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Great Feedback On My “Selected Poems”

I was delighted to receive the following email earlier today:

“Dear Mr Morris,
I am writing to tell you that your poems in “The Collected Poems of K Morris” that you gave me on the train on my way to college are exceptional. You might not remember me but I am the girl doing politics and history that you met on the train and gifted your amazing book to. I have always been interested in writing poems and therefore you have really inspired me to carry on my interest and write some poems of my own. I would really like to thank you for gifting me your book and inspiring me to continue writing”.

The Selected Poems of K. Morris

“The Selected Poems of K Morris” can be found here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WW8WXPP/ (for the UK), and here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WW8WXPP/. (for amazon.com customers).

(Please note, I have not included the young lady’s name in order to protect her privacy).


When a young lady smoking some Pot

Said, “do you think that I’m hot?”,

They Said to her, “Moriah!

You’ve just started a fire!

You need to stop dropping that Pot!”.

Dave’s Rave

There was a young man named Dave

Who attended a very large rave,

Where a girl with a beard

Said, “some say that I’m weird,

But I really don’t like to shave!”.

When I Die

When I die

What will people see

In my poetry?

Will they read me

At all?

I will not know

Whether tis so

For in my pall

My poetry

Must surely go.

Though perhaps it may

Not be so.

Sex Kitten

A young lady who comes from Britain

Is known as a great sex kitten.

My dear old dog

Is known as Hogg,

And my kitten she comes from Britain …!

Poet Kevin Morris’s Interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series

On Monday 29 May, I was interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer, of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series about my recently released poetry collection, More Poetic Meanderings. My interview, during which I discuss and read my poetry, is due to be aired at 1 pm (pacific standard time) on Thursday 1 June, which equates to 9 pm here in the United Kingdom. You can find details of the World Poetry Reading series here https://coopradio.org/shows/world-poetry-cafe/.

I am pleased to announce that my interview is already available as a podcast on Mixcloud and can be found here https://www.mixcloud.com/VictorSchwartzman/world-poetry-cafe-for-june-1-with-kevin-morris/. I listened to my interview using Google Chrome, however other browsers should also work.

More Poetic Meanderings is available in Kindle and paperback and can be found here https://www.amazon.com/More-Poetic-Meanderings-K-Morris-ebook/dp/B0BZT9G139/.

My thanks to Ariadne Sawyer of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series for hosting me on the World Poetry Café.


Sometimes I think

On permanent things:

The birds that sing,

The grand old churches

And the trees.



Then the breeze,

Mingling with the rain

Shows what will remain.

When you and me

Are as the tree.


A great poem by Mick Canning. I must confess that, as someone who is blind, I have been offered the help referred to by Mick since I was a youngster!

Mick Canning

God’s bones.

Cold stone skin covering

A hewn wooden ribcage that

Conceals a petrified heart.

A fossilised giant wallowing in a garden

Growing nothing but death.


We know we will get old

But it takes you by surprise all the same.

Perhaps we refuse to see the signs –

Unexpected offers of assistance,

A sudden inability to run for the bus and

A need to take more frequent breaks.

We become fragile,

And lose confidence in our abilities.


Perhaps we lack courage, but

Must we resort to this?


Really, only the young want to live forever.

Oh, the tedium of eternity

Where angels yearn for the peace of annihilation!

We have a choice;

At the end we have a chance to be brave.

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Blogger’s Books: Kevin Morris

My thanks to Pete Johnson for publishing a guest post by me regarding my latest collection of poetry, My Friend’s Robot Girlfriend and Other Humorous Verses.


I am happy to announce a new book by poet, writer, and blogger, Kevin Morris. Something to help raise a smile, which we can all do with these days.

Kevin has sent me some sample verses.

There Once Was a Policeman Named Warner

There once was a policeman named Warner
Who raided a rather famous old sauna.
He found Miss Hocking
Without shoe or stocking.
And a politician discussing politics with Lorna…

When a Philosophical Young Lady Named Gwen

When a philosophical young lady named Gwen
Climbed to the top of Big Ben
And a policeman called Lyme
Said, “tell me the time”,
“Time has no real existence”, said Gwen!


There was an old man named Long
Who wept as he sang his swansong.
They took off their hats
And whacked him with bats.
And so ended that swansong of long!

Here are some links to Kevin’s writing, and…

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When I Bought a Fine Old Castle

When I bought a fine old castle

The resident vampire caused me great hassle.

Both her and a ghost

Would eat all my toast!

So I decided to leave for Newcastle!