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Conservatives Speak of Radical Change

Conservatives speak of radical change,
Whilst Socialists say
Everything will stay
The same,
For that is the Conservative way.

And perhaps some long dead Tory squire,
bemused and confused,
By this desire
For change,
Turns in his sleep
And mutters,
“I thought Conservatives where there To keep
Things the same”.
But, no one hears the words he utters.

My Liberated Young Friend, Whose Named Dawn

My liberated young friend, whose named Dawn
Works in the field of porn.
She has lots of silk stockings,
And I’ve heard late night knockings,
From that pawnbrokers shop owned by Dawn!

When A Careless Young Lady Named Louise

When a careless young lady named Louise
Sat on a hive of bees,
And said, with a terrible scream
“Please, cool me down with icecream!”,
I said, “but bees make honey, Louise!”.

Is There Shame In Not Knowing A Girl’s Name

Is there shame
In not knowing a girl’s name?
Maybe it is so
When you go
To the place
Gives way to sin.

And what if her name
Be false,
But you waltz,
Just the same.
Is there shame
In a waltz
With a girl with a false,
Or no name?

She has agency,
But is free,
Is she not?
And in your hot
A name
(and compassion),
Is soon forgot,
Is it not?

Leaves Creep In

Leaves creep in
And grin
At me, from the floor.
There are more
Outside, piled high
by The wind.
They can be cleared away
But, there can be no denial
That, one day
I to, shall be swept away
Along with these, fallen, leaves.