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When a young lady drunk on strong gin
Said, “young women are all full of sin!”.
I said, “I’ve often seen you fall”.
But that girl simply could not recall.
Which was down, I think to the gin!

The Kiss

When I met a rather pretty little miss
And I said, “please, give me a kiss!”.
Her boyfriend called Ted
Said, “you are dead!”.
So I didn’t stick around for that kiss!

Footprints in the Snow

As I go
I make footprints in the snow.
The red postbox continues to stand,
A symbol of a vanishing land.

Footprints will go,
Covered by snow
And this dear England of mine,
Is it all in my mind?

Racey Tracy

I know a pretty young lady named Tracy
Who has a reputation for being quite racey.
Dear readers, I must confess
I’ve oft seen her dress.
But rarely when being worn by Miss Tracy …


When an attractive young lady called Polly
Invited me to indulge in something jolly.
I went round to her house
Where we enjoyed wine and grouse.
And her friend whose name is Holly.


When a young lady named Miss White
Said, “your poetry it is terribly trite”.
I said, “let me compose
A poem to my rose”.
And I went home alone that night …

On A Chilly Winter’s Evening

On a chilly winter’s night
The song of a bird
I heard
As he sang to me
From a churchyard tree.
Such delight,
And poignancy.
But that was in me.