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Resistance to Social Distance

When ants in a young lady’s kitchen
Showed a complete disregard for social distance,
A lover who was visiting her there
Said, “my dearest darling Claire,
I confess that I’m itching
To report those ants in your kitchen
For demonstrating resistance
To social distance!”.

Dog and Man

I see the sky
And ponder on biology
And culture, that maketh me.
Or am
I part
Of some great plan
For man?

My dog has a heart
Full of love for me.
He is biology
(As I am),
But is he part
Of some inscrutable plan
For dog and man?

I am told
That my dog has no soul,
Yet he is more loving than
Many a man.

Or is it art
That separates dog from man?
Perhaps we are part
Of some god’s great plan.

In the end
My old friend,
I think there is just
The great sky above,
And dust,
and love.

An Update on My New Poetry Collection

On 24 May, I made an announcement regarding my forthcoming poetry collection (please see here,

My book is in the process of being proof read. And, as mentioned in the above post, I hope to be in a position to publish it by the end of June or at the beginning of July.

As a taster, I have included below a recording of me reading one of the poems which appears in my new collection.

Birds in a Tree

In spring
I heard
Birds sing
With such ecstacy
In a tree,
As I did pass
Along the woodland path.

They sang not For me.
Yet it filled my heart,
And I almost forgot
My art
In their, unconscious poetry.