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Autumn Fly

An autumn fly
Buzzes around my head.
Summer is dead
Yet will not die.
Seasons pass.
We are brittle as glass
This fly
And I.


Someone Has Swept

Someone has swept
The leaves to the side
Of the path.
Autumn has crept
Up on me, And I
Can not decide
Whether I ought
To laugh
Or sigh,
For I
Can compose a rhyme
To tyme,
But he
Can not be bought
By me.


The scent of autumn is soon gone.
I shall live on
For a time
And take joy in rhyme
And the leaves
That please
As they fall from a myriad
I am glad
To forget my care
In this autumn air.
And shall learn to be
At one with leaf and tree.


When old men make a pass
At the youthful lass,
I wonder whether
Either party ever
Look in the glass
And think, “all this will, one day, pass”

Nymphs will play
And hair turn to grey.
The woman (once girl)
Seeing autumn leaves whirl,
May consider the youthful lass,
And think, “all things must, one day, pass”.

It Is Summer Yet

It is summer yet
The leaves can still be found
Strewing the ground.
Shall I regret
The gray hair
There remains no trace of brown?

The longest day of the year
Will soon be here
Ere Autumn throws
Her clothes
All haphazard down.

I shall in beauty drown
For our little moon
Is gone too soon
While nature’s store
Remains as before.


The Leaves Are Falling Down By Laura Routh

I enjoyed Laura Routh’s poem “The Leaves Are Falling Down”, https://owlinthewood.com/blog/2018/5/19/first-poem-the-leaves-are-falling-down. For me, the poem isn’t merely about the forest ageing and the coming of Autumn, it also speaks of the harmful effect humans often have on the natural world.