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Public Speaking

There was a young lady named Peach
Who gave many a very fine speech.
Her great verbal power
Impressed the ivory tower,
But the public she just couldn’t reach!

When a Naughty Young Lady Hiding in Rushes

When a naughty young lady hiding in rushes
Said, “sir, please join me in these bushes”.
I said, “Miss Coral,
I hate to quarrel,
But you are hiding in rushes not bushes!”

My Interview on Access Radio, an Apology

On 17 May, I posted regarding my interview on Access Radio https://kmorrispoet.com/2022/05/17/my-forthcoming-interview-on-access-radio/. The show was scheduled to air yesterday (Wednesday 18th May). However the broadcast did not take place.

For anyone who tuned in at 9 pm (UK time) yesterday evening, please accept my apologies. I shall contact the producer and ascertain when the programme will be available, and post a link to the podcast once it is online.

Whilst Walking Passed a Newly Dug Grave

Whilst walking passed a newly dug grave
I met an old ghoul named Dave,
Who said, “are you afeared
Of my big bushy beard?”.
I said, “Dave, you really should shave!”.

When a Young Lady Named Lake

When a young lady named Lake
Leapt out of my birthday cake,
I said, “you are witty
And more than just pretty,
And you have ruined my cake!”

A Podcast of Kevin Morris Reading and Discussing His Poetry on the World Poetry Reading Series, on Thursday 12 May 2022, is Now Available

On 12 May, I was honoured to appear on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series. During my interview, I read and discussed my poetry.

I am pleased to announce that a podcast of my interview is now available on mixcloud.com and can be found here https://www.mixcloud.com/VictorSchwartzman/world-poetry-cafe-for-may-12/

You don’t need an account with Mixcloud to listen back to the show. I used Chrome to access the podcast, but any up-to-date browser should work.

My segment starts approximately 41 minutes into the podcast and ends at about the 54th minute.

My thanks to Ariadne Sawyer of the World Poetry Series for allowing me to read and talk about my poetry on her show.

While Drunk on the Finest Old Wine

While drunk on the finest old wine
I spied a young lady most Divine.
Her name it is Miss Spink
And she gave me a wink,
But perhaps that was merely the wine …!