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When Naughty Miss White and Miss Winning

When naughty Miss White and Miss Winning

Came round to mine for some sinning,

We got covered in cake

While a vicar named Lake

Condemned us for all of our sinning!

A Grave Situation

When a man whose name was Dave

Said, “I’ll sleep in this ’ere grave”,

A ghost called Clair

Said, “that isn’t fair!

I’d like some privacy in my grave!”.


When a young lady smoking some Pot

Said, “do you think that I’m hot?”,

They Said to her, “Moriah!

You’ve just started a fire!

You need to stop dropping that Pot!”.

Dave’s Rave

There was a young man named Dave

Who attended a very large rave,

Where a girl with a beard

Said, “some say that I’m weird,

But I really don’t like to shave!”.

When I Die

When I die

What will people see

In my poetry?

Will they read me

At all?

I will not know

Whether tis so

For in my pall

My poetry

Must surely go.

Though perhaps it may

Not be so.

Sex Kitten

A young lady who comes from Britain

Is known as a great sex kitten.

My dear old dog

Is known as Hogg,

And my kitten she comes from Britain …!

Poet Kevin Morris’s Interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series

On Monday 29 May, I was interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer, of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series about my recently released poetry collection, More Poetic Meanderings. My interview, during which I discuss and read my poetry, is due to be aired at 1 pm (pacific standard time) on Thursday 1 June, which equates to 9 pm here in the United Kingdom. You can find details of the World Poetry Reading series here https://coopradio.org/shows/world-poetry-cafe/.

I am pleased to announce that my interview is already available as a podcast on Mixcloud and can be found here https://www.mixcloud.com/VictorSchwartzman/world-poetry-cafe-for-june-1-with-kevin-morris/. I listened to my interview using Google Chrome, however other browsers should also work.

More Poetic Meanderings is available in Kindle and paperback and can be found here https://www.amazon.com/More-Poetic-Meanderings-K-Morris-ebook/dp/B0BZT9G139/.

My thanks to Ariadne Sawyer of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series for hosting me on the World Poetry Café.


Sometimes I think

On permanent things:

The birds that sing,

The grand old churches

And the trees.



Then the breeze,

Mingling with the rain

Shows what will remain.

When you and me

Are as the tree.