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When I Invited A Girl Named Bland

When I invited a girl named Bland
To my home for a one-night stand,
It was really quite boring,
And I ended up snoring,
As all she’d do was to stand!

An Extremely Talented Young Lady Named Joan

an extremely talented young lady named Joan
Composed a poem about the men she’s known.
Its well over 100 verses in length,
So one can not but admire the strength,
Of that active young lady named Joan.

A Most Beautiful Young Dancer

A most beautiful young dancer
Called me a wicked old chancer.
But when she received my present,
She suddenly turned quite pleasant.
And quickly I did romance her!

When An Elderly Gentleman Called Harris

When an elderly gentleman named Harris
Took a pleasure trip to Paris,
And approached all the young women,
And spoke to them of sinning,
They drummed him out of Paris!

When A Wicked Young Lady Named White

When a wicked young lady named White
Rang my doorbell at just after midnight,
And I said, “that’s really not acceptable!”,
And she said, “but you’re not respectable!”,
I had to agree with Miss White