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Keith and the Leaf

When a young man named Keith
Said, “I shall kick this leaf!”,
A great wit called Dan
Said, “you big strong man!”.
But that leaf it defeated Keith!

A Professional Young Lady Named Molly

A professional young lady named Molly
Is known for her ancient folly,
Where gentlemen go for tea
Each day at half-past 3,
And enjoy that young lady’s folly …

There Was a Young Lady Named Sky

There was a young lady named Sky
Who said, “kiss me or I’ll die!”.
Her philosopher boyfriend Paul
Said, “all men fall.
And we all must one day die!”.

When I Found Wicked Miss Miranda

When I found wicked Miss Miranda
Lurking on my fine old Veranda,
I gave her a smile
And said, “in a while
I shall release my panda Miranda!”.

Let That Whip Go Crack!

When an elderly gentleman named Jack
Said, “let that whip go crack!”,
A young lady called Pearl
Said, “I’m a gentle girl.
Wouldn’t you prefer a little smack!”.

A Young Lady Who Dresses in Pink

A young lady who dresses in pink
Is known for her most peculiar kink.
Her name is Miss Hocking
And she’s really quite shocking,
So I always give her a wink!

When a Young Lady Drinking Strong Booze

When a young lady drinking strong booze
Lost more than her stockings and shoes,
Priggish Miss Coral
Called her immoral.
And I returned those stockings and shoes …


When an elderly gentleman named Grub
Went and died in a gastropub,
A chef called Miss Lou
Put him in a stew
And served him up as grub!

Miss Doyle

I met a young lady named Doyle
Who knows how to use massage oil.
She came round to my place
With her pretty friend Miss Grace
To discuss the interesting subject of soil!

When An Adventurous Young Lady Wearing Heels

When an adventurous young lady wearing heels
Jumped in to swim with the seals
They said to her, “Lin,
To swim is no sin,
But why are you wearing those heels!”.