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When an Ill-Begotten Young Man Named Cotton

When an ill-begotten young man named Cotton
Said, “many a girl’s name I’ve forgotten.
And now I’m drunk
As the proverbial skunk”.
I said, “sir, you are absolutely rotten!”.

There Once was a Kindly Old Squire

There once was a kindly old squire
Who, on seeing his young housemaid Mariah
Go down on her knees
To shell beans and peas,
Went down to assist young miss Mariah.

There Once Was a Man Named Poe

There once was a man named Poe
Whose work I happen to know.
A naughty young lady named Lee
Swears solemly that she knows me.
But I’ve never met Lee or Poe!

When a Young Lady Said, “Your Poems Give Me Neuralgia”

When a young lady said, “your poems give me neuralgia
As I am not at all fond of their nostalgia”.
I jumped in the bath
Which caused her to laugh.
And completely cured her neuralgia!