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My invitation to Tea

When a young lady named Leigh
Invited me round for tea,
And she and miss Hocking
Lost more than a stocking,
They made me spill my tea!

When I Met Young Women At Dice

When I met young women at dice
Who said, “sir, are you into vice?”,
And I said, “i’m not into betting”,
They said, “but, surely you’re not forgetting,
That there are many forms of vice!”.

When A Young Lady Named Leigh

When a young lady named Leigh
Said, “I want to be on page 3!”,
Her friend, the Right Reverend John
Said, “page 3 has long gone,
But there’s a photographer whose known to me”.

A Police Constable Whose Name Is Ling

A police constable whose name is Ling
Tried to catch me in a sting,
With a young lady named Louise
And a large hunk of cheese,
It was such a close run thing!

When A Young Lady Who Was Extremely Plastered

When a young lady who was extremely plastered
Said, “I have this blogging game mastered!”,
I said, “those shoes on your head,
And you being in the wrong bed,
Show that you are well and truly plastered!”.

When A Young Lady Named Bess

When a young lady named Bess
Said, “my sins I should confess”,
I said, “that you must do,
But, first, fasten up your shoe,
And put back on your dress!”.