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There Was a Young Lady of Japan

There was a young lady of Japan
Who married an old man named Stan.
He thought her real hot
But not getting a lot
He left that young lady of Japan!

There Was a Young Lady of Portugal

There was a young lady of Portugal
Who had a reputation for being dull.
Her conversation was so boring
It had her lovers snoring,
And her talk it killed a bull!

Lou’s Poem

When a young lady whose name is Lou
Said, “I shall write a poem about you!”,
It was really rude
And so extremely lude,
That I hear you are going to sue!

I Know a Young Lady Named Mona

I know a young lady named Mona
Who is known for being a loner.
On her wedding day
She ran far away.
Please, has anyone seen my girl Mona!


When a young lady whose name is Mona
Asked that I please go and phone her,
I said, “my dear
You are already here!”.
So she left, so I could phone her!

The Louts and their Sprouts

There once was a gang of louts
Who liked to hit people with sprouts.
But when they hit Jack
He threw them right back,
With cabbages to go with those sprouts!

Claire’s Laptop

There was a young lady named Claire
Who kept a laptop in her hair.
Her friend Yvette
Used the internet
With that laptop in Miss Clair’s hair!

There Once Was a Girl Named Strange

There once was a girl named Strange
Who lived in a haunted old grange.
She called each ghoul
“You stupid old fool!”,
Which the ghouls found really quite strange!

As Halloween Approaches

As Halloween approaches
The vampire broaches
The possibility of me
Coming round for tea.

She says, “its good
To eat black pudd.
But I never will partake
Of any kind of steak!”.

I reply, “my dear Lou
I shall use garlic shampoo
When I visit this Halloween.
Lou! Why do you scream!”.

When a Young Lady Named Miss Claire

When a young lady named Miss Claire
Said, “why do the people all stare!”,
Her favourite aunt Rose
Passed her some clothes,
And the vicar fell off his chair!