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“More Poetic Meanderings” is Now Available in Paperback from Amazon

On 28 March I announced that my poetry collection, “More Poetic Meanderings” is now available for download in the Amazon Kindle store, https://kmorrispoet.com/2023/03/28/my-poetry-collection-more-poetic-meanderings-is-now-available-for-purchase-as-a-kindle-download-in-the-kindle-store/.

I am pleased to be able to announce that “Meanderings” is now also available in paperback and can be found here, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BZFLT3YL

My Poetry Collection, “More Poetic Meanderings” is Now Available for Purchase as a Kindle Download in the Kindle Store

I am delighted to announce that my collection of poetry, “More Poetic Meanderings” is available in the Kindle store to download in Kindle format,  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BZT9G139/. “Meanderings” will  soon also be available in paperback and I will post a link here once this is the case.

Book Description:

More Poetic Meanderings” is a collection of poems that explores the complexities of life through the lens of the human experience. Each poem offers a unique perspective on various themes, such as love, loss, mortality, pain, joy, hope, and the beauty of nature.

The collection begins with an introductory poem that sets the tone for the rest of the book. The collection delves into deep themes, such as the meaning of life, the struggle for self-discovery, and the beauty of nature.

Poetical Sue

When a poetical young lady named Sue

Wrote an erotic poem about Miss Lou,

A man called Ted

Fell out of bed,

Which left mor room for those 2 …!

Lyme Who Was Fond of Rhyme and Crime

There was a young man named Lyme

Who was fond of rhyme and crime.

He stole my verse,

Which made me curse!

So I ended Lyme and his rhyme …!


As I loitered in a dark alley

I got arrested by police constable Sally.

I was buying fine art

From a girl called Heart –

But the jury believed police constable Sally …!

A Young Lady Wearing 100 Bras

A young lady wearing 100 bras

Said, “I shall fly to Mars!”.

But those bras being tight

She stayed home all night,

With a Martian eating chocolate bars!

Guy Who Works in AI

I met a young man named Guy

Who works in the field of AI.

His programme  writes verse

Which grows steadily worse.

But some say its written by Guy!

Forgetful Rose

I met a young lady named Rose

Who said, “I am fond of crows.

I left my perfume

In this changing room.”

I said, “it’s here with your clothes …!”.

What Happened When I Asked Chat GPT to Write a Poem in the Style of My Poem “Autumn Fly”?

I asked Chat GPT (software developed by https://openai.com/), to write a poem in the style of my own poem “Autumn Fly”. The results are below. (“Autumn Fly” can be found in my collection “Light and Shade”, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Light-Shade-serious-not-poems/dp/B08B37VVKV).


Write a poem in the style of this poem.



An autumn fly

Buzzes around my head.

Summer is dead

Yet will not die.

Seasons pass.

We are brittle as glass,

This fly and I.



Chat GPT’s Poem:


A winter breeze howls through barren trees,

The autumn leaves have all gone to sleep.

The world is frozen, silent and still,

But a lone fly lingers, against its will.


It buzzes and flutters, seeking escape,

From the icy grip of this wintery landscape.

Its wings beat fast, a frantic blur,

A symbol of life, in a world so unsure.


For we too are fragile, like the glass,

That shatters with a single touch, alas!

Our time on earth is fleeting and brief, Like the seasons that bring us joy and grief.



Yet this fly persists, a stubborn light,

In a world that’s dark and cold as night.

It reminds us to cling to life and hope,

To fly free and wide, no matter how remote.



So let us be like this autumn fly,

And strive for the sun, even as it dies.

For life is a journey, full of surprise,

And we must make the most of its fleeting guise.