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An intense sense
Of my mortality
Comes to me
When I hear
The sweet clear
Song of birds.

Oft when caught
In useless thought
Or in empty words,
I hear the birds.
I see beauty.
And am free

When a Young Lady Named Miss Claire

When a young lady named Miss Claire
Said, “why do the people all stare!”,
Her favourite aunt Rose
Passed her some clothes,
And the vicar fell off his chair!

As I Grow Older

As I grow older
A girl’s bare shoulder
And her sweet perfume
Still attracts. Distracts me.

But, when I hear
Her call me “Sir”,
Morning becomes late afternoon,
As night draws near.

Miss Prism

There once was a girl named Prism
Who wrote a big book on Conservatism.
A young lady named Lou
Spanked men with her shoe.
But that’s nothing to do with Conservatism!

A Young Lady Named Miss Pearl

A young lady named Miss Pearl
Is known as an immoral girl.
A rascal called Dan
Likes to visit Ann.
And I like to visit Pearl …

Keith and the Leaf

When a young man named Keith
Said, “I shall kick this leaf!”,
A great wit called Dan
Said, “you big strong man!”.
But that leaf it defeated Keith!

A Professional Young Lady Named Molly

A professional young lady named Molly
Is known for her ancient folly,
Where gentlemen go for tea
Each day at half-past 3,
And enjoy that young lady’s folly …

There Was a Young Lady Named Sky

There was a young lady named Sky
Who said, “kiss me or I’ll die!”.
Her philosopher boyfriend Paul
Said, “all men fall.
And we all must one day die!”.

When I Found Wicked Miss Miranda

When I found wicked Miss Miranda
Lurking on my fine old Veranda,
I gave her a smile
And said, “in a while
I shall release my panda Miranda!”.