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When A Young Man Whose Name is Keith

When a young man whose name is Keith
Said, “this life is full of such grief”,
I said, “I have a shoe
Belonging to your new wife Lou,
Our passion was sweet but brief!”.

When A Man Whose Name is Ted

When a man whose name is Ted
Found a young lady in his bed,
She said, “I’m your new neighbour,
And I’ve always voted for Labour,
Which is why my nightdress is red!”.

A Young Lady Whose Name is Lou

A young lady whose name is Lou
Said, “the men have gone its true,
But I’ve torn my new dress,
This place is a terrible mess,
And mum’s due back here at 2!

A Young Man Who Calls Himself Warner

A young man who calls himself Warner
Frequents an adults only sauna
Where he’s served curry and rice
With lots of hot spice,
By a girl who says she’s Lorna!

A Lusty Young Lady Named Patricia

A lusty young lady named Patricia
Spanks men with her carpet slipper,
And when the fun is done
To her back kitchen she’ll run,
And cook them a tasty kipper!