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When the Wife of Vicar Ted

When the wife of vicar Ted
Was found in another man’s bed,
It caused great consternation
Among the vicar’s congregation.
And the bishop turned bright red …!

A Young Lady of Pleasure

I know a young lady of pleasure
Who says her name it is Heather.
I was warned by mum
To avoid the hot sun,
But she didn’t say anything about Heather …!

I Recall Honeysuckle on a Wall

I recall honeysuckle on a wall
And the scent of Grandfather’s roses.
The poet composes
A rhyme
To Time
Who ends all.

I Once Had a Lover Named Glover

I once had a lover named Glover
Who said she would have no other.
But I caught her with Moriah
And the entire male voice choir,
And a vicar who knows my mother!

Lou Who Composed a Poem About Her Shoe

There once was a girl named Lou
Who composed a poem about her shoe.
But as it didn’t quite fit
They said, “change it a bit”.
So Lou changed her poem and shoe!

Girls Splash Cheap Perfume

Girls splash cheap perfume
In a strange bathroom.
Their conversation so low
That he doesn’t know.
What they say.

And soon
Cheap perfume
Scents lonely sheets
Where strangers meet.

Sinful Lin

I know a young lady named Lin
Who is gorgeous and full of sin.
I once met the old Devil,
Who is not on the level.
But he’s got more morals than Lin!

Whips and Chains

A young lady with whips and chains
Is well known for her superior brains.
We indulge in conversation
About this great nation,
As I admire that young lady’s brains …!