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When A Gorgeous Young Lady Named Frida

When a gorgeous young lady named Frida
Said, “I’d make a most excellent breeder!”.
I said, “lets have fun
In this hot summer sun.
But please, can we forget the breeder!”.

Whilst Declaiming My Poetry To A Crowd

Whilst declaiming my poetry to a crowd
In a town that’s known as Stroud,
A young lady dressed in white
Said, “sir, it’s long after midnight,
And your voice is far too loud!”.

Leigh Who Composed Poetry Whilst Climbing A Tree

There once was a young lady named Leigh
Who composed rhyming poetry whilst climbing a tree.
But her hands did slip
Causing a fractured right hip.
And a critic to praise Leigh’s fine poetry!

A Guest Post And A Review Of My Book “Light and Shade”

My thanks to Robbie Cheadle for her kindness in allowing me to talk about my favourite poem, “They Are Not Long”, by Ernest Christopher Dowson, and for reviewing my book, “Light and Shade”. For the post please visit https://kayelynnebooth.wordpress.com/2020/07/25/meet-poet-kevin-morris-and-a-review-of-his-latest-book-light-and-shade-serious-and-not-so-serious-poems/.

A Young Lady of Pleasure

I know a young lady of pleasure
Who says that her name is Heather.
She likes the sunshine
And drinking red wine.
Tell me, is her name really Heather?

Miss Witty

When a very attractive young lady named Witty
Said, “some say that I’m more than just pretty”.
I said, “you are nice.
Let us play at dice”.
Then, I played all night with miss Witty.

In May

When a young lady said, “come May
All young lovers they dance and play”.
I said, “my dear,
The Autumn draws near.
And my hair has turned quite grey!”.

Monk And His Skunk

There once was a poet named Monk
Who owned a most disreputable old skunk.
His verse being real bad
It drove the skunk mad.
And Monk he was always half-drunk!

A Young Lady Wearing Tight Shoes

When a young lady wearing tight shoes
Said, “I shall tell you my views
On the subject of politics,
And dogs who chase sticks.”
I said, “just pass me the booze!”.

A Young Lady Wearing Very Tight Shoes

A young lady wearing very tight shoes
Said, “I shall tell you my views
On the subject of politics,
And dogs who chase sticks.
But first, I must change these shoes!”.