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There Once Was a Terrible Old Lecher

There once was a terrible old lecher

Who went by the name of Fletcher.

A girl called Kate

Used a heavy plate,

Which ended that old lecher named Fletcher!

Mark Who is Extremely Fond of the Park

I know a young man named Mark

Who is extremely fond of the park,

Where Claire and Miss Rose

Remove all of their clothes.

Or so I am told by Mark …!

A Gorgeous Young Lady Known as Katie

A gorgeous young lady known as Katie

Has a reputation for being real matey

With well heeled gentlemen,

(Well, so says Ken).

And Ken’s wallet is really quite weighty …!

There Was a Young Lady Named Mairead

There was a young lady named Mairead

Who was employed by the fire brigade.

A fireman called Rose

Lent her his hose.

He was generous like that to Mairead …!


Wednesday Morning Humour

There was a young lady named Michelle

Who fell down a very deep well.

When they said, “are you okay!”,

She said, “here I will stay,

As I like this well very well!”.



I know a young lady named Mar

Who is known for losing her bra.

Her friend miss Lou

Often loses a shoe.

As for me? its my favourite bar …!

There Was a Young Lady of Bangkok

There was a young lady of Bangkok

Who collected many a fine gentleman’s sock.

Some men lost their shoes

Whilst drunk on strong booze,

But most of them lost a sock.

When I Found Naughty Miss Mabel

When I found naughty Miss Mabel
Making love on my dining table,
I said to Ted,
“What about my bed?”,
He said, “I prefer Miss Mabel …!”

When I Met a Young Lady Named Grace

When I met a young lady named Grace
Who is possessed of an extremely pretty face,
And I took her to a seedy hotel
(Where the receptionist knows me all too well!
You should have seen that young lady’s face …!

As I Boarded the 7 pm Train

As I boarded the 7 pm train
I met a young lady named Elane.
We went real fast
Then, at long last
The driver began to drive that train …!

Kate’s Improper Date

There was a young lady named Kate
Who went on a most improper date.
The vicar was there
With his mistress Claire,
And a waitress who just couldn’t wait …!