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Caught in useless thought
On a sunny day,
I entered that place
Of light and shade.
That unknown space
Where we
Are made
To face
Our own mortality.

On Hearing the Same Clock

On hearing the same clock
On the same kitchen wall,
I recall, another blackbird’s call,
And that old Time Knocks,
1 day, for us all.

The Tombstones Stand Out White

The tombstones stand out white
In the sun’s light.
I wonder, as I go
Whether those now below
Lived their days in light?

And, when I go
Will those who pass
Along this path
Pause, and sigh,
And think as I?

The Inexorable Clock

The slow
Tick tock
Of the inexorable clock
Says “all must go”
In the end,
Though some pretend
‘Tis not so”.

Today I Turned 53

Today I turned 53.
Shall I make free
With women and wine?
Or stick to rhyme?

Old Father Time
Stands behind me.
The feminine and wine
Can not conquer time.

Church Bells

On hearing the bells chime
I think on time.
Although there is no
Clock in the church tower
To measure my brief hour.