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Nell Who Out of a High Window Fell

When a young lady named Nell
Out of a high window fell,
She landed on Dan
(A most handsome man).
I’ve already said that Nell fell …

When the Talented and Beautiful Miss Steed

When the talented and beautiful Miss Steed
Asked me to fulfil her great need,
Of course I stayed
And together we played –
On that fine old piano of Steed!

Humorous Tuesday

I know a young lady named Louise
Who keeps a hive full of bees.
They live in her house
With her long-suffering old spouse.
And their dog is full of fleas!

When I met a young lady in heels
Who spoke to me of late night deals,
I said, “dear Miss White
I don’t have time tonight.
Besides, I am not that fond of eels!”.

My Exclusive Club

On entering my highly select gentleman’s club
I was greeted by pretty Miss Grubb.
We discussed the weather
With gorgeous Miss Heather –
The food there is really quite good …

A Rich Old Man Near To His Death

A rich old man near to his death
Said, “I worry about my young wife Beth”.
I said, “my dear Murray
Please cease all your worry.
There is life with me after your death …”.

Green and White

I know a young man named Green
Who is active on a certain scene.
I’ve heard that at night
Green turns into Miss White.
But that, I have not yet seen!

I Met A Young Lady Named Brown

I met a young lady named Brown
Who was wearing a most flimsy nightgown.
She said, with a wink
“My name it is Spink”.
I said, “your name it is Brown!”.

I met a young lady named Brown
Who was wearing a most flimsy nightgown.
I fail to recall
Her old husband Paul.
But I still see that flimsy nightgown …

A Brazen Young Lady Named Lin

A brazen young lady named Lin
Spoke of the joy of sin,
Whilst pretty miss Hocking
Took off Lin’s stocking.
And me, I condemned their sin!

There Once Was A Dog Named Cerberus

There once was a dog named Cerberus
Who made all of the people nerverus.
When he bit Miss White
By the moon’s bright light,
Her screams made poor Cerberus real nerverus!

There Once Was A Tiresome Old Aunt

There once was a tiresome old aunt
Who loved to indulge in a rant.
Her only niece Coral
Was sweet but immoral.
And poison ended that tiresome old aunt …