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September Author Newsletter

My September Author Newsletter is now available and can be found here. In this issue you will find my poem ‘Squire and Peasant’, an article on the use of Microsoft Teams for poetry readings, together with other content.

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Can anyone help Lorraine with her query? If so can you please comment on Lorraine’s (original) post rather than on my reblog of it. Many thanks. Kevin

Any of you authors out there – has anyone ever gone with the Hay House Publishing arm, Balboa Press?

I have been in conversation wit them but don’t know much about them and if it is worth it. Has anyone had experience with them, or has anyone avoided them for any reason? Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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Three Autumn Poems read by Poet Kevin Morris

Officially Autumn begins here in the UK on 22 September. However, the weather is increasingly autumnal. And, in my view autumn is already with us. Consequently I am reblogging some autumnal poems recorded by me in 2019. I hope you enjoy listening to them. Kevin

K Morris - Poet

Here are three poems ‘Autumn’, ‘Autumn Fly’ and ‘Bush in the Rain’ read by me. The poems are illustrated by photographs of the autumn woods, taken by my friend Shanelle.




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The Future of Books: 3 Audacious Predictions for the Next 20 Years

An interesting post. Whilst I like the idea of some bookshops becoming “community hubs”, I worry about the loss of quiet spaces in which to browse and read books. I’ve seen libraries turned into “community hubs” and it is not invariably a positive development. The danger is that the books come a poor second to dance and other social activities. Kevin

A Writer's Path

by Lauren Sapala

About ten years ago I worked for a startup that launched a social media site for published authors. This was the first place where I really started to meet writers and come in contact with people in the industry. In the spring of 2008 one of the topics being bantered about on our website was the question of self-publishing. Specifically, did the rise of it spell tragedy for good literature everywhere?

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Oblivion and all that

This post brought to mind these lines of A.E. Housman: “Good creatures, do you love your lives
And have you ears for sense?
Here is a knife like other knives,
That cost me eighteen pence.

I need but stick it in my heart
And down will come the sky,
And earth’s foundations will depart
And all you folk will die.” Its an interesting and thought provoking read (this post of course and Housman’s brief poem). Kevin

Getting On

It came to me in a flash that when I die, the whole world will come to an end; not just for me, but for everyone in it, as far as I’m concerned.  Now, I’m not a great one for philosophical thinking: existentialism, for me, might as well not… er, well… exist, but I do find it slightly comforting to know that the whole universe can only exist for as long as I am in it.  When I cease to be, everything ceases to be.  Unfortunately, from the same view point, it will never have been in the first placeso, not much point in keeping backups of everything on the computer is there?

If this all seems uncomfortably close to the I can’t see you, therefore you can’t see me view of a child playing Hide and Seek, well, that is entirely consistent with everything that…

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A new poetry book : Behind Closed Doors

Robbie's inspiration

I am delighted to announce that my new poetry book, Behind Closed Doors, is available on Amazon as an ebook. This book includes some of my cake artworks that were designed to share a specific message about lockdown, overuse of technology, global warming, and plastic pollution.

Behind Closed Doors by [Robbie Cheadle]

The Blurb

What goes on behind closed doors: in the boardroom, after death, in the home, during lockdown, and in nature? This collection of poems, ranging from rhyming verse to twisted nursery rhymes, captures the emotions and thoughts people hide behind the masks they present to the world.

A teaser

You can listen to my poem, Achieving tranquility here:

Amazon US

Robbie Cheadle Amazon Author Page

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