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A Young Lady Named Ann

A young lady named Ann
Said, “you are a bad man!
Although you haven’t done anything yet,
Which I very much regret,
You must have a wicked plan!”.


Awaking At Long Past Midnight

Awaking at long past midnight
I turned on my bedside light,
And saw to my surprise
A young woman’s pretty eyes,
Her name was White, or Wright.

When A Young Lady Named Rose

When a young lady named Rose,
Who never would wear any clothes,
Went for a job interview
With a man called Drew,
She recited some very fine prose!

When a young lady named Rose,
Who would never wear any clothes,
Went for a job interview
With a man called Drew,
He fixedly looked at her nose!

When A Young Lady Of Rome

When a young lady of Rome
Lost a brand new golden comb,
It was found in Caesar’s bedroom
Scented with the sweetest of perfume,
Along with a naughty old gnome!


A young lady named Hortense
Is quick to take offence.
When she said, “to rhyme
Is a most despicable crime,
I jumped upon her fence!

A young lady whose name is Hortense
Refuses to speak in the present tense.
She said, “I loved you yesterday
When your hair ’twas not grey,
But last week, please get thee hence!

When A Talented Poet Named Paul

When a talented poet named Paul
Wrote a poem upon a wall,
A cultured policewoman called Yvette
Said, “I very much regret,
That you must clean that wall!”.

When A Young Lady Named Patricia

When a young lady named Patricia
Advertised her services as a stripper,
The police went straight round
But found only her hound,
Chewing on the Chief Constable’s slipper!