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I love the sunlight
That comes and goes.
It is easy to write
Of eternal night,
And to compose

Flowery verses
About one’s mortality.
But many a poet curses
The reality
Behind his poetry.

There is Something Poignant About the Sunshine

There is something poignant about the sunshine.
A girl’s soft kiss
Is divine.
The bliss
Of fingers
That linger,
Intertwined in mine.

The light lingers,
A girl’s fingers
Still intertwine.
The night breeze
Will freeze
This heart
And art
Of mine.


An insect
Brushed against my head.
I showed it respect,
For soon it will be dead

And an insect
Is fragile
As a girl’s smile.
A kiss.
Or the bliss
Of bed.

And the wind blew chill
And will
Do still,
When I am dead.

Its A Brief Stroll

Its a brief stroll
Through the churchyard for me
And my soul.
And although there be
No clock in the church tower,
To chime
The hour
For me,
Must stop
And there will be
No more need of clock
For thee
Or me.