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A.I. In Writing: ArtSore, A New Website

An opportunity to submit either purely human generated short stories, or AI/human stories. Thanks to Pete for flagging this. Kevin


The founder of Longshot Island has created a new website/magazine to publish work created with the use of A.I., alongside conventional writing. You will be paid for successful submissions, and he is interested to explore this new genre. This is a contentious area indeed, and sure to spark much debate into the future.

Here is what Daniel has to say about ArtSore.

This is pretty exciting, I think. I’ve been lured out of retirement to start a totally new kind of magazine!

AI is pretty controversial in its youth. Just as men and women compete in different events in the Olympics, so people and AI should not be in the same category.

In ArtSore magazine, you let us know when you submit if your work was assisted by AI or was a purely human only effort. Each month we’ll pick one from each category and publish the two wins…

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As someone who is registered blind, I can relate to Lorraine’s post. I haven’t experienced the extreme behaviours Lorraine has. I have, however been patronised on account of my visual impairment. I have, however found that most people treat me with respect. All of my close friends are non-disabled and I live independently getting around with my guide dog Apollo, or, occasionally with the assistance of a long white cane. All disabled people are individuals and their experiences differ as is the case with all people, whether they have a disability or not. The bottom line is that everyone should be treated with respect irrespective of whether they are disabled or otherwise.

To begin with, I HATE that word disabled. I do not know another one though.

It is amazing how some people seem to think about us. I want to say that I am quite normal, whatever normal is lol. It seems that some people think I have lost my marbles just because I am blind and in a wheelchair. Although on occasions I can still walk with two canes and was hoping to get better at that.

Anyway, let me tell you what happened to me at the church where I used to go. For years I had played my flute at the Sunday evening Mass until people started to view me differently. They used to give me a hug quite often, until i became more blind and disable. Ugh, how I hate that word. Anyway, they started to avoid me. Also they ridiculed me and my husband. This was…

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Last Night I Was Somewhere Called Nowhere

I had forgotten about this poem. But, coming across it recently, I thought it was worth a reblog.

K Morris - Poet

Last night I was somewhere
Called nowhere
For there
I stood
In the dark wood
Of dreams,
Virtue and sin
Are merely seeming,
For we are dreaming.

‘Tis a fine
Twixt the living and the dead.
The head,
So full of thought
Is, suddenly, nought
And many
Away In sleep.

To some death is the final despair,
The never ending nightmare
For None can escape
Death’s suffocating cape.
Yet, if we know not that we are dead
Why dread
The final dreamless sleep,
The dust,
Into which we all must
One day, creep?

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Free Book Promotion

My book ‘Samantha’ will be available for free on Kindle from Friday 14th – Tuesday 18th October 2022 here for the UK and here for the US.

Samantha tells a story of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool. Can Sam’s love for Peter, a man she meets in a nightclub, save her? Or will Sam end her life in the murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Dock?

My book ‘The Suspect and Other Tales’ will be available for free on Kindle from Friday 21st- Tuesday 25th October 2022 here for the UK  and here for the US.

Tales of the unexpected, ranging from stories of crime and vengeance through to ghostly happenings in an ancient mansion.


Leaves turn brown

‘Ere they fall

To waiting ground.



I heard

A bird’s

Alarm call.


Autumn will become

Winter. The sun

Will burn out.



Some still shout

Of human progress

While leaves fall.

Kevin Morris Poet, new TikTok videos


Today I have recorded the following videos of me reading my new poems.

‘The Owl’ by Kevin Morris

‘Early Autumn Morning’ by Kevin Morris

‘When a young Lady who is divine’ by Kevin Morris

‘I see sunlight’ by Kevin Morris

‘When I die’ by Kevin Morris



Is ‘art’ still art if an AI makes it?

An interesting question. One could ask the same question as regards poetry. Is a poem produced by an AI a real poem? There exist programs which crawl the web and utilise existing poems to create AI generated poetry. The AI is not conscious of what it is doing, but does this mean it’s production does not count as poetry? Through the best poems we are brought to comprehend and feel in our very soul what the poet is saying. When an AI can create a poem of the power of Keats Ode to a Nightingale then, I think we can say that it is capable of true creativity. But, at present AI can not do this, and I think the jury is still out as regards whether it will ever be capable of doing so.

Meeka's Mind

The picture above was generated by an AI [Futurism].

“The artwork, titled “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial,” depicts a scifi-inspired scene of an opera performance. But Jason Allen, who submitted the artwork, used AI image generator Midjourney to create it.”

Further along in the article, Jason Allen talks about how he set up the parameters for Midjourney [the software/AI] to use. Then he chose what he considered to be the best from three outcomes. And it won first prize at the Colorado State Fair.

When I first read this article, my initial reaction was horror. How could a piece of software, no matter how sophisticated, produce something this…beautiful? But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it was the parameters set by Jason Allen that had created an image of great beauty, so in that sense, Midjourney was simply another tool.

I admit an AI…

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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II

A great lady has passed. I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed in this post. Kevin

Jezzie G

In 1947 Queen Elizabeth II, then 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth, made the following oath to devote her life to the service of our nation and the Commonwealth. A promise that she kept until her death today at the age of 96. It is in the keeping of this promise Her Majesty earned the respect of a teenager, and the respect and deep honour of the older man I am now. To live a life of duty, constantly in the public eye cannot of been easy. How many times must she have wanted to just walk away and be done with it? She didn’t. For that I cannot disrespect her, for that I cannot dishonour her – this beautiful girl coming into her womanhood gave us her all, and today we say good bye, Ma’am, and thank you.

I have never known anyone else as my head of state, and ruler of…

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