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Pure Miss Moore

I know a young lady named Moore
Who has a reputation for being pure.
She came round at midnight
With her friend Miss White,
Who’s reputation is as pure as Moore …

A Wicked Rumour

I know a pretty young perfumer
Who is spreading a wicked rumour,
About me and her,
And gorgeous Miss Claire.
How sad its just a rumour …!

When a Naughty Young Lady Hiding in Rushes

When a naughty young lady hiding in rushes
Said, “sir, please join me in these bushes”.
I said, “Miss Coral,
I hate to quarrel,
But you are hiding in rushes not bushes!”

Dawn and the Vicarage Lawn

There was a young lady named Dawn
Who made love on the vicarage lawn.
A passing parishioner
Applied lawn conditioner,
Which disconcerted the good vicar and Dawn!

Claire’s Improper Suggestion

When a young lady named Claire
Said, “lets all have an affair!”,
I said to Miss Hocking,
“That is really quite shocking!”.
But Hocking was busy with Claire!

Whilst Playing on My Most Favourite Banister

Whilst playing on my most favourite banister
I got intrigued by a talking canister.
When the clever thing spoke
And told me a joke,
I almost fell off poor Miss Banister!

When a Most Obliging Young Lady Named Ria

When a most obliging young lady named Ria
Said, “I’ll do anything you like my dear!”,
And I said to Rose,
“Please, take off your clothes”,
She said, “my dear, my name isn’t Ria!”.

I Know a Young Lady Named Grub

I know a young lady named Grub
Who works in a working men’s club.
Being a very good lass
She ignored my crude pass
And she’s known for her good grub!

Heather Who Spoke of Love and Pleasure

There was a young lady named Heather
Who spoke of love and of pleasure.
That great writer Ken
Took up his pen
And wrote of his pleasure with Heather …!

Miss Hocking Who Wears No Stocking

A young lady whose name is Hocking
Is known for her lack of stocking.
A wicked girl called Lou
Spanks men with her shoe
Whilst they’re tied by Miss Hocking’s stocking …!