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A Rich Old Man Near To His Death

A rich old man near to his death
Said, “I worry about my young wife Beth”.
I said, “my dear Murray
Please cease all your worry.
There is life with me after your death …”.

Green and White

I know a young man named Green
Who is active on a certain scene.
I’ve heard that at night
Green turns into Miss White.
But that, I have not yet seen!

I Met A Young Lady Named Brown

I met a young lady named Brown
Who was wearing a most flimsy nightgown.
She said, with a wink
“My name it is Spink”.
I said, “your name it is Brown!”.

I met a young lady named Brown
Who was wearing a most flimsy nightgown.
I fail to recall
Her old husband Paul.
But I still see that flimsy nightgown …

A Brazen Young Lady Named Lin

A brazen young lady named Lin
Spoke of the joy of sin,
Whilst pretty miss Hocking
Took off Lin’s stocking.
And me, I condemned their sin!

There Once Was A Dog Named Cerberus

There once was a dog named Cerberus
Who made all of the people nerverus.
When he bit Miss White
By the moon’s bright light,
Her screams made poor Cerberus real nerverus!

There Once Was A Tiresome Old Aunt

There once was a tiresome old aunt
Who loved to indulge in a rant.
Her only niece Coral
Was sweet but immoral.
And poison ended that tiresome old aunt …

Heels and Jellied Eels

When a young lady wearing heels
Offered me some tasty jellied eels.
I said, “you’re so bold.
But are you not cold,
Without any clothes with those heels!”.

When A Young Lady On A High Bough

When a young lady on a high bough
Said, “please, someone rescue me from that cow!”,
A rake called Paul
Said, “you will fall.
But not if you stay on that bough …!”.

A Man in Love With A Rose

A man in love with a rose
Composed a poem about his girlfriend’s nose.
Being written on a tissue
It caused quite an issue,
When she used it on her nose!

When An Aristocratic Young Lady Named Leigh

When an aristocratic young lady named Leigh
Invited me into her library for tea
The vicar’s daughter Mabel
Danced on the table,
And the books they fell on me!