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Moral Purity

I met a group of young women
Who said, “sir, do you like sinning?”.
When I said, “I am pure!”.
They said, “are you quite sure?”,
And those women just couldn’t stop grinning!

When I Fell in the Deep Water

When I fell in the deep water
With a rather famous old fiction author,
And I said, “we will drown!”,
He whacked me on my crown,
And said, “sir, this is fictional water!”.

When a Policeman by the Name of Lyme

When a policeman by the name of Lyme
Said, “I’m arresting you for a serious crime”.
And I said, “what I have done
Was done purely and simply for fun”,
He said, “sir, that was a terrible rhyme!”.

When the Tender and Lovely Dawn

When the tender and lovely dawn
Entered my bedchamber this very morn,
I gazed at the sky
And pondered deeply on why,
Dawn tramples all over my lawn!


There Once Was A Crusty Old Agnostic

There once was a crusty old agnostic
Who, being extremely fond of the acrostic,
Penned one at morn
Which left him forlorn,
As it’s reception was really quite caustic!

Lou the Movie Star

When a young lady whose name is Lou
Said, “I’ve starred in a movie most blue”,
The vicar’s daughter, Miss Hocking
Said, “that’s so very shocking!
And what is the pay for that Lou?”.