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Betty’s Spaghetti

When a young lady named Betty
Tried to feed me poisoned spaghetti.
I said, “me and Murry
Are off for a curry.
But Betty, please eat your spaghetti!”.


A young lady whose name is Pearl
Has a job as a working girl.
I’ve oft seen her writing,
Which is not that exciting.
But she works as a working girl.

There Once Was A Vampire Named Keith

There once was a vampire named Keith
Who, in a fight lost his teeth
A dentist called Bangs
Gave him false fangs.
But Keith he still missed his teeth!

The Forbidden Garden

A forbidden
Garden, hidden
Behind a wall.
Yet, there are kinks
And chinks
To explore
In many a wall,
He who would climb
To reach the divine.

And a wall
May fall.
Revealing the garden, once forbidden
For which he has striven.
But, having reached the divine
And tasted her sweet wine,
How many men,
Having satiated their desire,
And plan their next climb?

Mercenary Miss Gale

When a most mercenary young lady known as Gale
Tried her hand at the ancient art of blackmail,
And said, “I have photos of you
With me and that naughty Miss Lou”.
I said, “you are an extremely talented photographer Gale!”.

Sweet Music

A young lady whose name is White
Desiring to hear sweet music one night,
Asked an elderly gentleman called Morgan
To play on his old organ.
Which led to a most musical night.

As I Walked Through The Churchyard At Midnight

As I walked through the churchyard at midnight
I met a young lady dressed in white.
When I screamed in fear
She shed a bitter tear,
As she was a vampire unable to bite!

True Blue

When a young lady by the name of Miss Lou
Said, “sir, do you know that I am true blue?”.
And I said, “will I find
That you have a Conservative mind?”.
She said, “I fell in this blue paint with you!