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7 Poems by Poet K Morris uploaded to Soundcloud

I have uploaded the following 7 poems to Soundcloud:




The Poet Took 2 Roses

The poet took 2 roses
At the same time
And knew
That he ought to find
Them divine,
But it wasn’t true,
So now he composes
A puzzle about roses,
For rhyme is pure.

When A Man Whose Name is Grub

When a man whose name is Grub
Recited his poems in my local pub,
And he fell drunk on the floor
I called out for more,
Although his verse I never understood!

A podcast of poet Kevin Morris’s appearance on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series


On the evening of Thursday 16 May, I was honoured to appear on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series.


I am pleased to announce that a podcast of my interview (which includes me reading my poems) is now available and can be found here,

My interview starts approximately 3-4 minutes into the podcast and runs for around 25 minutes. I listened back to my interview using the Chrome Browser so know that Chrome works. I can not vouch for other browsers though.

My thanks to Ariadne and Victor of The World Poetry Reading Series for their kindness in hosting me.


Karl Marx Discussed Factors of Production with His Maid

Karl Marx discussed factors of production
With his maid
Who, no longer staid
Learned about equality,
The seduction
Of maid
By master
And what it is
To be free.


Throw A Stone Into A Brook

Throw a stone into a brook
And look
As the water ripples.
Then, when the ripples are gone
You may
Ponder, on yonder
Setting sun, or turn away
For to think on
Days end
Can be painful, my friend.