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The Further Selected Poems of K Morris Cover

I just uploaded the files for the Paperback and eBook editions of my ‘The Further Selected Poems of K Morris’. Once the book is available I will, of course, post links to it here. In the meantime, you can see the book cover here.

Caption: The image shows the book cover, which has a picture of a Winter sunset, with several bare trees in a park.

March Author Newsletter

Kevin’s March Author Newsletter:

I am pleased to announce that my March Author Newsletter is available one day early! To read my latest newsletter please click here.

Coming soon – Further Selected Poems by Kevin Morris

My thanks to Robbie for featuring my guest post on her blog.

Robbie's inspiration

Talented poet, Kevin Morris, has a new poetry book, Further Selected Poems, coming out in March 2021. I am delighted to welcome him to Robbie’s Inspiration to share a poem from this new collection.

Flowers in my mum’s garden

Flowers in my mum’s garden

Bring to mind

A former time

When my grandfather grew roses.

I remember the scent

Of roses in his garden.

And my attempt

To make perfume.

In youth

Few engage with age.

And the truth

That roses,

Are gone so soon.

(“Flowers in My Mum’s Garden” appears in Kevin’s Further Selected Poems, which will be published in March 2021).

About Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris was born in the city of Liverpool on 6 January 1969.

Having obtained a BA (joint honours) in history and politics, and a MA in political theory, Kevin moved to London where he now lives and works.

Being visually impaired, Kevin uses…

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February Author Newsletter

I have just published a February author newsletter, which can be viewed here.

The newsletter contains a link to my interview on Vancouver Coop Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series, which took place on 17th December 2020. In addition, I have included two audio book recommendations, and news of my forthcoming poetry pamphlet.

excerpt from the wolf pack

I greatly enjoyed reading this book and can recommend it.

Dragons Rule OK. V.M.Sang (author)

Silently, Thadora and Fero slipped through the rapidly lightning forest until they came out on an escarpment overlooking some flatter land. The trees disappeared here, and they could see the Grosmerian plain spread before them. To the east, the hills continued to rise to meet the mountains, but to the north and west the plains began.

Tracts of forest and open countryside separated small farmsteads They could just make out the lights coming on in Roffley, a day’s journey away, as people rose to their morning tasks.

Fero held out his hand to warn Thadora to be silent. They wormed their way forward on their stomachs, and looked down from the cliff top to the plain below and found themselves about twenty feet above the plain . Below them they saw a pack of wolves.

Thadora watched the animals in fascination. They were obviously a closely-knit group, with the exception…

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The English Pub

K Morris - Poet

I have stood
In many an English pub
Drinking beer
Both indifferent, and sometimes good.
Its queer
How people with nothing in common mingle
And those who go in single
A couple become
(At least until the rise of sun
On the morrow
When sorrow
May come,
Or they say
“That was fun”
And go their way
Or perhaps they are forever
Drawn together
As birds of a feather,
(Well, at least
Until eternal peace
Breaks their heart apart).

I have stood
In many an English pub
And sometimes caused a fuss
When I did discuss
Political matter.
No friendship did I shatter
Though I have heard
Many a foolish word
And spoken more than one or two
Its true.

I have shared a glass
With a pretty lass
At the bar
And wondered how far
(Or near we all are
To paradise
Or vice),
And I have said “good…

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Found: One of the First Books Ever Printed in England

A fascinating find.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Medieval text | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookThe pages were instantly recognizable due to black typeface and hand-painted red paragraph marks. Image: University of Reading/The Independent

Pages from one of the first books ever printed in England were recently found by librarians at the University of Reading. The pages, which were hidden away for decades in the pages of a different text, were meant to tell priests how to plan feasts.

Sarum Ordinal

According to Atlas Obscura and The Independent, the librarians found two pages from a priest’s handbook called Sarum Ordinal or Sarum Pye, which had been pasted inside of another book to reinforce its spine. A librarian working to restore that book noticed and pulled out the pages from the priest’s handbook; they date to between 1476 and 1477.

The librarian said she instantly noticed the “trademark blackletter typeface,” the layout, and red paragraph marks, which were typically added by hand after printing and…

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Early Morning Humour

A couple of humorous poems from 2020. It is no longer early morning. However, during the pandemic we could all do with a little humour I think. Kevin

K Morris - Poet

A young man by the name of Spink
Is very fond of a drink.
But when he broke into mine
And drank my fine wine
The judge sentenced him to clink!

(Clink is another word for prison).

When a man by the name of Spink
Became lost in a good deal of drink
His wife called Clair,
Who is young and fair
Gave me a nod and a wink …

When, on the winding stair
I met a blond called Flair
My wife Anne
Grabbed a frying pan
And ended that affair!

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