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Inocent As Flowers

Inocent as flowers
Girls build ivory towers.
They reach for the sun
Hoping for a prince to come,
A boy
Who will bring joy
And love,
And protect
Them from harm.

He shows respect.
His charm
Would disarm
The most protective of mothers.
Her brothers
Think him a great guy,
But I
Know how lovers Come
And go
And how quick the gentle sun
Can turn and burn
The flower
In it’s oh so fragile tower


Of Churchyards and Owls

Walking through the churchyard, as dusk fell, I heard the note of my old friend the owl. On reaching home I closed my bedroom window for it was a chilly evening. However, despite my double-glazing, the cold cry of the owl penetrated into my modern flat.

Ever since moving to the Upper Norwood area in late 1997, I have always been conscious of the owl. Sometimes he disappears for protracted periods but, as sure as eggs are eggs “the fatal bellman” reappears.

Hearing the owl reminds me of my poem which is, appropriately enough entitled “Owl”,

A Bird At Dusk I Left

A bird,
At dusk I left
Singing in the darkening park.
I heard
As I walked away
His song,
And half longed to stay,
But left
My solitary friend
To wend
My way home
Alone, save for his evening hymn,
Which is now a part
Of my oh, so human, heart