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The Joys of Sinning

There once was a man named Winning
Who spoke of the joys of sinning.
A young lady called Hocking
Found his words truly shocking!
But his smile was so very winning …

In the Cold Air

In the cold air
A bird did sing.
I have my care.
But I heard a blackbird
Trill in the chill air,
Which took away my care.

Keith the Libertine

There once was a libertine named Keith
Who, knowing that life is very brief
Engaged in great sin
With Miss Kate and Lin,
And Miss Nash who had no teeth!

Sinful Rose

There was a young lady named Rose
Who was fond of wearing no clothes.
The vicar took her in
And lectured her on sin,
As his wife berated him and Rose …

I Met a Young Lady of Nepal

I met a young lady of Nepal
Who said, “I’ve seen many men fall.
Its easy to do
In this beautiful Kathmandu.
Sir, are you enjoying my country Nepal …!”

Living Expenses

She in need of rent.
He calculates his money spent
On the dance without romance.
But still he pays
In so many ways,
And finds a kind
Of content in the charms
Of a girl’s reluctant arms.
And calculates his money spent.
While she pays her rent.

There Once Was a Dog Named Apollo

There once was a dog named Apollo
Who said, “my stomach is very hollow!”
So he ate a goat
And my old great coat.
But his stomach it still felt hollow!

There Once Was a Poor Rhymer Named Guy

There once was a poor rhymer named Guy
Who said, “I fear that I shall die.
They will bury me
Under yonder old tree,
With my poor poetry, and this poisoned pie!”

Church Bells

On hearing the bells chime
I think on time.
Although there is no
Clock in the church tower
To measure my brief hour.

A Most Forgetful Young Lady Named Hocking

A most forgetful young lady named Hocking
Is well known for losing her stockings.
My good friend Miss Lou
Has lost many a shoe,
Which I’ve found with Miss Hocking’s stockings …!