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There Once Was A Man Named Tombs

There once was a man named Tombs
Who gave all his friends the glooms,
With his very sad verse,
Which caused them to curse,
And now he’s gone to the glooms!


A Young Lady Whose Name Is Miss Lou

A young lady whose name is Miss Lou
Said, “please tell me, is it really true,
That you have a sense of humour?,
Or is it merely a wicked rumour?,
And why is your beard painted deep blue?”.

There Was A Young Lady Named Rose

There was a young lady named Rose
Who composed in the shortest of prose.
She wrote on her belly
Using the best strawberry jelly,
But sometimes she composed on her nose

When A Young Lady Named Miss Nell

When a young lady named Miss Nell
Said, “many men have fell
In the hotel of pleasure.
Sir, I was wondering whether …?”
I replied, “Nell, you know me well!”.

A Young Lady Whose Name Is Lou

A young lady whose name is Lou
Is so extremely fond of strong glue
That she eats it each day,
And I’m very sorry to say,
That she’s really stuck up is Lou!

When A Man Whose Name Was Lee

When a man whose name was Lee
Said, “this tree shall long outlast me”,
The tree, being sound asleep
Did not sigh or weep,
Which was just as it should be!