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Autumn (an Acrostic)

August has long since ceased to be.
Upon the forest floor,
The oak and Chestnut has shed its store,
Unceremoniously, of conker and acorn.
Mulch for the lawn,
Now leaves feed the ground.

Life and Death

In this wood
That I love
Things live and die.
Birds fly
My head
Whilst, on the ground
The leaves lie,
And dead


The scent of autumn is soon gone.
I shall live on
For a time
And take joy in rhyme
And the leaves
That please
As they fall from a myriad
I am glad
To forget my care
In this autumn air.
And shall learn to be
At one with leaf and tree.

Spring Flowers

Shall spring flowers stay
To play
With a gray
Winter’s day?
Some say
Flowers gay
Will not stay
For a gray
Winter’s day.

Yet I shall be bold
And venture to say
That gold
Is a powerful aphrodisiac
Which the poor man does lack
And which may
Smooth the way
For a gray
Winter’s day
To play
With spring flowers gay.