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Fay Who Liked to Say Hey!

There was a young lady named Fay
Who began all her texts with hey!
A horse called Billy
Being old and silly,
Answered all of Fay’s texts with neigh!

I Once Had a Friend With a Sister

I once had a friend with a sister
And no man was able to resist her.
I dated that girl,
Whose name was Pearl.
Until she swapped me for an old transistor!

There Was a Young Lady Named Flo

There was a young lady named Flo
Who liked to go to the disco.
She was pretty and blonde
And lived in a pond,
Where the fish they liked to disco!

I Met a Young Lady Named Autumn

I met a young lady named Autumn
Who said she was up for fun.
I often recall
How leaves fall
And Autumn, who was such great fun!


When a young lady climbing the stairs
Said, “please make these socks into pairs”.
I went to the shops
And swapped all those socks
For a box of big juicy pears!

The Rake and the Vicar’s Daughter

There once was a wicked old rake
Who, wishing his great lust to slake
Took the vicar’s daughter
Down to the water,
Where she bludgeoned him with a cake!

Tea and Cake

When my friend who is a terrible rake
Invited me round for tea and chocolate cake,
There where lots of young women
And a good deal of sinning.
As for me, I stuck to the cake!

Hocking the Bluestocking

I know a young lady named Hocking
Who is famous for being a bluestocking.
She says she knew Shakespeare
Which is really quite queer,
As she’s just turned 18 has Hocking!

I Know a Young Lady Named Hocking

I know a young lady named Hocking
Who is famous for wearing 1 stocking.
I oft meet Miss White
By the moon’s knowing light.
But she’s far too respectable is Hocking …

The Pleasure Seekers

There once was a young lady named Heather
Who, wishing to find a gentleman of pleasure
Went out on the town
With her friend Miss Brown.
Where they met with the good vicar Leather.