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A Most Beautiful Young Lady Named Polly

A most beautiful young lady named Polly
Said, “lets go and do something jolly!”
When we did rush
Into a thick bush
We screamed, “my god its prickly holly!”

Miss Heart’s Performing Art

I know a young lady named Heart
Who is an expert in performing art.
She performs on my lawn
With that pretty Miss Thorn
Which really is good for my heart!

There Was a Young Lady of Japan

There was a young lady of Japan
Who married an old man named Stan.
He thought her real hot
But not getting a lot
He left that young lady of Japan!

There Was a Young Lady of Portugal

There was a young lady of Portugal
Who had a reputation for being dull.
Her conversation was so boring
It had her lovers snoring,
And her talk it killed a bull!

Lou’s Poem

When a young lady whose name is Lou
Said, “I shall write a poem about you!”,
It was really rude
And so extremely lude,
That I hear you are going to sue!

I Know a Young Lady Named Mona

I know a young lady named Mona
Who is known for being a loner.
On her wedding day
She ran far away.
Please, has anyone seen my girl Mona!


When a young lady whose name is Mona
Asked that I please go and phone her,
I said, “my dear
You are already here!”.
So she left, so I could phone her!

The Louts and their Sprouts

There once was a gang of louts
Who liked to hit people with sprouts.
But when they hit Jack
He threw them right back,
With cabbages to go with those sprouts!