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When A Strange Young Lady Named White

When a strange young lady named White
Climbed into my bed late last night,
And I said a most friendly “hello!”,
She said, “I think you should know,
That my reputation is whiter than white!”.


When A Naughty Young Lady Named Linda

When A naughty young lady named Linda
Said, “I shall find a date using Cinder,
They said, “do you mean the Tinder app?”,
She replied, “I need that kind of chap,
Who is handsome and hot as a cinder!”.

When A Young Lady of France

When a young lady of France
Said, “you men have no romance!”,
And I said, “come over here
And we’ll drink lots of beer!”,
She returned with speed to France!

When A Young Man of France

When a young man of France
Asked to see a lap dance
And they offered him overpriced, lukewarm champagne,
He said, “if its all the same,
I’d rather just see a lap dance!”.