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I Confess

I confess
That I have sought
For beauty
Under a dress
And thought
That I had found
In sighs
And yielding thighs.
Yet, many a time
I confess
That I did find
Beneath that dress
Her perfect skin
And the figure slim,
But no beauty of mind.

In this old, familiar wood

In this old, familiar wood
I take my hood
Down, just
In time for the rain.
I shall not put it up again.

Thoughts of lust,
Of lost love,
And friendship I shall retain,
For a while. But this wood
And the rain,
Shall remain.

The Undiscovered is Exciting

The undiscovered
Is exciting,
And oh so inviting.
But, once uncovered,
Oh so slow
You scarcely know
That that which was once, inviting
Is becoming, ever less
For her dress
That which has, long ago, been discovered.