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Photographs of Poet K Morris holding the paperback edition of his book, The Further Selected Poems of K Morris

On Friday I received author copies of my book, The Further Selected Poems of K Morris , which was published on 27th February. The photographs below show me holding the front and back cover of my book, as well as two poems from the collection; ‘Dog Bed’ and ‘To a Departed Dog’. My book is also available as a Kindle download, and can be found here

For the UK please visit here and for the US please visit here

The Further Selected Poems of K Morris Cover

I just uploaded the files for the Paperback and eBook editions of my ‘The Further Selected Poems of K Morris’. Once the book is available I will, of course, post links to it here. In the meantime, you can see the book cover here.

Caption: The image shows the book cover, which has a picture of a Winter sunset, with several bare trees in a park.

March Author Newsletter

Kevin’s March Author Newsletter:

I am pleased to announce that my March Author Newsletter is available one day early! To read my latest newsletter please click here.

My Guest Post on Lucy’s Works

My thanks to Lucy for her kindness in hosting me on Lucy’s Works. To read my guest post, which includes a poem from my forthcoming collection, please follow this link,

February Author Newsletter

I have just published a February author newsletter, which can be viewed here.

The newsletter contains a link to my interview on Vancouver Coop Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series, which took place on 17th December 2020. In addition, I have included two audio book recommendations, and news of my forthcoming poetry pamphlet.

Writing Together

As is so often said, writing is a solitary activity. Whilst I relish the company of family and friends, I require solitude to write.

My love of solitude does, I believe go back to childhood/my teenage years. I remember, on my 18th birthday saying “goodnight” to everyone who had come to celebrate with me and going to bed! Well it was late and I was tired, and I’m not a party animal!

Returning to the subject of writing. In my place of work we have a creative writing group. Recently it was decided to set aside an hour during which people could go online (using Microsoft Teams) and write together. People can share their writing (or not as they wish), and most people sit in silence for the whole hour.

The below poem was composed yesterday during one of these sessions:

“Listening to the falling
The same
Thought; This rain
Will remain.
And, when I am gone
I shall be as one,
With the rain.”

I would be interested to know whether any of my readers have written together, whether online or whilst in the same physical space?

December Author Newsletter

My December Author Newsletter is now available. In it, I talk about my forthcoming interview on Vancouver Co-Op Radio, and whether my visual impairment influences my writing. To read or subscribe to my newsletter please follow this link:

November Author Newsletter now up!

I have just published my first author newsletter, which can be found here:

Thank you to those who have subscribed. If you have not subscribed and would like to, please click the above link.

K Morris reading his poem ‘Dog Bed’.

On 2nd September I wrote about the sad death of my guide dog Trigger, which can be found here:

I have now recorded my poem ‘Dog Bed’, which was written in memory of Trigger.


The mark
Of your teeth is still there,
On your old dog bed.
I walk in the park,
The dead
Leaves lie.

Shadows on the grass
Mistook for an old friend.
All things pass,
However much we pretend
Otherwise. You closed your eyes,
And left your mark
Upon my heart.

Below are some photographs:

If you would like to donate to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, who receive no government funding you can do so here:

Many thanks in advance to anyone who kindly donates.

K Morris reading his poem ‘I Heard Leaves Fall’.

K Morris reading his poem ‘I Heard Leaves Fall’.