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When A Young Lady of Streatham

When a young lady of Streatham
Did me with blackmail threaten,
I smiled with sweetness at her
And said, “I don’t know Claire,
And I’ve never been to Streatham!”.


When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Lou

When a young lady named Lou
Spanked me with her high-heel shoe,
And I said, “give me more!”,
She replied, “I hear the front door.
Its the bishop, he’s due at 2!”.

When A Politician Named Matt

When a politician named Matt
Maintained he never said that,
And they showed him the proof
He said, “I always tell the truth,
And the earth ’tis undoubtedly flat!”.

When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Fay

When a young lady whose name is Fay
Wore a short dress one hot summer’s day,
A vicar called Heart,
Who loved his art
Said, “Fay, would you model for me today?”

When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Kate

When a young lady whose name is Kate
Invited me out on a hot curry date,
I enjoyed lots of spice,
Which was more than nice,
But that’s enough about that young lady Kate!

There Once Was A Man Who Ate Glue

There once was a man who ate glue,
Which was a very strange thing to do!
When they asked, “is it nice?”
He tried to speak twice,
But he was unable, due to the glue!