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A Young Man of Liverpool and His Mule

There once was a young man of Liverpool
Who rode round the town on a mule.
As he rested in Tesco
A young lady named Flo
Said, “how much for you and that mule!”

There Was a Young Lady of Rangoon

There was a young lady of Rangoon
Who decided to fly to the moon.
Whilst pausing at Southend
She found a boyfriend.
And flew with him back to Rangoon

K Morris Poet reading his poem ‘A Poet Who Sat Drinking His Wine’

A Poet Who Sat Drinking His Wine

A poet who sat drinking his wine
Said, “young ladies they are truly divine.
But too few women
Are tempted by sinning”.
And he wept whilst drinking his wine.

Miss Bland

My friend, whose name is Miss Bland
Is fond of the one night stand.
The good bishop Ray
Spoke of sin yesterday.
And he’s taken Miss Bland in hand …

A Young Lady of An Ancient Profession

A young lady of an ancient profession
Has made many a most interesting confession.
She was born into farming
And is really quite charming.
And farming is a very ancient profession …

When a Young Lady from Ealing

When a young lady from Ealing
Tripped and came through my ceiling,
We began an affair
Right then and there …
As dust settled from my ceiling!

When the Bishop Knocked

When the bishop knocked
He lost a sock.
They say that Miss Lou …
But that can’t be true!

When a Persistent Young Lady Named Leigh

When a persistent young lady named Leigh
Said, “I demand that you address me!”.
I took out my pen
And wrote on Miss Gwen.
And then I addressed that Miss Leigh!

Some Men Condemn My Poetry as Sad

Some men condemn my poetry as sad
And call me a most mournful lad.
When I tickled Miss Spink
She gave me a wink.
And called me a very bad lad!