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Sea, Sand and . . .

Sea, sand and . . .
Sun kissed skin
Does not
Lead to sin
For the weather is too hot
For that,
And I quite forgot
My shoe
In the flat
Of a girl named Lou.
But enough of that
For there is sea and
Sand and …


When A Young Man Named Keith

When a young man named Keith
Said, “love, ’tis often brief”,
His girlfriend Lou
Said, “that’s true,
You have already finished Keith!”.

When I Asked My Good Friend Miss Wood

When I asked my good friend Miss Wood,
“Do you think you could . . .?”,
She said, with a smile,
“You have wit and style,
But I really don’t think I should . . .”.

Tuesday Morning Humour

There once was a poet named Kim
Who was both petite and slim.
Her verse it was mediocre
But a critic called Coker,
Loved that young lady Kim!

When a pretty young lady named Mable
Said, “I am both willing and able”.
I gave her a smile
And said, “wait a while,
First we must lay this table”.

There once was a horologist named Sue
Who said, “any clock will do”.
So she bought an ancient timepiece
From a disreputable old thief,
But that clock it just wouldn’t do!

There Was A Young Lady of Stroud

There was a young lady of Stroud
Whose voice was so horribly loud,
That a librarian named Paul
Said, “you’re driving my readers up the wall,
As your voice its so horribly loud!”.

When My Friend Whose Name is Matt

When my friend whose name is Matt
Asked me to look after his flat,
Young ladies from Ealing
Danced on the ceiling,
And his neighbours they all cursed Matt!

When my friend whose name is Matt
Asked me to look after his flat,
A young lady from Ealing
Said, “my senses are reeling,
And who owns that purple cat?”