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Dust Commingles With Dust

Did she choose
To wear
Those shoes,
With her legs bare
To the evening air?

Look and you will find
That her name
Is as old
As mankind.

‘Tis an ancient game
Played by the bold,
The strapped-for-cash,
The rash
And those who, perhaps just
Enjoy the game
Of lust.

Perchance it is the knowledge of his own dust
Which causes man to thrust
Into an empty vessel, where his tingles
Of lust
With dust.

When A Young Lady Dressed In Pink

When a young lady dressed in pink
Said, with a knowing wink,
“You know my friend Lorna.
She works in a sauna”,
I said, “just plumb in this sink!”.

When A Young Lady Dressed In Red

When a young lady dressed in red
Said, “please, get out of my bed!”,
I said, “this bed is mine.
You’ve drunk far to much wine!
Go back to your own blooming bed!”.

Whilst Swimming In The Deep Blue Sea

Whilst swimming in the deep blue sea
I met a beautiful mermaid named Leigh.
She caused quite a commotion
When we left the ocean,
But my readers they don’t believe me!

When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Hocking

When a young lady whose name is Hocking
Said, “have you seen my brand new stocking?”,
I said, “have you tried my double bed?,
Its comfortable, and perhaps you’ll find your stocking.

Whilst Walking In The Wintery Weather

Whilst walking in the wintery weather
I met a young lady of pleasure,
Who wore a very short dress,
Which, I have to confess,
Was strange, as it was freezing weather!