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A Most Forgetful Young Lady Named Lou

A most forgetful young lady named Lou

Has a habit of losing a shoe.

My dear old wife

Is waving a knife,

And my dog he’s found Lou’s shoe …

Ling Who Likes to Dance and Sing

A young lady named Ling

Likes to dance and sing.

In the depths of the dark

The dogs howl and bark

And neighbours throw things at Ling!

I’ve Just Met a Very Old Monk

I’ve just met a very old monk

Who stood in the pub getting drunk.

He said, “sweet barmaid Claire

Let us have an affair!”.

Have you seen a black eyed monk …?

Lord Kettle

My great friend the late Lord Kettle

Said, “I am quite unable to settle”.

Then he made some tea,

Which he shared with me,

In a place that’s known as Settle.


When a young lady named Kate

Said, “Kevin, you really do procrastinate!”.

I said, “I beg your pardon!

But I am doing this garden!

But perhaps the garden can wait …!”.

A Careless Young Lady Named Mar

A careless young lady named Mar

Is known for losing her bra.

While her friend Coral

Is really quite moral

Though I’ve sometimes found her bra …


A man whose name was Wood

Said my poetry was no good.

In the forest dark

His end was stark.

But my alibi it was good …


I know a young lady named Rose

Who walks around whilst wearing no clothes.

But when we go shopping

She does wear 1 stocking.

Which I think shows decorum by Rose!

A Brutal Young Man Named Keith

A brutal young man named Keith

Threatened to knock out my teeth.

But I produced my faithful knuckleduster,

Which got him in a fluster,

Now Keith is wearing false teeth …!

Squire Pleasant

My uncle, the good natured Squire Pleasant

Invited me to go and shoot peasant.

I went with my spouse

And found peasants and grouse,

And the police who arrested Squire Pleasant!