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The Pretty Ear Lobe

When I found a pretty ear lobe
Protruding from my fine old bedroom wardrobe
I said, “Miss Moore
Are you quite sure
That you are looking for your globe?”.

Honey and Her Money

A young lady who calls herself Miss Honey
Has a bank account full of money.
She advertises on the internet
With a girl named Yvette.
Aint it funny they have all that money …

My Mistress

My pretty young mistress named Alice
Resides in the great Crystal Palace.
The bishop’s wife Claire
Has a cold stare.
And her daughter’s name is Alice.

On Entering My Brand New Shower

As I entered my brand new shower
I met a young lady named Power.
She said to me,
“May I have tea?
But first, lets try this power shower!”.

The Missing Cat

When a girl wearing a huge hat
Said, “has anyone seen my pet cat?”.
A man named Steve
Said, “my dear Eve,
That cat is concealed in your hat!”.

Miss Heather

I met a beautiful young lady of pleasure
Who goes by the name of Miss Heather.
She came round to mine
And drank all my wine.
And the rest stays between me and Heather!

Leigh and Her PHD

When a young lady named Leigh
Told me she had a PHD,
That naughty Miss Spink
Said, “it’s in kink”.
And Leigh showed it to me …

Claire and the Millionaires

My friend whose name is Claire
Has married many an elderly millionaire.
Their ends where all bad
But Claire is not sad,
As she’s just become a billionaire!

My Dating Experience

When I joined a website called Virgin Dating
The ad said, “its time to stop waiting!”.
I have had many a date
With a young lady named Kate.
And, my dear readers, I am still waiting …

My New Girlfriend’s Shoes

Whilst drunk on very cheap booze
I borrowed my new girlfriend’s shoes.
I walked all around
This familiar old town.
And lost my girlfriend and shoes!