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When A Young Lady Named Miss Maddy

When a young lady named Miss Maddy
Asked me to be her sugar daddy,
I composed a rhyme
To Old Father Time.
And a wannabe sugar babe named Maddy.

When A Man With A Face Most Ruddy

When a man with a face most ruddy
Decided to walk mud all over my study,
I took out a gun
Which caused him to run.
And his face it became not so ruddy!

A Very Good Friend Of Mine

A very good friend of mine
Is fond of women and wine.
As for me
I prefer tea.
And I never cross the line!

Yesterday Evening I Strolled In The Park

Yesterday evening I strolled in the park
As the day it was growing dark.
That most brazen Miss Hocking
Lost a shoe and stocking.
But that was down to young Mark!

When A Young Man Named Mr Pat

When a young man named Mr Pat
Said, “has anyone seen my new hat?”,
His sister’s friend Miss Claire
Fell asleep in her armchair.
And Pat’s cat grew sleek and fat.

When My Neighbour, Whose Name Is Rose

When my neighbour, whose name is Rose
Walked the streets whilst wearing no clothes,
Prim and proper Miss Hocking
Said, “your behaviour is shocking!”.
So I gave Rose back her clothes!

When I Found Beautiful Miss Cath

When I found beautiful Miss Cath
Soaking in my brand new bath,
I played on my violin
A tune of sweet sin.
But all she did was laugh!

When I Saw My Friend Major Jones

When I saw my friend Major Jones
Firing his gun at some old bones,
And I said to him, “Sir,
Where is your dear wife Clair?”.
He pointed his gun at those bones.

My Old Friend, Whose Name Is Binder

My old friend, whose name is Binder
Has a job as a clock winder.
A young lady called White
Walks the streets at night.
Where she often meets my friend Binder.

Bishop Higgle

“What is sin?”,I asked Bishop Higgle.
And, as I did, a girl’s giggle
Came from his bedchamber.
And blonde Miss Granger
Did, so sweetly say,
“When the cat’s away
The mice will play!”.