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Her Latest Manuscript

A young lady whose bra was ripped
Said, “I must finish my latest manuscript.
It concerns beautiful young women,
And their love of sinning.
And explains why my bra is ripped …!”.

A Youtube Recording of Poet Kevin Morris Reading His Poem “There Once Was a Clever Old Ghost”

A recent Youtube recording of me reading my poem “There Once Was a Clever Old Ghost”

I Once Met a Good Time Girl

I once met a good time girl
Who said, “do give me a whirl!
And tell me honey,
Do you have money? …?”,
But I’d spent it all on Pearl …!

When a Young Lady Named Miss White

When a young lady named Miss White
Invited me round to hers last night,
We swung from the ceiling
With a girl from Ealing,
And my wife she started a fight!

There Once Was a Girl Called Lou

There once was a girl called Lou
Who wrote a poem upon her shoe.
A young man named Neil
Said, “you’re down at heel.
And your poem it won’t do Lou!”.

Heels and Seals

There was a young lady in heels
Who was fond of swimming with seals.
The men, full of beer
Would stand near and cheer,
As they loved to watch those seals!

When a Forward Young Lady Named Fay

When a forward young lady named Fay
Said, “sir, you are old and gray!”,
I composed a rhyme
About old Father Time
And Fay whose hair will turn gray!


There once was a very clever poltergeist
Who carried out a daring bank heist.
My late friend Kate
Knew how to levitate,
And was known as the clever poltergeist …!

When a Ghost Travelling in a Carriage

When a ghost travelling in a carriage
Said, “do come with me to Harwich!”,
I said, “you stupid old ghoul!
You must think me a fool!
As your carriage is already in Harwich!”


I once met a man named Slaughter
Who had a most beautiful young daughter.
She said to me, “good sir,
You can admire my blonde hair,
But my father’s name it is Slaughter!”