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#New Release – Jealousy of a Viking, by V.M. Sang…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

I am excited to announce the release of the second book in my A Family Through the Ages series. This one is set in the time of the Vikings in Britain.

Here’s the blurb.

After Helgha meets Erik in the woods surrounding her home near Jorvik – modern day York – she learns that he is lost, and helps him by taking him into her home for the night.

In time, the two grow close, much to the anxiety of her parents as there is no message from his father suggesting a betrothal, but Erik behaves as though they are betrothed. Soon, they learn that there is another reason why Erik has not asked her to marry him.

With the honour of their family at stake, Helgha’s father takes drastic measures to rectify the situation. Amid the bloodshed and danger of the medieval times, can Helgha find happiness for…

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My June Author Newsletter is now available!

I have just uploaded my June author newsletter which can be found here.

In this issue you will find my poem ‘I thought I had lost’, which is only available in this newsletter. In addition, I discuss the inspiration behind my poem ‘Ere we die’. Finally, you will find a book recommendation. Please feel free to subscribe. I hope you enjoy reading my newsletter.

Review: Poetry Treasures


Poetic Vision – Sue Vincent

I have always loved Sue’s poetry and writing. I count myself blessed that I knew her online. We had numerous views in common and her words made think, cry and even have eureka moments. Goddess bless you Sue, you are so missed.

Geoff Le Pard

Wonderful humorous poems which tell of life the way we all live it. My favourite Art Appreciation.

Frank Prem

Described as a poet/storyteller or in my words a bard in the true sense of the word.

My favourite Reading Modern Poets

Victoria (Tori) Zigler

Her words are beautifully set in a rhythm which in my favourite The Robin in My Garden always cheers me up.

Colleen M. Chesebro

A very dear friend and my sister in fey. Colleen’s prose and poetry always stay with me. Filled with magic and the promise of mystery. My favourite in this collection is Weather…

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My thanks to Vivienne for her extremely kind mention of my limericks. I enjoyed both Vivienne’s limericks.

Dragons Rule OK. V.M.Sang (author)

The origin of the Limerick is uncertain. I read that it was around in the thirteenth century, but the rhyming sequence was different, and so I ask, “Can they be called Limericks?”

Some sources say it came from an Irish soldiers’ song called “Will You Come up to Limerick.” People made up verses as it was sung.

They may also have been a way for people to remember things. It’s easier if there’s a known rhythm .

It was made popular in England by Edward Lear who wrote his “Book of Nonsense” in 1846, although he did not call his poems limericks, but Nonsense Verse.

Wherever the name and the poems came from, they are an important part of our culture, and the form appears from nursery rhymes to songs.

Limericks were typically rude and bawdy, but as this is a family-friendly website, I’ve kept mine clean. I hope you…

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Author Spotlight – Lorraine Lewis

Fae Corps Inc

Lorraine is a blind Author. She writes poetry, short stories and maintains a blog. She swears that she was born holding a pen. We have had Lorraine now in two of our anthologies, Fae Dreams and Faery Playground.

Lorraine is based in the UK where she lives with her husband and a rough collie she has named hope. Wheelchair bound, Lorraine is limited to what she is capable of. What she writes is amazing. Her blog, is fun and enjoyable to read.

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Book review – The Further Selected Poems of K Morris (Spoiler Free)

I was pleased to receive this review of my Further Selected Poems.

Robin LeeAnn

“Footprints will go, / Covered by snow. / And this dear England of mine— / Is it all in my mind?”

  • Title: The Further Selected Poems of K Morris
  • Author: K Morris
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Pages: 86 pages
  • Publication date: February 28, 2021

I enjoyed reading K Morris’ book, Light and Shade, so I also picked up The Further Selected Poems of K Morris.

The Further Selected Poems of K Morris is different from his other book. In this one, the concept of death and mortality gets explored a lot, which is expected since his dog passed away recently. There still are some comedic poems toward the end but not as much as last time.

The rhyme schemes throughout this poems have gotten much better. I can tell that Morris has grown as a poet in a great way.

I do wish the collection…

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Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Wordcrafter #Poetry Anthology Compiled by Kaye Lynne Booth and Roberta Eaton Cheadle and featuring other talented poets.

A review of the Poetry Treasures anthology, in which several of my poems appear, alongside the work of a number of other poets.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to share the news of a poetry anthology Poetic Treasures compiled and edited by Kaye Lynne Booth and Roberta Eaton Cheadle(Author) based on a series on Writing to be Read called Treasuring Poetry. This provided a platform where poets and lovers of poetry could share their work and meet others who share the same passion. This also included their own favourite poets that have inspired their work.

This led to this anthology with contributing authors Colleen M. Chesebro(Author), Sue Vincent(Author), Geoff Le Pard(Author), Frank Prem(Author), Victoria Zigler(Author), K. Morris(Author), Annette Rochelle Aben(Author), Jude Kirya Itakali(Author),

You can find all the authors and their books by clicking their name.

One of the early reviews for the anthology

M.J. Mallon‘s review five stars Apr 29, 2021 on Goodreads

There is an introduction by Kaye Lynn Booth (Word Crafter Press,) followed…

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