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When a Young Lady Known as Hurd

When a young lady known as Hurd

Went and used a very bad word,

A vicar called Hocking

Said, “that is shocking!

But do cover me in lemon curd …”.

Miss Rose and My Bedclothes

When I found naughty Miss Rose

Sleeping nude under my new bedclothes,

I said, “my dear,

The bishop draws near,

You’d better stay under those bedclothes!”.

My Valentine’s Night

When a nubile young lady named White

Invited me out on Saint Valentine’s Night,

Miss Nell came as well

With the most Reverend Bell,

And the waitress she wore Angel Delight!

When a Young Lady Wearing a Hat

When a young lady wearing a hat

Said, “tell me, do you fancy that?”.

I said, “Miss Coral,

I’m far too moral!

But I really do like that hat!”.

A Beautiful Young Lady Named White

A beautiful young lady named White

Brought delight to me last night.

In a backstreet hotel

That I know well

We composed poetry all last night.

When a Scantily Clad Miss Lyme

When a scantily clad Miss Lyme

Said, “is this your first time?”,

A great poet I know

Said, “me and Miss flow,

We spend much time in rhyme”.


You praised polyamory.

As for me

I am not polyamorous

But you, being glamorous,

I found time

To rhyme

And discuss polyamory

With thee …

A Careless Young Lady Named Mar

A careless young lady named Mar

Is known for losing her bra.

While her friend Coral

Is really quite moral

Though I’ve sometimes found her bra …


I awoke with a gorgeous lap dancer

Who said, “sir, you are a chancer!”.

I said, “dear Miss Follit

Have you seen my wallet?”.

She said, “sir, I’m also a chancer!”.

When a Young Lady Smoking a Cigar

When a young lady smoking a cigar

Said, “has anyone seen my new bra?”,

An ageing rake known as Morris

Passed her The Odes of Horace,

But he kept that young lady’s bra!