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Modern Art

I know a young lady named Nelly

Who is famous for her smelly wellie.

We went to a gallery

With an artist called Valerie,

And exhibited Nelly’s wellie in a jelly!


When a young lady who sat mixing paste

Said, “your poetry is not to my taste!”,

Just for a caper

I grabbed some wallpaper,

And stuck it to her using that paste!

As the Autumn Weather Grows Colder

As the autumn weather grows colder,

And I older,

The thought of warm bed clothes

With a Kate,

Or a rose

Still appeals.


I have known heels

To measure

My pleasure.

But pleasure passes,

For rakes and lasses,

And the graveyard grasses

Claim our name.

Easy Virtue

There is a young lady named Lou

Who is known for her easy virtue.

My good friend Dan

Is a generous man

Whose known for his charity to Lou …!

Miss Kipper’s Slipper

There is a young lady named Kipper

Who is famous for using a slipper.

I have heard tell

She does it well.

And the vicar he’s lost his slipper!

5 Degrees

5 degrees.

Wet trees

Drip yesterday’s rain.

The autumn came

Bringing acorns

And precious rain

To woodland lawns.

There Once Was a Man Named Ted

There once was a man named Ted
Who recited Chaucer standing on his head.
But a driver called Gus
Said “not on the bus!”,
So he quoted the great Dickens instead!

On Hearing Birdsong

On hearing birdsong

I am glad

That I am here

To hear

Their sad, glad song.



We die

And our love

Dies with us.



No, it lives on

When we are gone

In those we love.



And the birds

Sing on

With no care

For where

We have gone.


There Was a Young Lady of Bangkok

There was a young lady of Bangkok

Who collected many a fine gentleman’s sock.

Some men lost their shoes

Whilst drunk on strong booze,

But most of them lost a sock.