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My Dear Friend Whose Name is Apollo

My dear friend whose name is Apollo,
Says, “I’ll lead and you will follow!”.
He likes butchers shops
And juicy lamb chops –
As he’s a typical Labrador is apollo!


As I strolled through the great Crystal Palace
I was accosted by that wicked Miss Alice.
After dancing and wine
We crossed that line –
Now I’m missing both my wallet and Alice …

Claire and Miss Rose

When a young lady named Claire
Suggested we all have an affair,
Her friend Miss Rose
Took off her clothes,
And the commuters they did stare!

The Philosopher

There once was a philosopher of this nation
Who claimed we are living in a simulation.
When a student named Rose
Punched him on the nose
He said, “my pain is a mere simulation!”

The Dangers of Sin

I met a group of young women
Whose pleasure it is to go sinning.
The good vicar Price
Warned me of vice,
So I left him with those women …

Miss Bland

I met a young lady named Miss Bland
With whom I had a one night stand.
That spinster Miss Hocking
Found it real shocking.
But to me it was really quite bland!

Hogg’s Poetic Dog

There once was a man named Hogg
Who was famous for his poetic dog.
He lived in the lakes
With ducks and large snakes,
But they say I imagined that Hogg!


Standing by my bed
You said,
“Does it bother you?”
Red lights ahead,
But I went through.

The roof
Seldom falls in
On sin.

I never told you
The truth
But perhaps you know
It was merely so-so