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No Reply

A young man named Guy
Replied to no reply,
But when nothing came back
He said, “I lack
The reason as to why?”


A Young Person Whose Name Is Dan

A young person whose name is Dan
Is a very political man.
In the dark of the night
He leans to the right,
And by dawn he’s a socialist man!

When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Lin

When a young lady whose name is Lin
Said, “I want to give in to sin”,
I replied, “I am moral!”,
Which caused a huge quarrel,
So at last, I gave in to Lin!

The Sun Sets

Friends discuss politics in a pub garden.
Opinions harden.
The sun sets
Over the UK
As the day
Ends, and friends
Depart, Some with regrets
In their heart,
For a day
That may
Soon be done.

There Was A Young Lady With A Cucumber

There was a young lady with a cucumber
Who said,”by the great god of thunder
I shall bring down rain
And block up this drain,
But first I must chop up this cucumber!”.

Dog Hair

Your black
Soft hair in my hand.
You lack
The capacity to understand
As you lie in the sun
After your run,
That I shall find dog hair
When you are no longer there,
For hairs to carpets stick
And tears will, one day, prick
The eyes of he
Who loves thee.

(Note: my dog, Trigger is healthy and happy. But, on picking up some of his hair from my living room carpet, I was reminded of his mortality, and indeed that of all flesh).