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A Rich Old Man Near To His Death

A rich old man near to his death
Said, “I worry about my young wife Beth”.
I said, “my dear Murray
Please cease all your worry.
There is life with me after your death …”.

Green and White

I know a young man named Green
Who is active on a certain scene.
I’ve heard that at night
Green turns into Miss White.
But that, I have not yet seen!

What Constitutes a Tired Old Simile or Metaphor in Poetry

In a Youtube video, Zoe B discusses what makes a poem good. She argues that poetry does not need to be complex (indeed she states that it is being taught incorrectly in many schools). Somewhat controversially she labels Eliot as an “ass” for his poem “The Wasteland” which, she argues was deliberately made difficult in order that only academics could comprehend it’s meaning. Zoe does, however quote with approval the final stanza of Eliot’s “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” later on in her discussion of poetics.

This is an interesting and in places provocative view as to what constitutes poetry. Whilst I agree with some of Zoe’s points, I take issue with other aspects of her argument. For example she contends that comparing love to fire is old hat and that tired old comparisons of this nature should be avoided. In my opinion there is nothing new under the sun. It has, to some extent at least all been said before. That does not, however mean that writers of poetry should avoid comparing love to a fire or their lover to a flower. It is all about how language is used and the word fire or love are employed in the poem in question.

I must at this point declare an interest. One of my earlier poems is entitled “Fire” and runs as follows:

“I have felt the fire’s power;
It kindles brightly and sinks within the hour.
I have watched the embers dying fast;
Looked into the future and gazed into the past.
I have raked the ashes cold, felt the bleakness in my soul”.

Whether the above poem is any good is, of course a matter of opinion, which will depend on the views of those who read it. However if one deems it to be a mediocre or bad poem, this does not imply that any modern poems which draw a comparison between love, passion and fire are, automatically poor or mediocre compositions. It is, as I say above, all about how the use of the metaphor and/or simile is utilised in a given poem.

You can watch the video here

“Fire” first appeared in Dalliance; a Collection of Poetry and Prose. It can also be found in my Selected Poems, which is available here,

You can find a video of me reading my poem Fire here,

I Met A Young Lady Named Brown

I met a young lady named Brown
Who was wearing a most flimsy nightgown.
She said, with a wink
“My name it is Spink”.
I said, “your name it is Brown!”.

I met a young lady named Brown
Who was wearing a most flimsy nightgown.
I fail to recall
Her old husband Paul.
But I still see that flimsy nightgown …

A Brazen Young Lady Named Lin

A brazen young lady named Lin
Spoke of the joy of sin,
Whilst pretty miss Hocking
Took off Lin’s stocking.
And me, I condemned their sin!

There Once Was A Dog Named Cerberus

There once was a dog named Cerberus
Who made all of the people nerverus.
When he bit Miss White
By the moon’s bright light,
Her screams made poor Cerberus real nerverus!

There Once Was A Tiresome Old Aunt

There once was a tiresome old aunt
Who loved to indulge in a rant.
Her only niece Coral
Was sweet but immoral.
And poison ended that tiresome old aunt …

Heels and Jellied Eels

When a young lady wearing heels
Offered me some tasty jellied eels.
I said, “you’re so bold.
But are you not cold,
Without any clothes with those heels!”.

When A Young Lady On A High Bough

When a young lady on a high bough
Said, “please, someone rescue me from that cow!”,
A rake called Paul
Said, “you will fall.
But not if you stay on that bough …!”.