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There Was a Young Man Named Giles

There was a young man named Giles

Who walked around wearing nothing but tiles.

When he fell with a crash,

All the tiles they went smash,

And the girls wore very big smiles …!

Gale the Blackmailer

There was a young lady named Gale

Who made all her money through blackmail.

When she blackmailed Lee

While out at sea

It ended in a large killer whale …

The Lonely IT Guy

There once was a very lonely IT guy

Who fell in love with an AI.

It’s name being Fay

They married in May

In the cloud as it floated by.

Miss Wong’s Sad Song

There was a young lady named Wong

Who sang many a very sad song.

When they said, “sing something glad!”,

She whacked them with her handbag,

Which was very wrong of Miss Wong!

Vicar Ray

When my friend the good vicar Ray

Knelt, and said, “let us all pray”.

Sinful Miss Coral

Did something immoral.

And the ambassador urged diplomacy on Ray!

When a Vicious Young Man of Bristol

When a vicious young man of Bristol

Threatened me with his rapier and pistol,

A girl named Lake

Distracted him with cake,

And I whacked him with Miss Crystal!

When a Young Lady Wearing a Hat

When a young lady wearing a hat

Said, “tell me, do you fancy that?”.

I said, “Miss Coral,

I’m far too moral!

But I really do like that hat!”.

Should I Make a Full Confession

Should I make a full confession

Concerning my most recent shocking indiscretion?

It concerns Miss Amy

And her girlfriend Jamie –

And a lawyer who advised discretion …!

When a Young Lady Traveling in My Carriage

When a young lady traveling in my carriage

Said, “sir, I think you are proposing marriage!”,

I said to her, “Claire,

Lets stick to an affair.

Then she kicked me out of that carriage!

I Once Had a Girlfriend Named Jamie

I once had a girlfriend named Jamie

Who said, “this relationship is too samey!”.

When I suggested we see Miss White

She said, “we did that last night!

Lets have Miss Right tonight”, said Jamie …!