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The Origin of the Word Computer

Being visually impaired, all of my writing takes place on my laptop, using Job Access with Speech (JAWS) software, which converts text into speech and braille enabling me to use a standard Windows computer or laptop. (For anyone interested in finding out more about JAWS,please visit this link,

Given my reliance on computers for writing, reading the news and carrying out other tasks, I was fascinated by a recent post on Interesting Literature concerning the origin of the word “computer”. The word computer is much older than the 20th century, as you will find if you read this interesting article,

A Respectable Young Lady Named Lou

A respectable young lady named Lou
Likes the number 2,
Whilst her boyfriend Lee
Is fond of 3.
But Lou says “no can do!”.

When A Young Lady Named Hannah

When a young lady named Hannah
Said, “I really don’t like your manner!
You are extremely rude!
And so incredibly crude!
I said, “but you designed this banner!”.

Whilst Staggering Home Drunk One Night

Whilst staggering home drunk one night
I saw a ghoul dressed in white,
Who said, “my name is Dave
And I’ve risen from yonder grave.
I said, “do you have a light?”.

When A Young Lady Named Beth

When a young lady named Beth
Said, “you are obsessed with death”,
I spoke of cooking oil
And of Shakespeare’s mortal coil,
Which bored poor Beth to death!

If Imagination Were A Crime

If imagination were a crime
And you could read between a rhyme,
How many poets would be flayed
For games played
In the confines
Of their minds?

But, no
That is not quite so,
For their words caper
On virgin paper.
And when
The pen
The reader thinks he catches
A glimpse of the sin,

Gabriela M Awarded Author of the Year 2019 by Spillwords Press

Gabriela M, a writer whose work I admire, has been awarded Author of the Year 2019 by Spillwords Press. You can read Gabriela’s interview here,