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I Met a Young Lady Named Marge

I met a young lady named Marge

Who posts lots of ads for massage.

And when I got there

A police constable called Claire

Charged me and Marge on a barge!

As I Strolled Home One Dark December Night

As I strolled home one dark December night

I met a young lady dressed in white.

Her skirt being real short

I thought that I ought

To lend her my coat that cold night …!


Curry and Rice

When a young lady serving curry and rice

Said, “do you all like my hot spice?”.

The girls said, “Rose!

Put on some clothes!”.

But the men all liked the hot spice!

My Reputation

When a young lady of this great nation

Said, “sir, you have a terrible reputation!”.

I said, “come see my etching.

You will find it most fetching!”,

Which confirmed to that young lady my reputation …!”.

My Dirty Weekend

When a close friend of my girlfriend

Invited us to spend a dirty weekend,

We entered the deep wood

And fell in the mud!

But lets return to our dirty weekend …!


My Friend Miss Khan

I know a young lady named Khan

Who invites me into her old barn.

In the new stable

Miss Mabel is able,

While Khan works hard in that barn.

The Dissolute Young Man and His Lute

There once was a man most dissolute

Who liked to play on his lute.

When the young women came round

You would hear a sweet sound

As he skillfully played on his lute!

Wet Through

When a young lady named Lou

Said, “we are all wet through!”,

Lou and Miss Rose

Took off their clothes,

Then the vicar he married those two!

Being Known

As I strolled through the great Crystal Palace

I met with a young lady named Alice.

When she gave me a wink

And said, “me and Miss Spink?”,

I said, “I’m known here in Crystal Palace …!.

When a Naughty Young Lady Named Kate

When a naughty young lady named Kate

Said, “I’ll have you on a plate!”,

I said to Mabel,

“Quick! Clear the table!

Or Kate she’ll break my best plate!”.