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Birds in the Early Morning

When, at 6 am, I
Walked in the woods nearby,
Expecting to hear the birds,
(As I have often heard
Them sing in early morn).
Few birds I heard
For as I slept
The dawn
She crept
Softly by.

Why Do I Try to Cage

Why do I try
To cage
A blackbird in my paper cage?
In spring he sings
And makes for me
Sublime poetry.
That I can not cage
Within my poor poetic cage.

The Trees Have Been Cut Back

The trees have been cut back.
The woods lack
The interplay of dark and light.
Day and night
The foxes bark in the park
Nearby, and I
Think of owls in the churchyard,
And nature who
Grows through
Our abandoned yards.

All These Fallen Trees

All these fallen trees
Will fertilize the ground.
Do young couples pass
Along the wooded path
And think thoughts profound
Of nature the creator
And of how trees
And fallen leaves
Fertilize the ground?

Safe in My Flat

Safe in my flat
In the early morning
I hear the birds
And ponder on cats.
There is no divine
Merely the purring feline,
Part of great nature.
The imponderable creator
Of little man.

We Maintain the Urbane

We maintain
The urbane
And are witty
In the city.
But those who hark
To the fox’s bark
In the suburban dark
Find the urbane
Hard to maintain
And their wit
Begins to slip