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Statue of Poet Philip Larkin Placed on Secret Racism Reviews List

An article in The Telegraph says that the statue of the poet Philip Larkin in Hull has been placed on a secret racism review’s list following Black Lives Matter protests.

In his letters, Larkin made racist comments, which has caused the poet’s statue to be placed on the review list.

The article states that emails from those employed by the Council have argued that the statue should stay, and I would be astounded if Larkin is removed from public view.

In my view, a poet’s (or any other literary person’s views) should not disqualify them from being honoured by a statue. It is the quality of a poet’s work on which they should be judged. One may condemn the opinions of an individual (I do not agree with Larkin’s views on race), whilst celebrating their literary greatness.

Amongst my favourite Larkin poems, are Aubade and Ambulances. His description in the former poem of why so many people fear death is masterful and it is a poem to which I often return.

To read the article, (which is behind a paywall) please follow this link, https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/03/06/philip-larkin-statue-placed-secret-racism-reviews-list-following/.

I Once Met a High Court Judge

I once met a High Court judge
Who said, with a wink and nudge,
“I believe you know Claire?”.
I said, “take care sir,
Lest I sue you for slander, judge!”.

As I Lay in Bed Last Night

As I lay in bed last night
I heard the heels of Miss White.
I said, “Come in”.
And my wife Lin,
Threw me out last night with White!

A Review of my Further Selected Poems

I was delighted to receive the following review of my recently published “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”:

“Once again this author has delivered an enjoyable collection of poems, which are a pleasant mixture of different styles, with topics that are often either amusing or thought-provoking. “This Winter Sunshine” and “as I Go” are favourites of mine from this collection, along with “There Once Was A Turkey Called Paul” – the latter of which I found amusing. “To A Departed Dog” was my absolute favourite out of all the poems though, and really spoke to me.”

To read the original review please visit this link, https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3869462686.
To read a sample or to purchase the book, please visit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris-ebook/dp/B08XPMGD3F/.

My Guest Post on Blindwilderness

My thanks to Lorraine for her kindness in allowing me to share a poem from my recently published Further Selected Poems. To read my guest post on Lorraine’s blog, please follow this link, https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/2021/03/06/guest-post-from-kevin-morrs-poet/

There Once Was a Girl Who Wore Shoes

There once was a girl who wore shoes
Who was far too fond of strong booze.
They would say to her, “Rose,
The winter wind it coldly blows.
Perhaps you should wear more than just shoes!”.

A Most Beautiful Young Lady Named Leigh

A most beautiful young lady named Leigh
Has composed an erotic poem about me.
Her verse is real great
And I just can’t wait,
As she’s invited me round for tea …