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Modern Art

I know a young lady named Nelly

Who is famous for her smelly wellie.

We went to a gallery

With an artist called Valerie,

And exhibited Nelly’s wellie in a jelly!


When a young lady who sat mixing paste

Said, “your poetry is not to my taste!”,

Just for a caper

I grabbed some wallpaper,

And stuck it to her using that paste!

Easy Virtue

There is a young lady named Lou

Who is known for her easy virtue.

My good friend Dan

Is a generous man

Whose known for his charity to Lou …!

Miss Kipper’s Slipper

There is a young lady named Kipper

Who is famous for using a slipper.

I have heard tell

She does it well.

And the vicar he’s lost his slipper!

There Once Was a Man Named Ted

There once was a man named Ted
Who recited Chaucer standing on his head.
But a driver called Gus
Said “not on the bus!”,
So he quoted the great Dickens instead!

There Was a Young Lady of Bangkok

There was a young lady of Bangkok

Who collected many a fine gentleman’s sock.

Some men lost their shoes

Whilst drunk on strong booze,

But most of them lost a sock.

The Affair that Almost Was

When a young lady named Flair

Said, “would you like an affair?”.

I said, “I’m full of anticipation.

But its busy in Paddington station.

And it might upset the bear!”.


(Anyone familiar with London’s Paddington station will be aware that a statue of Paddington bear stands near to platform 1).

The Importance of Discretion

I met a young lady with petite feet

Who said, “please promise you will be discreet”.

I went back with Grace

To her sweet little place.

She lives at 7, such and such street …

I Met a Young Lady Named Ling

I met a young lady named Ling

And enjoyed a bit of a fling.

All went real well

Then, sad to tell,

Ling suggested I buy her a ring …!

Kevin Morris Poet, new TikTok videos


Today I have recorded the following videos of me reading my new poems.

‘The Owl’ by Kevin Morris

‘Early Autumn Morning’ by Kevin Morris

‘When a young Lady who is divine’ by Kevin Morris

‘I see sunlight’ by Kevin Morris

‘When I die’ by Kevin Morris