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On A Chilly Winter’s Evening

On a chilly winter’s night
The song of a bird
I heard
As he sang to me
From a churchyard tree.
Such delight,
And poignancy.
But that was in me.

Red Lights

Day and night
The red light
Does seductively glow,
And men go
In search of love, And lust.

One may find, for a while,
Solace in a girl’s painted smile.
Though some see dust
Behind their lover’s eyes.
But few are wise.

Silver Fox

An elderly gentleman named Mr Box
Is known as the silver fox.
Whilst the young women say
My hair it is grey.
But I’m not rich like Box …

A Poem From My Archives

You left your shoes behind
And it still occupies my mind.
You were neither white nor black,
And there is no turning back
For those shoes you left behind,
Which still occupy my mind.
Your accent was upper class
But, somewhere along the line
Did settle
For brass.
You left your shoes behind
And they still occupy my mind.
It is rarely white or black.
And the way
To a brass tack
Is easier than some say.

Pete and Claire

Whilst walking along a famous old Street
I met with my old friend Pete.
When he said, “today I’m Claire”.
I said, “rhyming poets should beware!
As Claire does not rhyme with Pete!”.

I Know A Girl Called Miss Shakespeare

I know a girl called Miss Shakespeare
Who has pulled me many a beer.
The old barman, named Macbeth,
Bores us all to death.
And King Duncan is off his beer.

Caught, Between Cassandra and Pangloss

Caught, between Cassandra and Pangloss,
We know not what
To think. So drink
To the great Pangloss.
But, in our empty glass,
We find the Trojan lass.


Should I repent
Of her sweet scent?
She is free
Yet, her scent
Is costly to me.

Am I responsible for society,
With all of it’s flaws?
Heels click on floors.
And I ponder on the responsibility
Of her, and me, and society.