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When a Young Lady Drinking Strong Booze

When a young lady drinking strong booze
Lost more than her stockings and shoes,
Priggish Miss Coral
Called her immoral.
And I returned those stockings and shoes …


When an elderly gentleman named Grub
Went and died in a gastropub,
A chef called Miss Lou
Put him in a stew
And served him up as grub!

Miss Doyle

I met a young lady named Doyle
Who knows how to use massage oil.
She came round to my place
With her pretty friend Miss Grace
To discuss the interesting subject of soil!

When An Adventurous Young Lady Wearing Heels

When an adventurous young lady wearing heels
Jumped in to swim with the seals
They said to her, “Lin,
To swim is no sin,
But why are you wearing those heels!”.

Making Music

A young lady of ill repute
Is fond of playing the flute.
Her friend Lin
Plays my violin.
And me? I play the lute!

Claire’s Warning to Gentlemen

When a young lady named Claire
Said, “you gentlemen should take care
As there are many young women
To tempt you all into sinning”,
I remembered last night with her …

My Friend Who is High in Society

My friend who is high in society
Said, “Kevin, I am fond of variety.
That pretty Miss Lou
Goes well with Sue!”.
I said, “there’s some merit in sobriety!”.

Miss Moon

As I entered my fine old bedroom
I met a young lady named Moon.
I said, “my dear,
What brings you here?”.
She said, “you’re smoking a magic mushroom!”.

Fay Who Liked to Say Hey!

There was a young lady named Fay
Who began all her texts with hey!
A horse called Billy
Being old and silly,
Answered all of Fay’s texts with neigh!

I Once Had a Friend With a Sister

I once had a friend with a sister
And no man was able to resist her.
I dated that girl,
Whose name was Pearl.
Until she swapped me for an old transistor!