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My Site’s Address Has Changed to kmorrispoet.com

On 17 February, I wrote a post about changes to my website, which can be found here https://kmorrispoet.com/2019/02/17/changes-to-newauthoronline/. In it, I explained that the title of my site has changed to “K Morris – Poet”, and the tagline to “Kevin Morris poet”. I went on to explain that my site can now be accessed from 2 addresses – kmorrispoet.com and newauthoronline.com.

Readers of this blog will see that the blog’s primary address (the address you see in your browser’s address bar) has now changed to kmorrispoet.com. Please note, the address, newauthoronline.com will continue to work (and, as previously stated I have no intention of deactivating it), however, as stated above, irrespective of which address you type into your browser’s address bar, the web address you will see (once on my site) will be kmorrispoet.com.

Over the years many bloggers (and others) have kindly hosted me on their sites and linked back to content on my blog. All of these links should continue to work and anyone clicking on a link to newauthoronline.com be redirected to kmorrispoet.com. If, however you do experience any difficulties please do let me know, either by leaving a comment below this post, or by emailing me at newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com, (the address is rendered thus to defeat spammers)!



When A Young Man of Stroud

When a young man of Stroud
Wrote, “death be not proud”,
A poet named John Donne
Sued him (just for fun),
And bankrupted that young man of Stroud!

(“Death Be Not Proud” was written by the English poet John Donne, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Be_Not_Proud_(poem).


The below poem was written late at night. I don’t often compose poetry on or around midnight. However “Fire” was composed in the wee small hours, when sombre thoughts are wont to come into one’s mind.

I have felt the fire’s power;
It Kindles brightly and sinks within the hour.
I have watched the embers dying fast;
Looked into the future and gazed into the past.
I have raked the ashes cold, felt the bleakness in my soul.

A Far-Sighted Young Lady Named Lou

A far-sighted young lady named Lou
Established a company producing strong glue.
Each day at midnight
She would update her website,
Which she started in 1902!

You Come In The Morning

You come in the morning
And find me stretching, yawning.
Will you have me storming?
Or forlorning?

A new day is dawning
On the same old paper sheet
Of meet
And greet.

At break of day
You may
Find me yawning
And leave me, forlorning
With the truth, upon me dawning