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A Cry in the Dark

I open my window

And let in his cry

With the chill  night air.

He is out there

Somewhere in the dark park,

Or the churchyard nearby.



I closed my

Window against the chill air.

He remained there,

(For how long I

Can not say).

Then his cry

Seemed to fade away.

A House of Stopped Clocks

A house of stopped clocks .

Where, when,

He attempts to wind them,

Wise men

Say, “why not try

Some new batteries today …!”.

When I Last Passed

When I last passed

This way

I recall no wall

Of wild wet flowers.

That bloom

In May



In the  summertime

Flowers will bloom

Still. But in wintertime

Who will recall

This rain-kissed wall

Of springtime and rhyme.

When a Poetical Young Man Named Ray

When a poetical young man named Ray

Recited a poem which was most risqué,

A young lady named Hocking

Lost more than her stocking,

And me, I discussed poetry with Ray!


A fleeting connection.

A middle-aged poet’s introspection.



You danced by

And I

Saw youth

And your love of art,

And felt an answering spark

In my poet’s heart.



There is truth

Of a kind

For you to find

Should you truly look

Behind my book.



You will dance away

And, at some future day

May remember a middle-aged poet

Who gave to you

Something of what is true.

Ron the Poet

When a poet whose name was Ron

Said “my poetry will surely live on”.

An old man called Brian

Warned him of a lion,

Which devoured all his poetry and Ron.

Dangerous Neil

When a dangerous young man named Neil

Said, “you’re going to feel cold steel!”,

A brave girl called Jagger

Grabbed hold of that dagger,

And I composed a poem about Neil …!

The Air is Fresh

The air is fresh

After a warm day.

I thrive

In this spring air.

And wonder

Whether those below

Ever walked by

Where they now lie.

A 4 Star Review of My Collection of Poetry, More Poetic Meanderings, and News of My Forthcoming book, My Friend’s Robot Girlfriend and Other Humorous Verses

I am delighted to have received another wonderful review of my collection of poetry, More Poetic Meanderings, https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/5526304433.


I am also pleased to let you know that I am in the process of publishing a collection of my humorous verses entitled My Friend’s Robot Girlfriend and Other Humorous Verses. I hope the collection will be available by the end of may in both Kindle and paperback editions.