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When Naughty Miss White and Miss Winning

When naughty Miss White and Miss Winning

Came round to mine for some sinning,

We got covered in cake

While a vicar named Lake

Condemned us for all of our sinning!

A Grave Situation

When a man whose name was Dave

Said, “I’ll sleep in this ’ere grave”,

A ghost called Clair

Said, “that isn’t fair!

I’d like some privacy in my grave!”.


When a young lady smoking some Pot

Said, “do you think that I’m hot?”,

They Said to her, “Moriah!

You’ve just started a fire!

You need to stop dropping that Pot!”.

Dave’s Rave

There was a young man named Dave

Who attended a very large rave,

Where a girl with a beard

Said, “some say that I’m weird,

But I really don’t like to shave!”.

When I Die

When I die

What will people see

In my poetry?

Will they read me

At all?

I will not know

Whether tis so

For in my pall

My poetry

Must surely go.

Though perhaps it may

Not be so.

Sex Kitten

A young lady who comes from Britain

Is known as a great sex kitten.

My dear old dog

Is known as Hogg,

And my kitten she comes from Britain …!


Sometimes I think

On permanent things:

The birds that sing,

The grand old churches

And the trees.



Then the breeze,

Mingling with the rain

Shows what will remain.

When you and me

Are as the tree.

When I Bought a Fine Old Castle

When I bought a fine old castle

The resident vampire caused me great hassle.

Both her and a ghost

Would eat all my toast!

So I decided to leave for Newcastle!