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Sometimes I would
That the bud
Could stay
That way.

In spring
Birds sing
And buds, for an hour,


In Autumn

In autumn leaves patter


The vane


And dye their hair

As though ‘twere

Not so.

But the wise know

That leaves must

Turn to dust

And life’s dream shatter.

Spring Flowers

Shall spring flowers stay
To play
With a gray
Winter’s day?
Some say
Flowers gay
Will not stay
For a gray
Winter’s day.

Yet I shall be bold
And venture to say
That gold
Is a powerful aphrodisiac
Which the poor man does lack
And which may
Smooth the way
For a gray
Winter’s day
To play
With spring flowers gay.

It Is Summer Yet

It is summer yet
The leaves can still be found
Strewing the ground.
Shall I regret
The gray hair
There remains no trace of brown?

The longest day of the year
Will soon be here
Ere Autumn throws
Her clothes
All haphazard down.

I shall in beauty drown
For our little moon
Is gone too soon
While nature’s store
Remains as before.


The Leaves Are Falling Down By Laura Routh

I enjoyed Laura Routh’s poem “The Leaves Are Falling Down”, https://owlinthewood.com/blog/2018/5/19/first-poem-the-leaves-are-falling-down. For me, the poem isn’t merely about the forest ageing and the coming of Autumn, it also speaks of the harmful effect humans often have on the natural world.

Oft Of A Summer’s Day

Oft of a summer’s day
Have I turned away
To write.
I shall go out tomorrow
And forget my words
In the singing of birds.

But when night
Falls, I shall return what I borrow
From my ever present friend
Old Father Time
And my brief rhyme
Shall reach it’s end.