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When A Young Lady In A Bonnet

When a young lady in a bonnet

Composed a very fine sonnet,

And they said, “that doesn’t quite rhyme”,

She replied, “that is no crime”,

Then left to change her bonnet!



When a young lady in a bonnet

Composed a very fine sonnet,

And they said, “that doesn’t quite rhyme”,

She replied, “now I have the time,

I shall be right back on it!”.


Updated Gravitar and profile!

At long last I have updated both my Gravitar and profile. The generic Gravitar has now been replaced with a photograph of my guide dog Trigger and I.

I am often struck when clicking on the Gravitars of bloggers who visit my site, by how many of them do not have links to their blog, social media, etc. This makes it difficult to follow them.

Of course, it is up to individuals as to what information they include on their profile, however, the lack of data may be the difference between a new follower or a missed opportunity.

‘Samantha’ by Kevin Morris will be available free in the Amazon Kindle Store from the 15th-19th March.

From the 15th-19th March, my book ‘Samantha’ will be available for free in the Amazon Kindle Store.

“Samantha tells the story of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool. Can Sam’s love for Peter, a man she meets in a nightclub, save her? Or will Sam end her life in the murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Dock?”


When A Young Man Named Slattery

When a young man named Slattery

Came up in court for battery,

A judge called Trish

Said, “as this concerned a fish,

I dismiss this case for battery”!.


The Old Way 2

Mick Canning

This is the second poem in a series of six.


The Old Way 2

I’m walking along the Old Way,

And I exult.

Nowhere else are roads so gentle beneath my feet.

Nowhere else would I find the path before me

So soft, and sprinkled with stars.

Let me stop for a moment and close my eyes.

Let me just be still and silent

And feel the ground beneath my feet.

I must connect, or re-connect, with the world.

With my world.

Here, I can feel the past as a living thing,

And like a meditation,

I can use this

To still my troubled mind.

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The Old Way 1

I can relate to this poem.

Mick Canning

This is poem number one in a series of six, the rest of which which I’ll post through the coming week.


The Old Way 1

I often think the modern world feels like a party,

In a huge room filled with loud and boorish guests

Monopolising the conversation and jabbing fingers

And shouting each other down.

Me? I’m the one hiding in the kitchen;

I’m the one holding a drink and leaning against the wall,

Looking fed up with the whole wretched thing.

And just to continue with this analogy,

I feel as though I’ve tried the side door

And found it unlocked and,

With a quick glance around to see if anyone’s watching,

I’ve slipped out, away from the modern world.

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