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On my way
Home today
I met
A budding rose
And did a poem compose
To love, lust,
Dust, and regret.

Who knows
Whether the rose
Be closed

All flesh is grass
And I will
Into the dark forest pass
While the rose
Is blooming still


Excited Sighs

Excited sighs,
Slowly dies.
Tick tock
Of clock.
Lovers they
Can not stay.

One Day

“One Day” originally appeared here in 2015, https://kmorrispoet.com/2015/12/23/one-day/. A friend subsequently commented to me (in person, not on this blog), that the poem could equally apply to both readers and writers. He had a point. However I had writers/authors in mind when I penned the piece, hence my poem stands as originally written.


Of Churchyards and Owls

Walking through the churchyard, as dusk fell, I heard the note of my old friend the owl. On reaching home I closed my bedroom window for it was a chilly evening. However, despite my double-glazing, the cold cry of the owl penetrated into my modern flat.

Ever since moving to the Upper Norwood area in late 1997, I have always been conscious of the owl. Sometimes he disappears for protracted periods but, as sure as eggs are eggs “the fatal bellman” reappears.

Hearing the owl reminds me of my poem which is, appropriately enough entitled “Owl”,