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Hogg’s Poetic Dog

There once was a man named Hogg
Who was famous for his poetic dog.
He lived in the lakes
With ducks and large snakes,
But they say I imagined that Hogg!


Standing by my bed
You said,
“Does it bother you?”
Red lights ahead,
But I went through.

The roof
Seldom falls in
On sin.

I never told you
The truth
But perhaps you know
It was merely so-so

There Was a Young Lady of Dundee

There was a young lady of Dundee
Who decided to climb a tall tree.
When they said, “are you high?”
She said, “that I emphatically deny!
There is no pot in this tree!”

A Talented Young Lady of Good Hope

A talented young lady of Good Hope
Is an expert in tying a rope.
Some men spend time blogging
About the pleasures of flogging.
As for me, I visit Good Hope …

Literary Miss Lou

A literary young lady named Miss Lou
Being determined that her book break through
Lobbed it at the window
Of a publisher I know,
And that book it did break through!

Miss Kip’s Whip

A young lady known as dom Kip
Is famous for her fearsome old whip.
Pretty Miss Heather
Likes tight leather.
And the judge he prefers Kip’s whip …!

Forthcoming Poetry Collection

For some time I have been working on pulling together a new poetry collection, the provisional title of which is Leaving and Other Poems.

The collection consists of both serious and humorous verses, with the former taking up the lions share of Leaving and Other Poems.

I hope to send off the manuscript for proof reading by the end of the week, with a view to the book going live on Amazon in late January/early February.

As with most of my poetry books, Leaving and Other Poems will be available in e-book and paperback. Many readers (including myself) still enjoy the physicality of paper books. Indeed I find that many younger readers become tired of screens and relish being able to sit down with a paperback or hardback book.

Once the collection is available I will post links to the respective formats on this blog.

If you are interested in receiving a free copy in return for an honest review please do contact me at kmorris poet (at) gmail dot com, (the address is rendered thus in order to defeat spammers who click on email links and bombard people with unwanted junk mail)!

For links to my previously published books (including my Selected Poems) please see my blog’s About page,


January Author Newsletter

I’m pleased to announce my January Author Newsletter is available to read/subscribe. To do so please follow this link:

New TikTok videos uploaded

I have uploaded several new poetry readings to TikTok.

Please see my page for new uploads to my TikTok: