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There Was A Young Lady With A Cucumber

There was a young lady with a cucumber
Who said,”by the great god of thunder
I shall bring down rain
And block up this drain,
But first I must chop up this cucumber!”.


Dog Hair

Your black
Soft hair in my hand.
You lack
The capacity to understand
As you lie in the sun
After your run,
That I shall find dog hair
When you are no longer there,
For hairs to carpets stick
And tears will, one day, prick
The eyes of he
Who loves thee.

(Note: my dog, Trigger is healthy and happy. But, on picking up some of his hair from my living room carpet, I was reminded of his mortality, and indeed that of all flesh).

Approachable Poetry Magazines for Unpublished Poets

A useful list of approachable poetry magazines for unpublished poets on Vita Brevis, most of which have an acceptance rate of 20-30 percent, https://vitabrevisliterature.com/rescources/approachable-poetry-magazines-2/

When A Young Lady of Streatham

When a young lady of Streatham
Did me with blackmail threaten,
I smiled with sweetness at her
And said, “I don’t know Claire,
And I’ve never been to Streatham!”.

On A Train Last Night

On a train last night
I thought of the earth in years to come.
There was no sun
Nor light
Of any kind. Only black, eternal night.

My light shall die
Yet, in my reverie
The earth I did see
Was itself devoid,
Void of humanity
And my sense
Is that it was not far hence.