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When A Young Lady Named White

When a young lady named White
Said, “the vampires are out tonight”,
I said, “I have to confess
That I like your blood red dress,
And tell me, do vampires really bite?”.

Free Broadband

A Labour supporter named Bland
Said, “I welcome free broadband,
But as for freedom of choice
And the British taxpayer’s voice,
These concepts I just don’t understand!”.

When A Young Lady Named Lyme

When a young lady named Lyme
Said, “would you like a good time?”,
I said, “madam, I am moral
But let us 2 not quarrel,
And do come with me to dine”.

Early Thursday Morning Humour

When a young lady named Claire
Said, “follow me up this stair”,
Being up for fun
I began to run,
And enjoyed an extremely tasty eclair!

When a young lady wearing heels
Said, “come and see the seals”,
I followed her along the beach
But, being just out of reach,
Instead I watched the seals.

I Once Had A Beautiful Lover Named Rose

I once had a beautiful lover named Rose
Who refused to expose her toes.
And when I asked her “why?”,
She said, “all flesh must die”,
So I wept for Rose and her toes

A Talented Young Man, Whilst Using Bostik

A talented young man, whilst using bostik
Composed an extremely fine acrostic,
Which went on for ages
And covered 50 large pages,
But the critics response was really caustic!