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Ron the Poet

When a poet whose name was Ron

Said “my poetry will surely live on”.

An old man called Brian

Warned him of a lion,

Which devoured all his poetry and Ron.

Dangerous Neil

When a dangerous young man named Neil

Said, “you’re going to feel cold steel!”,

A brave girl called Jagger

Grabbed hold of that dagger,

And I composed a poem about Neil …!

Lin Who Was Very Fond of Fine Gin

I knew an old lady named Lin

Who was fond of very fine gin.

I am pleased to say

That when she passed away

Lin left me some very fine gin …!



As I Strolled Passed a Red Light

As I strolled past a red light

I saw my old friend vicar White.

He was chatting away

To pretty Miss  Fay.

He’s a sociable old vicar is White …

There Once Was a Man Named Prufrock

There once was a man named Prufrock

Who became known for losing a sock.

He dreamed of a mermaid,

(Who was far from staid).

So I guess she kept his sock!

Party Time

A young lady who is really arty

Is a member of the Labour Party.

Her Conservative old lover

Has a Communist brother

Who likes to dress as a smarty!

The Poetic Old Goat

I know a most poetic old goat

Who composes poetry whilst in a moat.

A young lady named Gwen

Is due here at 10.

She calls me her poetic old goat …!

Blackmailing Lee

When a young man whose name was Lee

Tried to blackmail me whilst out at sea,

He got eaten by a lion,

By the name of big Brian –

Which was strange as we were at sea …!

Pearl Who is Known as a Very Good Girl

A young lady whose name is Pearl

Is known as a very good girl.

Her dear friend Miss White

Walks the streets at night.

I hear she’s a very bad girl …!

When I Met with the Easter Bunny

When I met with the Easter Bunny

She called me “sweet” and her “honey”.

She came back to mine,

And after kisses and wine,

That bunny she left with my money …!