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The Affair that Almost Was

When a young lady named Flair

Said, “would you like an affair?”.

I said, “I’m full of anticipation.

But its busy in Paddington station.

And it might upset the bear!”.


(Anyone familiar with London’s Paddington station will be aware that a statue of Paddington bear stands near to platform 1).

The Importance of Discretion

I met a young lady with petite feet

Who said, “please promise you will be discreet”.

I went back with Grace

To her sweet little place.

She lives at 7, such and such street …

I Met a Young Lady Named Ling

I met a young lady named Ling

And enjoyed a bit of a fling.

All went real well

Then, sad to tell,

Ling suggested I buy her a ring …!

Kevin Morris Poet, new TikTok videos


Today I have recorded the following videos of me reading my new poems.

‘The Owl’ by Kevin Morris

‘Early Autumn Morning’ by Kevin Morris

‘When a young Lady who is divine’ by Kevin Morris

‘I see sunlight’ by Kevin Morris

‘When I die’ by Kevin Morris

Early Autumn Morning

In the early morning

Few birds I heard.

In the distance

Vehicles passed by.



On such autumn mornings

I have no resistance

To thoughts of mortality.



But half dark

Turns to light

And I must

Shake off dust.



But autumn

Must come

And leaves fall.

When a Young Lady Who is Divine

When a young lady who is divine

Came round to mine with some wine,

It ended in the lake

With a large cream cake,

And the vicar at just gone 9 …!

A Small Island in a Great Sea

A small island in a great sea.

Once, half the world was painted red

And we engaged in slavery.

It is so often said

That the British Empire did no good.

Yet, (having abolished slavery), we patrolled seas

Stopping those who still engaged

In the cruel slave trade.


As I stood

In this remnant

Of the Great

North Wood

I thought on those who hate

This country.



Now our former colonies are free

To have their own mess

(Or progress.

And we

Have the cold sea

And what we

Call progress.


Holly Who Often Leads Me into Folly

A young lady named Holly

Often leads me into folly.

At just gone midnight

We met Miss White

And rode her shopping trolley!