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Stilettos (an Acrostic)

Sex on legs.
Thoughts of beds
Invade his head.
Lust will drive him insane,
Each interviewee, different but, somehow all the same.

“Those shoes, why did she choose
To wear them?
Only to please men?”,
Still, the stiletto shoe, may clinch the interview.

By the Light of My Guttering Candle

By the light of my guttering candle
I found a young lady’s sandle,
And on my newly made bed
I saw a pretty blonde head,
Which caused me to drop my candle!


A schoolboy
Crush on a girl of similar age.
Imagine his great joy
When she accepted his lemonade.
But he did regret
For her skirt
Got wet
And the game
Of flirt
He played
Ended in shame
And the loss of his lemonade!

Bush in the Rain

Today I passed by
The bush, so green
In the light rain.
‘Tis a thing so often seen
By me,
This tree.
Yet I returned again
And touched both leaf and tree,
For the seas will still roar
Though I shall be,
No more