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Oh Churchyard Tree

Oh churchyard tree
You will outlast me
And your branches provide shade
To lad and maid,
Though I go below.

Yet, in the end,
My churchyard friend,
Thee and me
Having our lives run
Must both succumb
To mortality.

The Tombstones Look Back At Me

The tombstones look back at me
And will continue to be,
When I can no longer see.

I Am Going Home

I am going home
(Save for my dog).
I have been away
For a week or so,
And will be sad
To go
But glad
To return by train.

One day, I shall travel unfamiliar terrain
And find a new home.
I will be
But shall I see
A confined space, with a stone
Or shall I know god’s love?
Or simply die
And be,
No longer I?

Rooms at Different Times Produce Diverse Rhymes

Rooms at different times
Diverse rhymes.
A girl’s perfume
In a darkened room
May seduce
A man into penning a rhyme
About lust.
Do not condemn
Such men
For there will be time
Enough for dust.

A Tree Grows

A tree grows
It’s branches entwining
With another tree,
Forming a canopy
Under which pass
A lad and his lass.

Seasons pass
And sapplings grow to maturity,
While the lad and lass
We did see
Forever lie
Under sky and tree.