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A blog dedicated to rhyming poetry

I recently came across “Rhyme”, https://rhymepoetry.wordpress.com/about/. The blog aims to promote a love of rhyming poetry and it’s owner invites readers to recommend poems for possible inclusion on her site.
For anyone who enjoys rhyming poetry, I recommend checking out this blog.


Why Do I Care?

Why do I care
When you call me “sir”?
I say “call me by my name”
But, again and again
You draw that distinction between you and I.
“Tell me my friend, why?”

I am no Communist red
With idealism pervading my head.
But as one human to another
I tell you my friend, “you are my brother”.
So I guess that is why I care
When you call me “sir”.

Cheshire Cat

My finger lingers
Over the delete button.
One little caress, a mere press
And the process
Will be complete.

The call button.
Am I a glutton
For the fire
With a desire
To burn on a pyre
Of my own making?

Heads shaking
I see
Telling me
I need to be free
Of thee.

One final spree
For you and me?
I imagine the glee
In your eyes
Where no pitty lies.

The smile
Of the Cheshire cat vanishes while
Only a thin lipped grin
Of distaine remains.

Be Careful What you Wish for

Be careful what you wish for. You might actually get it

No harm in wishing
But, if you go fishing
In deep pools
Where fools
Then sooner or later you may attain your wish.

A dainty dish
Not meant for the tasting by such as you
Has led many a man to rue
Their wish
For forbidden fish.

The cat sat on a river bank
Desirous to catch a fish.
Stretching out his paws, he obtained his wish
But, leaning too far over, fell into the water and sank.
‘Tis better to stay on the river bank …

Getting Up Early

Getting up in the early morning now, the world is a little darker.
As I get older, matters are ever starker.
The birds still trill
And oft times unchill
My heart,
But it is getting dark
Though the sun
Will rise as he must.
Man is dust
Dancing in beams of sunlight,
A brief delight,
Then good night.