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My Dear Friend Whose Name is Apollo

My dear friend whose name is Apollo,
Says, “I’ll lead and you will follow!”.
He likes butchers shops
And juicy lamb chops –
As he’s a typical Labrador is apollo!


As I strolled through the great Crystal Palace
I was accosted by that wicked Miss Alice.
After dancing and wine
We crossed that line –
Now I’m missing both my wallet and Alice …

Claire and Miss Rose

When a young lady named Claire
Suggested we all have an affair,
Her friend Miss Rose
Took off her clothes,
And the commuters they did stare!

The Philosopher

There once was a philosopher of this nation
Who claimed we are living in a simulation.
When a student named Rose
Punched him on the nose
He said, “my pain is a mere simulation!”

The Lady of Shalott Got Caught Up in Virtual Reality

The Lady of Shalott got
Caught up in virtual reality.
She spun
Her web
And found not fun,
But the sheer banality
Of the living dead.

The Dangers of Sin

I met a group of young women
Whose pleasure it is to go sinning.
The good vicar Price
Warned me of vice,
So I left him with those women …

Miss Bland

I met a young lady named Miss Bland
With whom I had a one night stand.
That spinster Miss Hocking
Found it real shocking.
But to me it was really quite bland!