevin Morris reading the following poems on Soundcloud:


Humourous Verse by Poet Kevin Morris on Soundcloud

I’ve uploaded several humourous poems to Soundcloud. You can view them below:


Updates to my Soundcloud and Instagram

I have uploaded six new poems to my Soundcloud:

Please note I have added a Soundcloud widget, which allows you to listen to the content without leaving WordPress.

In addition, I have added a number of new pictures and content to my Instagram which can be accessed here.


Updates to my Soundcloud and Instagram accounts

I have uploaded a number of new pictures to my Instagram which can be foundĀ here.

I have also uploaded two new poems to my Soundcloud, which can be found here:

Humourous poems by K Morris on Soundcloud

Below are three humourous poems, and a couple of photographs taken by my friend Shanelle of my guide dog Trigger following a walk in the park.


Trigger smiling at the camera


Trigger beaming after his walk in the park


A very happy dog!