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There Once Was a Very Droll Troll

There once was a very droll troll
Who went by the name of Doll.
A young lady named Miss Wood
Said, “you’ll come to no good!”
Which greatly amused that droll troll Doll!

My Clever Friend

My friend who is so very clever
Knows how to avoid the bad weather.
His name it is Moat
And instead of a coat
That clever young man wears Miss Heather!

When a Young Lady Tramping Through Barley

When a young lady tramping through barley
Said, “do you know old farmer Farley?”
They said, with a glare,
“Claire! Get out of there!
You are trampling old farmer Farley’s barley!”

When a Housemaid Named Miss Mariah

When a housemaid named Miss Mariah
Said, “I have a burning desire!”
I said to her,
“Go along with Claire
And light the old squire’s fire!”

Caught Up in My Dark Thought

Caught up in my dark thought
I did walk
Through the churchyard without any light.
It was night.
Something ran from dog and man.
I continued alone
Groping for home

My Dear Friend Whose Name is Apollo

My dear friend whose name is Apollo,
Says, “I’ll lead and you will follow!”.
He likes butchers shops
And juicy lamb chops –
As he’s a typical Labrador is apollo!


As I strolled through the great Crystal Palace
I was accosted by that wicked Miss Alice.
After dancing and wine
We crossed that line –
Now I’m missing both my wallet and Alice …

Claire and Miss Rose

When a young lady named Claire
Suggested we all have an affair,
Her friend Miss Rose
Took off her clothes,
And the commuters they did stare!