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A Young Lady of Moldova

A young lady of Moldova
Stole my brand new pullover.
‘Twas in the woods at night
As I flew my old kite.
Please, has anyone seen my pullover?

A Young Lady Named Bess

A young lady named Bess
Has lost her dress,
While naughty Ms Lou
Has kept my shoe.
And me, I should confess …

A Young Lady By The Name of Helen

A young lady by the name of Helen
Spent all of her short life in yellen.
She yelled so loud
It burst a cloud,
Which drowned that poor young lady named Helen!

When a Young Lady Named Jane

When a young lady named Jane
Said, “let us explore pleasure and pain”,
And she took out a whip,
Which she held at her hip,
I said, “the commuters are watching, Jane!”.

I Met a Dog Named Joan

I met a dog named Joan
Chewing on a huge bone.
When I said, “is it really your contention
That rats and cats I should not mention?”,
She growled, so I left her well alone!

A Young Lady Whose Name is Kitty

A young lady whose name is Kitty
Is very petite and pretty.
And when I’m all alone
I take out my phone,
And converse with that virtual girl Kitty!