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The Affair

When a young lady named Claire
Said, “we should stop this affair!”,
I looked at her quizzically
And said, “please, remind me,
When did we start an affair!”.

When An Elderly Gentleman Called Harris

When an elderly gentleman named Harris
Took a pleasure trip to Paris,
And approached all the young women,
And spoke to them of sinning,
They drummed him out of Paris!

When A Wicked Young Lady Named White

When a wicked young lady named White
Rang my doorbell at just after midnight,
And I said, “that’s really not acceptable!”,
And she said, “but you’re not respectable!”,
I had to agree with Miss White

Much Poetry Has Been Written

Much poetry has been written
About a country called Great Britain,
Full of antique grandfather clocks
And old maids darning socks,
And miss Marple at her knitting!

When I Met Young Women At Dice

When I met young women at dice
Who said, “sir, are you into vice?”,
And I said, “i’m not into betting”,
They said, “but, surely you’re not forgetting,
That there are many forms of vice!”.