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This is a powerful poem. Whatever your views are on “assisted suicide”, I recommend reading Lorraine’s post. I am torn on the issue. As a liberal (with a small) I feel, in the final analysis that it is not the job of the state, society, the family (or anyone else) to tell (or pressure) another human being into taking what is, quite literally, a life and death decision. But, when a person is in extreme pain and wishes to die, I am not sure that I have the right to deny that “release” to the one who fervently wishes to escape from suffering. The whole issue of euthanasia has (quite naturally) been muddied by the horrendous activities of Nazi Germany. In the Third Reich those with mental or physical disabilities where killed or sterilised as “life unworthy of living”/”useless eaters”. Action T-4 casts a baleful shadow over the whole debate, and the issue splits people across party and other divides. Kevin


ASSISTED SUICIDE. (Mirror cinquains).

They creep up on
My exhausted spirit,
The words “assisted suicide”,
Put there
By those
Who say you are a huge burden,
A drain on family,
“It’s your duty
To go.

We can’t
Care for you now,
You are too much for us,
It’s only right that you should go,
Go now,
We will take you to that good place,
Soon it will be over,
Suffer no more
My dear.”

“Your words
Confuse me so,
My mind can’t take it in,
My pain is great, yet still I want
To fight.
Give me
The chance to live despite the pain,
It’s MY life still to live,
Not yours to take,
Hear me.”

Your words…

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I have long been fascinated by clocks and time itself and this is reflected in many of my poems. I am reblogging one such, “Time”, which first appeared here back in 2015. The clock in question still sits, in pride of place, on the bookcase in my living room and adorns the cover of my collection of poems, “My Old Clock I Wind and Other Poems”. Incidentally another clock (which sits on the dresser in my living room) appears on the front cover of my collection, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”.

K Morris - Poet

The reaper moves

In time with the pendulum.

No rush

Or fuss

He has plenty of time.

My patient friend

whose tick portends

my inevitable end.

You rest in state

on my bookcase.

Tick tock

I can not stop

time’s sithe.

None can survive

his cut.

Though in a cupboard my clock be shut

death can not be put


The sickle chops

And the heart will, one day, stop.

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Can the Writing Gene be Inherited?

This is a very interesting question. As a child, my grandfather spent many hours reading to me which did, I believe implant in me a love of the written word. Our walks in the woods close to his home also developed in me a love of nature which does, I think manifest in some of my poetry. Likewise I had a wonderful school teacher, Mr Delacruz who had a store cupboard who’s shelves groaned under the weight of books. My grandfather’s love of literature and Mr Delacruz’s love of the art has been passed down to me. As to the question whether writers are born or made, I am wary of nailing my colours to the mast on this matter. In the past Marxist determinists said (or strongly implied) that the environment was responsible for almost everything in the shaping of the human personality. This deterministic outlook has, in some circles, been replaced by the equally deterministic perspective that its all down to genetics. Both views strike me as highly reductionist and it is, I suspect a complex mixture of nature and nurture that helps to determine whether a person becomes a creative, whether as an artist, poet or author.

Story Empire

Hello, SEers! Mae here with you today as we enter a new month. Happy first day of July!

In June, I raised the question “are writers born or made?” Today, I want to follow up with another question: can the writing gene be inherited?

strands of DNA

Think about the Bronte sisters. Neither parent was a writer, though both were said to be extremely literate. All three sisters, plus their brother, played games of imagination as children, possibly cultivating their creative side while dreaming up fanciful places. My earlier post, Are Writers Born or Made, would point to this as their “trigger” moment—assuming the desire to write was dormant inside.

We also have brothers Alex and Evelyn Waugh, known for Islands in the Sun and Brideshead Revisited, respectively. Their father, Arthur Waugh was a biographer (Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Robert Browning), as well as a literary critic. Evelyn’s son, Auberon went…

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Kevin Morris reading a new selection of his poems on Soundcloud

Poet Kevin Morris reading the following poems on Soundcloud:


Humourous Verse by Poet Kevin Morris on Soundcloud

I’ve uploaded several humourous poems to Soundcloud. You can view them below:


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