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The purpose of this website ( is to showcase my writing. For details of my published works, please click on the 'About' page of my blog.

My Guest Post on Lucy’s Works

My thanks to Lucy for her kindness in hosting me on Lucy’s Works. To read my guest post, which includes a poem from my forthcoming collection, please follow this link,

A Talented Young Man Riding a Goat

A talented young man riding a goat
Said, “many a poem I have wrote
About young ladies from Ealing,
Who dance on my ceiling.
And can someone please stop this goat!

A Recording of Me Reading My poem “Their Time in the Sun” Has Been Included in February’s Virtual Dodo

I am delighted to announce that my poem “Their Time in the Sun” has been included in February’s Virtual Dodo. To listen to me reciting “Their Time in the Sun”, and the other poets reading their work, please visit

“Their Time in the Sun” can be found in my collection “Light and Shade”, which is available from Amazon,

As I Walked the Streets Last Night

As I walked the streets last night
I got arrested by constable Miss White.
She said, “that’s enough!”.
And with her handcuff,
I got cuffed to White all night!

When An Extremely Large Old Crocodile

When an extremely large old crocodile
Said, with a most beautiful smile,
“Its good to swim
So jump right in”.
I carried on draining the Nile!

The White Rose Opposition to Hitler

Oxford University has hosted a reading of the pamphlets, produced by the White Rose student opposition movement to Hitler, (in English translation). All of the White Rose’s members were executed by Nazi Germany.

You can listen to English readings of all of the pamphlets, together with introductory comments, here,

The Crocodile

When an extremely kind old crocodile
Gave me a most winning smile,
I said, with a grin
“I would love to swim.
But I shall practice self denial!”.

On Awaking By the Moon’s Bright Light

On awaking by the moon’s bright light
I saw a young lady in white.
When I said, “are you a ghoul?”,
She called me a stupid old fool.
And left, by the sun’s bright light …


On 19 February, I received my first shot of the Fizer Corona vaccine,

I am pleased to report that thus far I have experienced no side effects and I would strongly encourage anyone who remains unsure about being vaccinated, to take the plunge, do I mean jab! When offered the opportunity.

I look forward to sipping pints in a pub garden once more with friends, hopefully in the near future!

My only complaint is that no one offered me a piece of cake or a nice cup of tea following my vaccination. I shall be writing a strongly worded letter of complaint to Matthew Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health about that! I feel sure that, having received my letter, he will immediately order all vaccination centres to stock up with assorted cakes and a good variety of teas to cater for all tastes!

As I Boarded a Brand New Train

As I boarded a brand new train
I met with a girl named Jane.
We went real fast
Then, at long last,
The driver decided to start that train!