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Standing Under This Rain Drenched Tree

Standing under this rain drenched tree
I hear the breeze
That rustles the leaves
Whisper to me.
Then, a sneeze,
Brings me back to reality.


Park Where Flowers Bloom

Park where flowers bloom.
Girls in short dresses
Enjoy the summer sun,
Soon, Autumn will come

The English Oak

When Brexit has been and gone
The English oak will live on
And continue to provide sanctuary
Under it’s all-embracing shade
To lad and maid
Of every race. For a tree
Does not discriminate, or hate.

I Sit in Quietude

I sit in quietude
With no
Tech to intrude.
I know
The inanity
And vanity
Of all
This stuff.
Birds call
Yet most men hear not
For the white hot
Heat of technology beckons.
I count the cost
Of countless seconds
In this screen
Where you and I
Fly, but never see the sky.