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A Young Lady Who Comes From Ealing

A young lady who comes from Ealing
Is fond of trampolining.
At dead of night
I received a fright,
When she jumped right through my ceiling!


As I Strolled Home Late Last Night

As I strolled home late last night
A young lady under a red light
Said, whilst smiling provocatively at me,
“Are you looking for some company?”,
And the stars they shone very bright!

When A Young Lady Dressed As A Smarty

When a young lady dressed as a smarty
Said, “I’ve come about the party”,
And I replied, “Conservative or Labour?”,
She said, “I am your neighbour,
And I’m inviting you to our swingers party!”.

When I Found A Young Lady Named Mable

When I found a young lady named Mabel
Dancing upon my fine old dining table,
And I said, “do you know that’s an antique!”,
She replied, “good sir, late next week
I shall meet you in your father’s old stable”

A Young Man Named Snell

A young man named Snell
Owns an extremely dirty hotel.
When I said “you must clean!”,
He replied, “have you not seen,
The low prices in this hotel!”.

Awaking As The Clock Struck Midnight

Awaking as the clock struck midnight
I found to my great delight,
The late author, Mr Charles Dickens
With a large flock of toy chickens,
And my Mistress who calls herself White!