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A Poet’s Epitaph

“He liked to rhyme
And was fond
Of women
And wine,
And sinning.
Now he has gone beyond
And wine,
And sinning.
And he is out of time
For rhyme”.

Its A Brief Stroll

Its a brief stroll
Through the churchyard for me
And my soul.
And although there be
No clock in the church tower,
To chime
The hour
For me,
Must stop
And there will be
No more need of clock
For thee
Or me.

When The Clock Does Stop

When the clock
Does stop,
You can wind
It again.
But when
The brain,
(Some say mind)
Ceases to be,
What shall become
Of you and me?
For there is no sun
To see,
And we,
Can not rewind.

Oh Churchyard Tree

Oh churchyard tree
You will outlast me
And your branches provide shade
To lad and maid,
Though I go below.

Yet, in the end,
My churchyard friend,
Thee and me
Having our lives run
Must both succumb
To mortality.

I Am Going Home

I am going home
(Save for my dog).
I have been away
For a week or so,
And will be sad
To go
But glad
To return by train.

One day, I shall travel unfamiliar terrain
And find a new home.
I will be
But shall I see
A confined space, with a stone
Or shall I know god’s love?
Or simply die
And be,
No longer I?