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I Met a Young Lady Named Marge

I met a young lady named Marge

Who posts lots of ads for massage.

And when I got there

A police constable called Claire

Charged me and Marge on a barge!

As I Strolled Home One Dark December Night

As I strolled home one dark December night

I met a young lady dressed in white.

Her skirt being real short

I thought that I ought

To lend her my coat that cold night …!


Whats in a Name

When a young lady named Miss Grace

Said, “I work hard on the coalface”.

And I said, “you’re a miner?”,

She said, “No! my name is Jemima!

And my cousin’s name it is Grace!”.


When I Met a Young Lady Online

When I met a young lady online

Who goes by the name of Divine,

And she called me her honey,

And she asked me for money,

I didn’t swallow that young lady’s line …!

The Corrupt City

When I met a young lady named Witty

Who said, “its so corrupt here in the city!”,

I said, “many women grace

My fine old country place.

Do leave this corrupt city with me Witty …!”.

Divine Poetry

A young lady whose poetry is divine

Is famous for her naked readings online.

A moderator named Pam

Has disabled the webcam,

As she doesn’t find those poems divine!

Bad Boy!

When a young lady named Miss Wood

Said, “you know you haven’t been good!”.

And her and Miss Jane

Both reached for a cane,

I ran and hid in the wood!

The Importance of Soap

When my friend whose name is Miss Kath

Said, “I feel we all need a bath”,

And her and Miss Cope

Jumped in with the soap,

They threw us out of that swimming bath!

My Trip to Bath

I travelled on a train to Bath

Which was manned by a skeleton staff.

It was on the night of Halloween

And all the passengers did loudly scream.

But the skeletons got us to Bath!

Curry and Rice

When a young lady serving curry and rice

Said, “do you all like my hot spice?”.

The girls said, “Rose!

Put on some clothes!”.

But the men all liked the hot spice!