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Book Announcement: 10 of My Poems Included in Croydon Poetry Hour Anthology 2020/21

I am delighted to announce that 10 of my poems have been included in Croydon Poetry Hour Anthology 2020/21. Amongst those of my poems appearing in the book are Blackbird, Leaving and Whilst Drunk on Very Strong Beer. For anyone who is interested, Croydon Poetry Hour Anthology 2020/21 can be purchased here https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/croydon-poets/croydon-poetry-hour-anthology-202021/paperback/product-q777n8.html?page=1&pageSize=4

I have reproduced below my poem Leaving. The text of the poem is followed by a Youtube video of me reading it.


On my way home
I touched the stone
Of my local church.
And longed to stay
With the singing birds
On this summer evening.
I have oft heard
The birds singing
And regretted leaving.

I envy them
For, unlike men
They do not weep.
For they see not
The final sleep.
While I
Knowing that man must die
Have the beauty of birdsong,
Which does not last long.

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Great Feedback On My “Selected Poems”

I was delighted to receive the following email earlier today:

“Dear Mr Morris,
I am writing to tell you that your poems in “The Collected Poems of K Morris” that you gave me on the train on my way to college are exceptional. You might not remember me but I am the girl doing politics and history that you met on the train and gifted your amazing book to. I have always been interested in writing poems and therefore you have really inspired me to carry on my interest and write some poems of my own. I would really like to thank you for gifting me your book and inspiring me to continue writing”.

The Selected Poems of K. Morris

“The Selected Poems of K Morris” can be found here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WW8WXPP/ (for the UK), and here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WW8WXPP/. (for amazon.com customers).

(Please note, I have not included the young lady’s name in order to protect her privacy).

I Haven’t Heard the Night Bird for Some Time

I haven’t heard
The night bird
For some time.
Yet his cry
Survives in rhyme
And will outlast
The final blast
That ends
My mind.

When a Wicked Young Lady Named Spink

When a wicked young lady named Spink
Indulged with me in her little kink,
That moral Miss Hocking
Found it so shocking
That she turned to very strong drink!

There Once Was a Fox Named Mark

There once was a fox named Mark
Who lived in a very dark park.
A hen called Gwen
Visited him at 10
And was wined and dined by Mark!


As for me
I do not agree
With the inevitability
Of progress. Good poetry
And friends
Are ends
In themselves.
Give me
Oak bookshelves
Laden with treasures.
These are the pleasures
I would have
To make me glad.

Bess and Her Short Dress

There was a young lady named Bess
Who was known for her short dress.
All the clerics passing by
Would give her the eye.
Then rush off, their sins to confess!


Where she to kiss me
I would think my day
Had not run aimlessly away.
Yet she will survive
When Time’s great scythe
Has struck me dumb.

‘Tis fun
To dream of the Fairy queen
But I shall be cold
Long ere she is old
So why dream my little day
Aimlessly away?

While Paddling in the Great River Nile

While paddling in the great river Nile
I was joined by a huge crocodile.
I cracked a joke
Which made him choke.
Then I complimented him on his style!

While Swinging From the Great Big Ben

While swinging from the great Big Ben
I spied a young lady named Gwen.
When I said, “come here”.
She replied, “no way dear!
Big Ben is about to strike 10!”

There Once Was a Poet Named Moat

There once was a poet named Moat
Who died riding a large vicious goat.
His verse was so bad
It drove us all mad,
So we tied Moat to that goat!

There Was a Young Lady Named Alexa

There was a young lady named Alexa
Who, finding all men did vex her
Went out on the town
In her new see-through nightgown,
Where she found all men vexed her!