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When I Saw A Girl In A Tank

When I saw a girl in a tank
And said, to the shop owner named Frank,
“Is that beautiful young woman a mermaid?”,
He said, “she is far from staid!”.
So I purchased that tank from Frank!

A Young Lady Dressed As A Ghost

A young lady dressed as a ghost
Haunts gentleman’s kitchens, whilst looking for toast.
She likes it quite hot
With a big cream pot.
But let us return to the toast!

A Young Lady Whose Morals Are Lose

A young lady whose morals are loose
Rode through the streets on a goose.
When I called her immoral,
It led to a quarrel,
So I roasted that young lady’s goose!

When A Ghost Whose Name Is Dave

When a ghost whose name is Dave
Arose from a most ancient grave
And said, “you should be very scared!”,
I said, “have you not heard
Dave, that I am very brave!”.

When An Elderly Gentleman Named Pat

When an elderly gentleman named Pat
Said, “would you like to play snap?”,
I jumped on his fine old table,
With a young lady called Mable.
And the table leg went snap!

There Once Was A God Named Zeus

There once was a god named Zeus
Who decided a nymph to seduce.
He plied her with fine wine
And on spaghetti rings they did dine.
And he bought her a chocolate mousse!

An Elderly Poet Named Coker

An elderly poet named Coker
Wields a mean old poker.
When I said, “your verse is bad!”,
He called me a “rude young lad!”.
It’s painful being chastised with a poker!