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When A Young Lady Dressed In Red

When a young lady dressed in red
Said, “please, get out of my bed!”,
I said, “this bed is mine.
You’ve drunk far to much wine!
Go back to your own blooming bed!”.

A Gentleman Will Never Tell

A gentleman will never tell.
If that is so,
I shall go
And compose
A poem about a rose,
Or a sweet peach,
Quite out of my reach.

Whilst Swimming In The Deep Blue Sea

Whilst swimming in the deep blue sea
I met a beautiful mermaid named Leigh.
She caused quite a commotion
When we left the ocean,
But my readers they don’t believe me!

When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Hocking

When a young lady whose name is Hocking
Said, “have you seen my brand new stocking?”,
I said, “have you tried my double bed?,
Its comfortable, and perhaps you’ll find your stocking.

Whilst Walking In The Wintery Weather

Whilst walking in the wintery weather
I met a young lady of pleasure,
Who wore a very short dress,
Which, I have to confess,
Was strange, as it was freezing weather!

I Saw Carefree Spring Kiss Winter Goodbye

Saw carefree spring kiss
Winter goodbye.
And I
Found bliss
Midst newly opened flowers
That time devours.

I saw summer hot
Take the spring,
But cared not
For I
Was still in love with spring.

I saw autumn come,
With her gentle sun
And knew my hours
Midst sweet flowers
Must fade away.

Now, on a winter’s day
I think on the flower’s bloom
Which is, so soon
And on my grey hair,
And I wonder where,
The carefree, spring has gone.