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A Police Constable Whose Name Is Ling

A police constable whose name is Ling
Tried to catch me in a sting,
With a young lady named Louise
And a large hunk of cheese,
It was such a close run thing!

I Know A Beautiful Young Dancer

I know a beautiful young dancer
And many men want to romance her.
If they have lots of money,
She calls them “darling”, and “sweet honey”.
And she owns a dog named Chancer!

When A Young Lady Named Bess

When a young lady named Bess
Said, “my sins I should confess”,
I said, “that you must do,
But, first, fasten up your shoe,
And put back on your dress!”.

A young Lady Named Patricia

A young lady named Patricia
Says she is no stripper.
But I’ve never accused her of that,
As she invariably keeps on her hat,
But still she says she’s bitter!

A Young Lady Whose Name Is Bess

A young lady whose name is Bess
Is truly a veritable tigress.
When we met last night,
By the moon’s sweet light …
But my readers can guess the rest