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A Young Lady Who Wears Stilettos

A young lady who wears stilettos
Goes walking through the ghettos.
Her name it is Claire
And she is well known there
And she wears only stilettos …


A Young Lady Who’s Name Is Rose

A young lady who’s name is rose

Is fond of touching her toes

But her dress being very short

I think that I ought

To warn that young lady Rose …

Whilst on My Way Home Last Night

Whilst on my way home last night
I met my dear friend Miss White.
When I said, “Hello”,
She said, “you should know
That my husband he is absent tonight …”.

When A Respectable Gentleman Called White

When a respectable gentleman called White
Paused by a winking red light
A young lady named Hall
Said, “how angels do fall
And the sky it is starry tonight”.

Early Morning Humour

When a young lady who’s name was Lou
Lost her party shoe
A girl called Anne
Lent her a frying pan
Which she wore instead of a shoe.

A talented young lady called Rose
Decided a poem to compose.
She wrote it all down
And a jolly old clown
Tattooed it right there on his nose.

When a talented young lady called Rose
Decided a poem to compose
A vicar named Night
Smiled with delight
And went in search of his clothes …