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My Review of “The Wolves of Vimar” by V. M. Sang

I recently finished reading “The Wolves of Vimar”, by Vivienne (V. M. Sang). I greatly enjoyed the book and I have posted the below review on Amazon:

“I don’t usually like fantasy literature, however this was an excellent read which I thoroughly recommend. I shall be reading the other books by this author.”

You can find “The Wolves of Vimar” here, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wolf-Pack-Wolves-Vimar-Book-ebook/dp/B00CJ16VZ6/

The Fairy Ring

The ring is no longer magic

but the tragic

fairies continue to dance.

There is no romance

yet as a magnet to the metal

man can not settle

and is drawn

to this sight forlorn.

The flesh tires.



but the fool

plays with the burning coal.

Man’s goal

is the salvation of his soul.

The fairies cease their play

as day


Man as from a dream awakes

and forsakes

for a time

the circle, once thought so divine.