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My Stroll Around Old Soho

As I strolled through dear old Soho
I met a young lady named Flow
Who said, “sweet honey
Do you have money?”
But I spied that old copper Joe …


On awaking to a very loud knocking
I turned to the beautiful Miss Hocking
And said, “’tis time
To indulge in rhyme.
And why is your boyfriend loudly knocking?”

Miss Box

There once was a young lady named Box
Whose habit it was to ride a fox.
As she rode around town
In her most flimsy nightgown
The vicar yelled, “I still have your socks!”.

When the Talented and Beautiful Miss Rose

When the talented and beautiful Miss Rose
Jumps up and down on my toes,
I say, between squeals,
“I love your heels.
But please don’t jump on my toes!”.

When the talented and beautiful Miss Rose
Jumps up and down on my toes,
I say, between squeals,
“Take off those heels!
And why are you wearing no clothes!”.

Whisky and Gin

A gorgeous young lady named Lin
Plied me with whisky and gin.
Then, along with Miss Rose
We took off our clothes ..
I blame the whisky and gin!

Claire and Miss Hocking

An attractive young lady named Claire
Is enjoying a most sordid affair.
Whilst naughty Miss Hocking
Has mislaid a stocking …
And I am busy with Claire.


A young lady by the name of Hocking
Engages in behaviour which is really quite shocking.
I still have the shoe
Of that wicked Miss Lou,
And I’ve oft worn those stockings of Hocking …

As I Boarded a Brand New Train

As I boarded a brand new train
I met with a girl named Jane.
We went real fast
Then, at long last,
The driver decided to start that train!


You can find
Almost anything online.
Fine wine.
A pet.
And Miss Yvette.
Who, I regret,
(Cough, Cough),
Takes her clothes
Off, on the internet.

Or so I’m told
By bold
Miss Rose.
Who, everyone knows
Is great
Friends with Yvette. And Kate,
Who looks divine online.
Or so I understand
From that old rake Bland!

Lou and Sue

2 young ladies named Lou and Sue
Came round to mine at half-past 2.
They are quite intellectual,
But not very respectable.
And I’m great friends with those 2!