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Solitude – Guest Post by, Kevin Morris…

My thanks to Chris Graham (the Story Reading Ape) for publishing my guest post.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Solitude is usually defined as “the state of being, or living alone. Seclusion”.

We have the dictionary definition above, but what does solitude mean for the writer?

In his oft quoted poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” Wordsworth describes solitude as a state of bliss:

For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.”


There are, of course individuals who do everything within their power to avoid solitude, for they fear being alone with their own thoughts. As Philip Larkin so eloquently puts it in “Aubade”, being alone, in the early morn focuses the mind on death, which is uncomfortable for many:

Most things may never happen: this one will,   

And realisation of it rages…

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Guest author: Kevin Morris ~ Light and Shade

My thanks to Sue Vincent for her kindness in hosting me on her blog. Kevin

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Sunset over Bodmin moor. Image: Sue Vincent

The sun’s light

Ends in night.

But, when I express

It this way,

Some will say

That I obsess

With death.

Yet one may

Take delight

In a summer’s day,

But not fight

The inevitable night.


The above poem, “The Sun’s Light Ends in Night”, can be found in my recently released collection, “Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems”. My book is available in ebook and paperback and can be found here at Amazon.

Light and Shade; serious (and not so serious) poems by [K Morris]

Life is full of light and shade. For to be human is to experience joy, beauty, love, pain and laughter. This collection reflects all facets of human experience. hence the title ‘Light and Shade; serious (and not so serious poems)‘.

kevin-morris-and-his-guidedog-triggerAbout the author

Kevin Morris was born in the city of Liverpool on 6th January 1969. Having attended The Royal School…

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My thanks to Lorraine for hosting me on her excellent blog. Kevin

I am absolutely delighted to host this Guest Post from a marvellous poet, fellow blogger and wonderful friend, KEVIN MORRIS.  Kevin creates the most otiginal poetry, that has layers of meaning.  He is most innovative and I always enjoy reading him.  Here is his Guest Post:-


I remember, as a schoolboy, being fascinated by the hypnotic tick tock
of a wall mounted clock. And I recall watching the slow movement of
the pendulum as it slowly ticked away seconds which, once gone could
never be recalled.

One of my happiest memories concerns a teacher, mr Delacruz, playing
and singing “My Grandfather’s Clock. There are several versions of the
song including this one,
One of my favourite speeches from Shakespeare’s plays is that of
Macbeth, who, on hearing of his wife’s death speaks thus:

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

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Book cover for ‘Light and shade; serious (and not so serious poems)’ by Kevin Morris

A photograph showing the front cover of my soon to be released collection ‘Light and shade; serious (and not so serious poems)’.

Life is full of light and shade. For to be human is to experience joy, beauty, love, pain and laughter. This collection reflects all facets of human experience. hence the title ‘Light and Shade; serious (and not so serious poems)’.

Samantha by Kevin Morris will be free in the Kindle store!

My book Samantha will be available for free in the Kindle store from Tuesday 16th June until Saturday 20th June.

Samantha tells the story of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool. Can Sam’s love for Peter, a man she meets in a nightclub, save her? Or will Sam end her life in the murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Dock?

To access the book, please click here for the UK and here for the US.



the Stones of fire and water is free.

Dragons Rule OK. V.M.Sang (author)

After finding the gems associated with the worlds of Earth and Air, Pettic needs to enter the final two Elemental Worlds to find the gems of Fire and Water.

In these two worlds, as before, he has to preform a task to help the inhabitants before the jewel will reveal its whereabouts.

But when he has found these gems, how can he rescue his friend, the Crown Prince of Ponderia? First, though, he needs to find the two missing gems.

In Ignis, the land of fire, he finds the magical creatures are having fewer and fewer offspring. Can he help them and find out the cause? And what can he do about it?

In Aqua, the land of water, he meets merfolk who have a problem. Their leader is dying because his magic staff has been stolen. Can Pettic find this staff and the culprit before it is too…

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“Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems” – a Guest Post by Kevin Morris

My sincere thanks to Veronica for publishing a guest post by me, about my forthcoming poetry collection, “Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems”.

The Waves of Poetry

I am profoundly delighted that my kind friend, Kevin Morris, whose imaginative poetry inspires me with its wittiness and creativity, has composed a guest post for my site. Please, do not hesitate to follow his excellent blog: K Morris – Poet

My sincere thanks to Veronica for her kindness in allowing me to write a guest post for The Waves of Poetry. I am an admirer of Veronica’s work, and I’m delighted to be hosted on her excellent blog.  

In August 2019, I published my “Selected Poems,”

“The Selected Poems of K Morris” comprises a selection of poems composed by me between 2013-2019, most of which deal with serious matters of life, the passage of time and nature.

In contrast, my soon to be released collection, “Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems” does, as the title suggests, contain both serious and humorous verses.

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TO ALL BLOGGERS! Millions of WordPress accounts targeted in major cyberattack

Hundreds of thousands ofWordPress websiteswere targeted over the course of 24 hours in a large scale cyberattack with the aim of harvesting database credentials.

The cybercriminals behind the attack were attempting to download the wp-config.php configuration files from users WordPress sites as they contain valuable information including database credentials, connection info, authentication unique keys and salts.

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I have found a lot of messages asking me to click on a link to get more followers, you may have received some too, but don’t click on the links!

Make sure your passwords are strong and don’t post anything personal.

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Stay safe everyone and share this post to alert…

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A Cosmic Villanelle

I enjoyed this poem by Veronica, hence the share.

The Waves of Poetry

Mars, The God of War by VINCENT DI FATE. Acrylics/Digital painting, which depicts a giant in full Trojan armour. In the background, there is a burning city.  The citizens are trying to escape from fire and laser rays.
Mars, The God of War by VINCENT DI FATE

Star One by VINCENT DI FATE. In this painting, a giant UFO flying above Earth is pulling in an entire city with an immense ray of light.

All One Universe (1995) by VINCENT DI FATE
In this picture, a spaceship is flying near Saturn, coming close to an unknown planet. There are hundreds of stars and galaxies in the background.
All One Universe (1995) by VINCENT DI FATE

The Demu Trilogy by VINCENT DI FATE
This digital painting captures a spaceship approaching a high tower on a planet similar to Earth.  There are gigantic mountains and trees on the surface.
The Demu Trilogy by VINCENT DI FATE

Starswarm by VINCENT DI FATE
This picture shows a large alien squid fighting a submarine in the stormy ocean. In the background, a beautiful castle is mounted on a cliff.
Starswarm by VINCENT DI FATE

World of Tomorrow by VINCENT DI FATE
This picture is divided into halves to show contrast between the past and the future. On the left, there is an industrial city with factories exuding clouds of smoke.  A man with a gas mask is leaving the city with a futuristic rifle in his hands. On the right, a green landscape with fields, mountains, and fresh air is depicted. A handsome blonde man dressed in a white shirt is standing by the tree with a sickle in his hand.
World of Tomorrow by VINCENT DI FATE

I would give my last breath to be with you -
We can't find solace in a wistful dream:
No pain is greater than a brief adieu!
Amidst the galaxy's celestial view,
By night and day, my earthly fears grow thin:
I would give my last breath to be with you.
The sorrowful farewell hits me anew:
Your trembling hands, eyes - desperate and grim -
No pain is greater than a brief adieu!
This ruthless anguish I cannot subdue:
Your spirit comes to me - sublime, yet dim.
I would give my last breath to be with you… Alas, the woeful memories pierce through My heart, immured…

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Wild Flowers

K Morris - Poet

I perceive
The flowers as I
Pass by.
Should I
That they will die?

I paused and smelt
And felt
Their slim stem that I
Could so easily break.

I chose not to take
And did the blooms forsake
For I
Know that they shall die

This poem and others like it can be found in ‘The Writer’s Pen and other poems’, available here for the UK and here for the US.

The above pictures were taken in Spa Wood, SE19.

IMG_9291[1] Bluebells close-up IMG_9288[1] Yellow flowers close-up IMG_9289[1] Wild garlic close-up IMG_9287[1] Blue flowers close-up IMG_9307[1] White flowers close-up

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