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When a Young Lady Wearing Stockings and Suspenders

When a young lady wearing stockings and suspenders

Said, “you men you are all terrible pretenders!”.

They said to her, “Hocking!

Your behaviour Is real shocking!

You should wear more than stockings and suspenders …!”.

A New Autumn (Working Title)

Soon the autumn moon
Will come
And autumn’s milder face
Will replace
The boiling summer sun.

Yet the poet sees
Autumn’s Fallen leaves
Broiled by summer’s sun
Long ‘Ere autumn
Is due to come.

When I Found Naughty Miss Mabel

When I found naughty Miss Mabel
Making love on my dining table,
I said to Ted,
“What about my bed?”,
He said, “I prefer Miss Mabel …!”

There Once Was a Vampire Named Keith

There once was a vampire named Keith
Who became famous for losing his teeth.
He tried to bite
That feisty Miss White,
Who knocked out all of his teeth!

When I Met a Young Lady Named Grace

When I met a young lady named Grace
Who is possessed of an extremely pretty face,
And I took her to a seedy hotel
(Where the receptionist knows me all too well!
You should have seen that young lady’s face …!

Autumn Birds

I heard Autumn birds
And did think
Of strong drink.
And felt the fire
Of Autumn lust.

Man sates his desire
For sweet forget
In a girl’s arms.
For in dust
All charms
We forget.

There Was a Young Man of Boulder

There was a young man of Boulder
Who carried a chip on his shoulder.
They said to him, “Matt,
You need to lose that!
Along with that fish on your shoulder!”

The Price

When I met a young lady named Grice
Who spoke of the great price of vice,
And her friend Miss Spink
Gave me a knowing wink,
I said, “what is the price of spice?”

The Thunder Spoke

The thunder spoke
And I awoke
To heavy rain.
I lay awake
Pondering on lakes
And climate change.

I took pleasure
In rainy weather
As a child
But this wild
Storm warns
Of change.