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My invitation to Tea

When a young lady named Leigh
Invited me round for tea,
And she and miss Hocking
Lost more than a stocking,
They made me spill my tea!

When I Met Young Women At Dice

When I met young women at dice
Who said, “sir, are you into vice?”,
And I said, “i’m not into betting”,
They said, “but, surely you’re not forgetting,
That there are many forms of vice!”.

Sometimes I Think We Poets Obsess Too Much On Grim Death

Sometimes I think we poets obsess
Too much on grim death.
We hear the blackbird sing
And say “the flowers that bloom
In spring,
And this bird, so full of joy,
Time will destroy,
All too soon”.

We obsess
Over the maid
In her white
And say, “she will fade
Into the eternal night”.

Yet there is much delight
In the maid,
And when, into the night
Poet and maid
They may leave to posterity,
More than poetry.


You may imprison
A name
In a euphemism,
To avoid shame,
But it will get free
And be
Known all the same.

Out of discretion,
Or, to avoid pain
You may euphemise
A profession,
But behind those enigmatic eyes
The same, much traduced,
Ancient name.

When A Young Lady Named Leigh

When a young lady named Leigh
Said, “I want to be on page 3!”,
Her friend, the Right Reverend John
Said, “page 3 has long gone,
But there’s a photographer whose known to me”.