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When A Young Lady Waving A Gun

When a young lady waving a gun
Said, “I hope you’re up for fun!”.
And I said, “If not,
Then Will I be shot?”.
She said, “Just try it, and run!”.

Betty’s Spaghetti

When a young lady named Betty
Tried to feed me poisoned spaghetti.
I said, “me and Murry
Are off for a curry.
But Betty, please eat your spaghetti!”.


A young lady whose name is Pearl
Has a job as a working girl.
I’ve oft seen her writing,
Which is not that exciting.
But she works as a working girl.

There Once Was A Vampire Named Keith

There once was a vampire named Keith
Who, in a fight lost his teeth
A dentist called Bangs
Gave him false fangs.
But Keith he still missed his teeth!

Mercenary Miss Gale

When a most mercenary young lady known as Gale
Tried her hand at the ancient art of blackmail,
And said, “I have photos of you
With me and that naughty Miss Lou”.
I said, “you are an extremely talented photographer Gale!”.

Sweet Music

A young lady whose name is White
Desiring to hear sweet music one night,
Asked an elderly gentleman called Morgan
To play on his old organ.
Which led to a most musical night.

As I Walked Through The Churchyard At Midnight

As I walked through the churchyard at midnight
I met a young lady dressed in white.
When I screamed in fear
She shed a bitter tear,
As she was a vampire unable to bite!

True Blue

When a young lady by the name of Miss Lou
Said, “sir, do you know that I am true blue?”.
And I said, “will I find
That you have a Conservative mind?”.
She said, “I fell in this blue paint with you!

I Know A Young Lady of Spotless Reputation

I know a young lady of spotless reputation,
Who is a credit to this great nation.
She is very petite
And whenever we meet,
Night shrouds this great nation, and her reputation.

A Young Lady Wearing A Corona Virus Mask

A young lady wearing a Corona virus mask
Said, “some people they take me to task
For shopping whilst nude,
Which prudes think rude.
But at least I am wearing a mask!”.