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When A Young Lady Named Lou

When a young lady named Lou
Said, “nothing is taboo to you!”,
I said, “I love your feet
But I wish you wouldn’t beat,
Me so hard with your shoe!”.

A Young Man Named Hogg

A young man named Hogg
Has a prolific poetry blog.
His verse is first rate,
But a well known critic called Kate,
Says that its written by Hogg’s dog!

I Know a Young Lady Named Lina

I know a young lady named Lina,
And many fine gentlemen have seen her.
I wont go into all the detail,
As it would make you turn pale.
But she’s not as bad as Justina!

When I Said to a Girl Called Lou

When I said to a girl called Lou,
“Have you seen my shoe?”,
She said, “after a night of great passion
It is the new fashion,
For a girl to retain a gentleman’s shoe!”.

When I Said To Moriah

When I said to Moriah,
“Have you seen the squire?”,
And she said, “yes, in a haystack,
As I lay flat on my back”,
I said, “that’s enough of that, Moriah!”.

When A Young Man Named Moore

When a young man named Moore
Said, “the poor will always be poor”.
His accountant, who was called Lou,
Said, “I must agree with you,
So lets raise their rents some more!”.

When A Young Lady Named Alice

When a young lady named Alice
Said, “you are so very callous!”.
I replied with great disdain,
“You never cease to complain.
Its nice sleeping outside, young Alice!”.