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Lin and the Biscuit Tin

When a young lady named Lin
Jumped out of my biscuit tin,
And I said, with a glare,
“What were you doing in there?”,
She said, “you shut me in!”.

When a young lady whose name is Lin
Jumped out of my biscuit tin
She said, with a pearcing glare,
“There are no biscuits in there,
And I have grown sad and thin!”.


The Establishment

When a young man whose name is Franks
Said, “the establishment they always close ranks!”.
And I replied, “how so?”,
He said, “get off my big toe!
You’re the establishment, and you always close ranks!”.

Wednesday Morning Humour

There was a young lady named Lou
Who was fond of the high-heel shoe,
But when she wore them in bed
Her mother’s face turned bright red,
And she said, Lou, “this really wont do!”.

A young lady named Lou
Is fond of the high-heel shoe.
Her boyfriend called Ted
Sleeps under the bed,
And Lou, she sleeps with her shoe!

My friend whose name is Hogg
Lives near an ancient peat bog.
His young wife Moriah
Does my poetry inspire,
Whilst Hogg’s away in that bogg.

When A Socialist Named Grub

When a Socialist named Grub
Walked into a Conservative club,
And they asked, “why are you here?”,
He said, “I’ve heard about the beer.
I believe that its very good!”.

When A Literary Critic Named Lee

When a literary critic named Lee
Came round to mine for tea,
I offered him some cake,
Which he failed to take,
And then he criticised my tea!

Blind Publican

Last night, I had a dream in which I had agreed to work in my local pub. Being blind, this would, no doubt have been a very interesting experience for me and the customers of that esteemed establishment.
My peculiar dream led to the composition of the below rhyme.

When a blind man whose name is Grub
Got a job in his local pub,
Those wanting brandy
Got lemonade shandy,
But the grub, it was really quite good!