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My Friend Who is High in Society

My friend who is high in society
Said, “Kevin, I am fond of variety.
That pretty Miss Lou
Goes well with Sue!”.
I said, “there’s some merit in sobriety!”.

Miss Moon

As I entered my fine old bedroom
I met a young lady named Moon.
I said, “my dear,
What brings you here?”.
She said, “you’re smoking a magic mushroom!”.

Fay Who Liked to Say Hey!

There was a young lady named Fay
Who began all her texts with hey!
A horse called Billy
Being old and silly,
Answered all of Fay’s texts with neigh!

I Once Had a Friend With a Sister

I once had a friend with a sister
And no man was able to resist her.
I dated that girl,
Whose name was Pearl.
Until she swapped me for an old transistor!


When an expert in the field of vice
Said, “sir, you are not at all nice!”.
I said, “dear Yvette
I really do regret
That I have no money for your vice!”.

There Was a Young Lady Named Flo

There was a young lady named Flo
Who liked to go to the disco.
She was pretty and blonde
And lived in a pond,
Where the fish they liked to disco!

I Met a Young Lady Named Autumn

I met a young lady named Autumn
Who said she was up for fun.
I often recall
How leaves fall
And Autumn, who was such great fun!

The Skirt

When a young lady wearing a short skirt
Said, “I hear that you’re a terrible flirt!”.
I said, “my dear Grace
You have a beautiful face”,
As my wife she glared at that skirt!

There Once Was a Dog With No Tail

There once was a dog with no tail
Who liked to get drunk on strong ale.
Whilst out in the city
He met with Miss Witty
Who was famous for her big bushy tail!

There Was a Young Lady of Dunblane

There was a young lady of Dunblane
Who was known by many a name.
She walked the streets at night
With a young lady in white.
But the vicar he knew her name …