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The scent of autumn is soon gone.
I shall live on
For a time
And take joy in rhyme
And the leaves
That please
As they fall from a myriad
I am glad
To forget my care
In this autumn air.
And shall learn to be
At one with leaf and tree.



Sometimes I would
That the bud
Could stay
That way.

In spring
Birds sing
And buds, for an hour,

Spring Flowers

Shall spring flowers stay
To play
With a gray
Winter’s day?
Some say
Flowers gay
Will not stay
For a gray
Winter’s day.

Yet I shall be bold
And venture to say
That gold
Is a powerful aphrodisiac
Which the poor man does lack
And which may
Smooth the way
For a gray
Winter’s day
To play
With spring flowers gay.

It Is Summer Yet

It is summer yet
The leaves can still be found
Strewing the ground.
Shall I regret
The gray hair
There remains no trace of brown?

The longest day of the year
Will soon be here
Ere Autumn throws
Her clothes
All haphazard down.

I shall in beauty drown
For our little moon
Is gone too soon
While nature’s store
Remains as before.


The Leaves Are Falling Down By Laura Routh

I enjoyed Laura Routh’s poem “The Leaves Are Falling Down”, https://owlinthewood.com/blog/2018/5/19/first-poem-the-leaves-are-falling-down. For me, the poem isn’t merely about the forest ageing and the coming of Autumn, it also speaks of the harmful effect humans often have on the natural world.