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The Kiss

When I met a rather pretty little miss
And I said, “please, give me a kiss!”.
Her boyfriend called Ted
Said, “you are dead!”.
So I didn’t stick around for that kiss!

Footprints in the Snow

As I go
I make footprints in the snow.
The red postbox continues to stand,
A symbol of a vanishing land.

Footprints will go,
Covered by snow
And this dear England of mine,
Is it all in my mind?

Racey Tracy

I know a pretty young lady named Tracy
Who has a reputation for being quite racey.
Dear readers, I must confess
I’ve oft seen her dress.
But rarely when being worn by Miss Tracy …

Found: One of the First Books Ever Printed in England

A fascinating find.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Medieval text | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookThe pages were instantly recognizable due to black typeface and hand-painted red paragraph marks. Image: University of Reading/The Independent

Pages from one of the first books ever printed in England were recently found by librarians at the University of Reading. The pages, which were hidden away for decades in the pages of a different text, were meant to tell priests how to plan feasts.

Sarum Ordinal

According to Atlas Obscura and The Independent, the librarians found two pages from a priest’s handbook called Sarum Ordinal or Sarum Pye, which had been pasted inside of another book to reinforce its spine. A librarian working to restore that book noticed and pulled out the pages from the priest’s handbook; they date to between 1476 and 1477.

The librarian said she instantly noticed the “trademark blackletter typeface,” the layout, and red paragraph marks, which were typically added by hand after printing and…

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When an attractive young lady called Polly
Invited me to indulge in something jolly.
I went round to her house
Where we enjoyed wine and grouse.
And her friend whose name is Holly.


When a young lady named Miss White
Said, “your poetry it is terribly trite”.
I said, “let me compose
A poem to my rose”.
And I went home alone that night …

On A Chilly Winter’s Evening

On a chilly winter’s night
The song of a bird
I heard
As he sang to me
From a churchyard tree.
Such delight,
And poignancy.
But that was in me.

Early Morning Humour

A couple of humorous poems from 2020. It is no longer early morning. However, during the pandemic we could all do with a little humour I think. Kevin

K Morris - Poet

A young man by the name of Spink
Is very fond of a drink.
But when he broke into mine
And drank my fine wine
The judge sentenced him to clink!

(Clink is another word for prison).

When a man by the name of Spink
Became lost in a good deal of drink
His wife called Clair,
Who is young and fair
Gave me a nod and a wink …

When, on the winding stair
I met a blond called Flair
My wife Anne
Grabbed a frying pan
And ended that affair!

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I Once Knew A Drover From Dover

I once knew a drover from Dover
Who Knitted all his livestock a pullover.
A young lady walking by
Said, with a great sigh,
“Your livestock look daft in that pullover!”.