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Whilst Walking Through Dear Old London Town

Whilst walking through dear old London town
I met a girl wearing a nightgown.
When I said, “aint it funny
How the bees they make honey?”,
She slipped right out of her nightgown!

When A Young Lady Wearing High-Heels

When a young lady wearing high-heels
Said, “you don’t know how it feels
To wear these shoes,
Whilst drunk on booze”.
I said, “give me back my high-heels!”.

I Know A Young Lady With A Fetish

I know a young lady with a fetish
Who is famous for her love of lettuce.
She keeps but one sock
On top of her clock.
But now lets discuss that young lady’s fetish!

Obtaining Immortality Through One’s Verse

A poet by the name of Heather
Said, “my poetry it will live forever!”.
I regret her verse
It grows steadily worse.
And she’s just turned 300, has Heather!


Whilst walking through a place known as Soho
I met a girl who you may know.
She wore but one spectacle
And is not that respectable.
And I often like to visit old Soho …

Thin Ice

When a young lady skating on thin ice
Said, “sir, I am really not into vice!”.
I tried to believe her,
But she was a deceiver.
As her skates broke through that thin ice!

Miss White’s Tambourine

A musical young lady named White
Likes to visit me at midnight.
I’ve often seen
Her fine tambourine,
As we play together at midnight.

When A Young Lady With A Bushy Beard

When a young lady with a bushy beard
Said, “sir, your conduct is really quite weird!”.
I said, “my dear Lou
That may well be true.
But why is that shoe in your beard?”.

Miss May and the Roue

When an innocent young lady named Miss May
Met with a most wicked old roue,
Her mother said to her, “beware,
Lest you end up like Claire!”.
And the roue said, “we meet again May!”.

Miss Flow and the Rake

A young lady named Miss Flow
Has morals so extremely low
That a dissolute old rake
Jumped in a great lake,
To escape that low Miss Flow!