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The Wet Churchyard Earth

The wet churchyard earth
Speaks of nature’s rebirth.
The graveyard grass smells fresh.
I see life and death.

The Tombstones Stand Out White

The tombstones stand out white
In the sun’s light.
I wonder, as I go
Whether those now below
Lived their days in light?

And, when I go
Will those who pass
Along this path
Pause, and sigh,
And think as I?

More Often Than Not

More often than not
I stop
By the graveyard plot
Where a soft breeze
Rustles trees.
Yet, outside this spot
I hear it not.

On A Chilly Winter’s Evening

On a chilly winter’s night
The song of a bird
I heard
As he sang to me
From a churchyard tree.
Such delight,
And poignancy.
But that was in me.


Often do I have cause
For thought, yet seldom pause
Here for long.
Perhaps it is a strong
Desire to forget my fate
Which leads me, (be it early or late),
Without a backward glance
Lest by some mischance
I see my own ghost,
To post-haste, exit the graveyard gate
And enter again
This temporary realm of men.