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Lyme Who Fought a Duel with Old Father Time

There once was a young man named Lyme
Who fought a duel with Old Father Time.
But, as day followed day
Old Father Time slipped away.
For only a fool will duel with time.

Ted’s Bed

There once was a young man named Ted
Who lay dozing upon a brand new bed.
A young lady called Claire
Said, “do excuse me sir,
But are you going to buy that bed?”.

Is Paying for Sex Wrong?

Yesterday evening, I listened to a great debate on Intelligence Squared Youtube’s channel entitled “Its Wrong to Pay for Sex”.

The debate included an economist, a former madam (the owner of a US escort agency who spent some time in jail for providing working women to clients), a researcher into prostitution, An anthropologist and an author.

My own view is that it is not wrong to pay for sex provided that the person receiving payment, who is usually (but not always a woman), is of legal age and has not been coerced into providing sexual services.

As always, I would be interested in the views of my readers. You can find “Its Wrong to Pay for Sex Below”,

An Exclusive Offer for My Blog’s Readers

In celebration of the coming Easter, I am offering my blog’s readers an exclusive and limited offer.

I have been working with a well known manufacturer of luxury chocolate to produce a selection of my poems in beautifully carved chocolate bars.

Each bar is individually wrapped in a gold wrapper and comes in a high quality and eco friendly wooden box (the wood being produced from fast growing pines which are, of course replaced so as to avoid the dangers of deforestation).

The chocolate bars are delicious so you will be torn between the desire to tuck into them, or put away these limited edition eatables for posterity. Who knows they may, perhaps be valuable and be sold on auction sites when I am pushing up the daisies!

Due to the craftsmanship involved (and, of course my hard work in composing the poems), each bar retails for £20. You can, however buy a set of 5 for a mere £80.

Should you be interested, please contact me as soon as possible as my family and friends have already put in their orders for these highly desirable and limited chocolate bars!

Happy poetry reading and eating!

Dogs in Literature

A fascinating post on the blog Interesting Literature about the symbolism of dogs in literature,

I have myself composed a number of poems about my former (and still very much missed) guide dog Trigger, including this one entitled “To a Departed Dog”:

“Sometimes I see
You in front of me,
Or imagine you at
My side. I
Go to pat
You under the table,
Where you so often sat.
I am not able.
You are not coming back.”

(“To a Departed Dog” appears in “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”, which can be found here,


Let us pretend,
Over wine,
That you, my friend
Are mine.
But, in an hour
Or so
You will surely go.

A flower
May perfume
Man’s bedroom
For a little while,
Causing him to smile.
‘Ere he does repent
Of the money spent.

Listening to Mosley Speak

Listening to Mosley speak
I hear an apologist
For the Third Reich
“I was never an anti-Semite”
He said.
I shake my head.

“Sir, you lie
And those who glorify
You defame
Patriotisms name.
For they would like
To create a new Reich”.

(An interview with the late Sir Oswald Mosley on Thames Television,

There Once Was a Policeman Named Warner

There once was a policeman named Warner
Who raided a rather famous old sauna.
He found Miss Hocking
Without shoe or stocking.
And a politician discussing politics with Lorna …