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A Man Who is a Terrible Sinner

A man who is a terrible sinner

Came round to mine for his dinner.

His name being Paul

He ate it all.

As for me? I grew much thinner!

In Early December

In early December

November’s leaves still adorn

The woodland lawn.

Man’s pattern is made

In light and shade.

But the gardener’s rake

Rakes all leaves.

A Fallen Tree

On 3 December, I published this poem, https://kmorrispoet.com/2022/12/03/i-passed-a-log/. Below is a slightly reworked version of my composition entitled A Fallen Tree:



A fallen tree

Spoke to me

On a

December day.


Once it stood

In ancient wood.

Now I

Pass by

As December grows colder

And I ever older.


I Would Rather Delve

I would rather delve

Into dusty bookshelves.

There are other pleasures,

But the treasures

Of literature stay

While a girl’s smile

Soon fades away.


Yet, literature has no arms

And, on a December day

Young women’s charms

May tempt me away

From my dust covered books

To girl’s who’s looks

Must fade to dust,

Though today they may play.

I Met a Young Lady Named Marge

I met a young lady named Marge

Who posts lots of ads for massage.

And when I got there

A police constable called Claire

Charged me and Marge on a barge!

I Passed a Log

I passed a log

With my dog

On a December day.

Once it stood

In this ancient wood.



Now I

Pass by

As December grows colder,

And I ever  older.

As I Strolled Home One Dark December Night

As I strolled home one dark December night

I met a young lady dressed in white.

Her skirt being real short

I thought that I ought

To lend her my coat that cold night …!


On Observing a Traffic Jam

Observing a traffic jam

I am amazed

And give due praise

To this idol

From the bible

That we call progress.



For progress

Does redress

All our ills.

The traffic stills

And I

Walk by …

Whats in a Name

When a young lady named Miss Grace

Said, “I work hard on the coalface”.

And I said, “you’re a miner?”,

She said, “No! my name is Jemima!

And my cousin’s name it is Grace!”.


When I Met a Young Lady Online

When I met a young lady online

Who goes by the name of Divine,

And she called me her honey,

And she asked me for money,

I didn’t swallow that young lady’s line …!