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When a Young Lady Drinking Strong Booze

When a young lady drinking strong booze
Lost more than her stockings and shoes,
Priggish Miss Coral
Called her immoral.
And I returned those stockings and shoes …

Poet Kevin Morris Reading His Poem Blackbird on Youtube

Yesterday, I recorded my poem Blackbird on youtube,

The poem came to me as I sat in my mum’s kitchen/dining area in Liverpool. The big clock on the wall ticked away the seconds whilst, in the garden I could hear the song of a blackbird.

Poet Kevin Morris Reading His Poem Leaving On Youtube

Earlier today, I recorded my poem Leaving on Youtube. To watch and listen to me reading Leaving please see below:

September Author Newsletter

My September Author Newsletter is now available and can be found here. In this issue you will find my poem ‘Squire and Peasant’, an article on the use of Microsoft Teams for poetry readings, together with other content.

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When an elderly gentleman named Grub
Went and died in a gastropub,
A chef called Miss Lou
Put him in a stew
And served him up as grub!

Miss Doyle

I met a young lady named Doyle
Who knows how to use massage oil.
She came round to my place
With her pretty friend Miss Grace
To discuss the interesting subject of soil!

When An Adventurous Young Lady Wearing Heels

When an adventurous young lady wearing heels
Jumped in to swim with the seals
They said to her, “Lin,
To swim is no sin,
But why are you wearing those heels!”.

Poet Kevin Morris’s Poem Leaving Included in September 2021’s Virtual Dodo

I am pleased to announce that my poem Leaving has been included in September’s Dodo Modern Vidpoets.

My poem is the next to last poem. To read my poem and those of the other contributors please follow this link