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Inocent As Flowers

Inocent as flowers
Girls build ivory towers.
They reach for the sun
Hoping for a prince to come,
A boy
Who will bring joy
And love,
And protect
Them from harm.

He shows respect.
His charm
Would disarm
The most protective of mothers.
Her brothers
Think him a great guy,
But I
Know how lovers Come
And go
And how quick the gentle sun
Can turn and burn
The flower
In it’s oh so fragile tower


A New, Unsullied Page

A new, unsullied page
Will be turned, as it must.
Love and lust.
Heels wear down with age.


Being blind
I find
No traces
Of faces
In the loud
Blank crowd
Which might, my memory spark.

My world is not dark.
I see
The outline of post and tree,
Though I can not see
The individual She
(Other than an outline
I am unable to define).

I recall the feel
Of a girl’s high-heel
And the dress
I felt
(‘Twas more belt
Than dress).

I recollect a caress
(Sometimes meant)
And girl’s sweet scent.
And the click
Of heels
As the clock’s tick
Unnoticed, steals.

I can grasp
Elements of the past,
But I am unable to trace
The individual face.
Though, with my sense of touch
I have much
Done, in love or fun.

Its Queer

Do young women show interest in old men?
No, it is not usually so
Though when
Such men
Have money
Its queer
How a certain kind of honey
Will make herself
Most agreeable to the beer
Belly and receeding hair.
But how dare
You whisper “’tis his wealth that attracts her …”!

When A Pretty Young Miss

When a pretty young miss
Went in search of a kiss
Her sister Ling
Said, “men want only one thing,
So stay at home young miss …”.

When a pretty young miss
Went in search of a kiss
Her sister Ling
Said, “love does sting
So be careful who you kiss …”.